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Address: 3003 N 70th St, Lincoln, NE 68507, United States

Phone: +1 402-466-1114


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Rating: 3.7


What Time Does Casey’s Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 1AM

Sunday,: 5AM to 1AM

Monday,: 5AM to 1AM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 1AM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 1AM

Thursday,: 5AM to 1AM

Friday,: 5AM to 1AM

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Belle Beauty

The manager Jessica and a cashier Dawn went above and beyond to make a situation with DoorDash correct. I lived close to this location for many years and even though I moved last year continue to go to this location. All of the staff is friendly and helpful. The store is always clean and well stocked. Happy Customer!

Hanna Neemann

they are so kind to me whenever i come in! The man making pizza today told me to have a great day! he was just so kind and all of them are! I love this casey’s. the workers go above and beyond to make the customers feel comfortable!!

twisted beebee

We ordered a pizza and ended up getting beef jerky. Lol I know things happen but not cool caseys. When we called caseys was told to call doordash to get a refund. Doordash said call caseys. There’s a glitch in the matrix, I think.

Robert Aguirre

The store manager is disrespectful, rude and should not be in a role of leadership at all. I went in the morning after work and no one was at the counter so I stood and waited patiently. I put my merchandise on the counter then she came out the office door with a frown on her face and mumbling to herself like I was bothering her or interrupting something important. The most important task in retail in my book is to help the customer and make sure they have a pleasant experience in the store. I’m in my upper 40’s and have purchased alcohol from this store on a daily for the last several weeks and have not once been asked for I.D. Including her the store manager. She asked me for I.D. I explained to her I lost my wallet therefore I have no I.D. but I’m clearly of age to purchase alcohol. Mind you I look my age have gray in my beard and I’m bald. I don’t look like a teenager or even in my twenties or my thirties. She was rude to me from beginning until I walked out the door without anything I was wanting to purchase. Leave the attitude at home is my suggestion to her. If you’re miserable in retail find another field of work. In my book if your going to run an establishment that requires I.D.’s be consistent all the time from manager to the new person that just started. It’s that she asked me for I.D. It’s how she handled our interaction from the minute she walked out her office door until her refusing to sell me alcohol without having I.D. So I left and went to the Casey’s down the street and purchased alcohol without an I.D. and the employee had a smile on there face. I’ll never go back to Casey’s at the 70th and Adams location. Poor management. We need QT in Lincoln that’s for sure.

Kevin North

This Casey’s store is not taking the Lincoln mask mandate seriously. Customers regularly enter without masks, but the store does nothing to remind them to wear masks, provide masks, or post signs reminding about the mask ordinance.

Susan Akers

Always a quick place to stop and grab a soda!

Megan Gray

When it comes to pizza this place gets a one star. I grew up with Casey’s pizza and think they are have pretty good pizza. Considering this location is close to my route, I go to this one, but I am now going to go out of my way unless something changes on their side. Everytime I order, my order is wrong. The first time there was no buffalo sauce on the Buffalo chicken pizza, the second time the cashier gave someone else half my order and I had to wait which made my other half of the order cold. The last time I ordered, I called 1.5 hours in advance, they said they would have it done by 5:30 (I called early to check the ordering times and left the order to be done by 5:30) by the time I got there, they were just starting my order of two pizzas and bread sticks. I had to be somewhere in 20 min. Which waiting for my order for 15 min made me late. The cashier was kind enough to give me the Buffalo pizza for free because of the wait… Way above and beyond. When I opened the pizza it was so thin, greasy and the crust was a bit gooy. I picked up the pizza and it fell apart. That was the last straw. If I am guaranteed the service and product will get better I will never go back there again.

John Charles-Fischer

Kitchen staff seems a bit uncoordinated. Placed an order through the app with an estimated pick up time of 6:08. Arrived shortly after 6 and approached the kitchen to ask about out order, where i was ignored until the cashier said something. Then, after giving them the name 3 times and 5 minutes of them looking bamboozled, they handed me what i thought was my order, except one item was missing. The guy working, after being told that i had ordered 2 cheese breadsticks, looks at me and says that the ticket only said one order, instead of just acknowledging that the order was wrong and making it right. Then, after the cashier gets involved, they asked if i was jeff, which is the order i was handed. Then, after being told that our order was just coming out of the oven, we stood and waited another 15 mins until i went up again to ask about our order. The guy looked confused, yet again, and asked me again what the name was. After giving him my name yet again, he goes and pretends to look for my order. Received my money back and went to little ceasers. This store seems like an absolute joke now. The cashier was sincerely apologetic despite it not being her fault. Do yourself a favor and avoid ordering from this location. I will be calling the store manager on monday and corporate as well.

The Night Jackal

Pretty nice Casey’s establishment, everyone there is always nice to me and my 8-year-old sister. Also, their chicken is amazing, and for the price of 3.39, is quite the bargain. Unlike the Casey’s by Robin S. Mickle Middle School, this location doesn’t seem to dislike young pre-teens such as myself, although, we could thank that to the fact that this Casey’s doesn’t get flooded with 12-year-old’s after school that don’t buy anything. Overall, great selection, great employees, and great placement of the store itself, right by the Dollar Tree, local bank, and Pub, pretty neat, in my opinion. 9/10 would recommend (Rounded to 5 stars).

Kathy Bailey

The crust was half raw,barely any lettuce & way to much nacho cheese chips on it… Worst taco pizza I’ve ever tasted from any Casey’s!!

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