Chubby’s Donuts in Milwaukee (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Chubby’s Donuts

Address: 1801 E North Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Phone: (414) 287-9900


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.1


What Time Does Chubby’s Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 3AM

Sunday,: 7AM to 2AM

Monday,: 7AM to 2AM

Tuesday,: 7AM to 2AM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 2AM

Thursday,: 7AM to 3AM

Friday,: 7AM to 3AM

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Chubby’s Donuts Reviews

Phillip Calvert (IG: Philwaukee)

The donuts was spectacular and the young lady working the register had awesome customer service. My advice… don’t do drive thru unless it’s empty.

katt cat

Omg!! I’ve been coming here since 2015. They hsvr best donuts here there are hot and delicious. Whenever I want a great hot dog I come here. I Never been disappointed ever, the employees are very friendly and helpful.

Sugar Hill

Stopped for an ice coffee, white choco mocha. It was basic, n overpriced. But hey, it was hot out, they were there n quick. May not buy that specific item again, but will check other things out

Haley Beagel

Pulled right up to the window (no wait) and the lady just opened the window and looked at me, didn’t say a word. Told her we needed a minute, and she just closed the window with the rudest, most annoyed look on her face. Clearly an inconvenience, so we took our money elsewhere.

Deborous Patterson jr

I will start this off like this: Yessssss! Donuts 2 Die For! Nothing is better than freshly made donuts. Then put the cinnamon on it and you have a great dessert you can eat anytime and I suggest you do. It is a drive-thru donut diner with outdoor seating with the intent to please. Enjoy!!

Halah Ahmad

One of the spots you don’t want to miss in Milwaukee! Grab some donuts and enjoy the lake!


Donuts were good, coffee was amazing, service was atrocious! The young woman working the window was rude. We went to the walk up window- She didn’t want to come up to the window all the way because it was chilly outside. She was clearly very annoyed through the whole experience. We thought this would be a nice little place to stop while in town- guess not. Wouldn’t recommend and won’t be back.

Veronica M

Very sad they need to update their hours as they are not open at 7 in the morning. Went today and there wasn’t a soul in site not even in the parking lot so either someone didn’t show or they truly aren’t open at 7. Maybe at 9 they’ll decide to open.

Kristina Bell

Good donuts, terrible service. We waited at the window (on foot) for a few minutes and I assumed the employee was on the phone cause she just sat there and it seemed (from behind) like she may have been talking. She came to the window after a few minutes and this is literally what she said, “I can read lips and I wasn’t on the phone. Usually people knock on the window when they are ready cause I don’t pay attention to the customers.” I was so surprised that I actually repeated “You don’t pay attention to customers?” She confirmed- “no that’s why they knock on the window.” Completely blew my mind. Never again.

Heidi Mussoline

Opens at 7 am… we went at 8:30 and the gal started screaming at us that they were closed and then threatened to shoot us?

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