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Wild Scoops

Address: 429 E St, Anchorage, AK 99501

Phone: (907) 444-0714

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.8

Website: http://www.wildscoops.com/

What Time Does Wild Scoops Open?

Saturday,: 12 to 10PM

Sunday,: 12 to 10PM

Monday,: 12 to 10PM

Tuesday,: 12 to 10PM

Wednesday,: 12 to 10PM

Thursday,: 12 to 10PM

Friday,: 12 to 10PM

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Wild Scoops Reviews

LeWayne Ballard

Stopped by for a quick dessert after having dinner. There were about 10 people in line down the sidewalk, but was up to the front within 5 minutes as they were very efficient with a simplified menu and ordering process. The sign out front explains the simple process of picking your flavor, size, and vessel. There were about 10 flavors to choose from, 3 sizes, 1 cup or 3 cones for the vessel.

Ordered 3 single scoops in cones with 1 having the toasted marshmallow on top. Ice cream was very good as it was creamy, smooth, and not overly sweet. Tasted just like homemade ice cream. There’s no inside sitting area, so most just stand on the sidewalk and eat their ice cream. I wanted to come back on another day as it was that good, but ran out of time.


Loved it so much we went twice in two days!

Stumbled upon this tiny ice cream shop downtown with Alaska local flavors and ingredients and knew we had to try them! The first time we got a split scoop of fireweed and the Pilot’s Life for Me. The second we got Sitka Swirl and Rhubarb crumble.

This is clearly ice cream made with little or no stabilizers like carrageenan, so don’t think you’re going to take it somewhere else and enjoy it later. You better be ready to eat it right away, or you’ll be enjoying some ice cream soup. We took it to our hotel less than five minutes away and it was already melting down the side of the cup. Not that I’m complaining about that though. I enjoyed that texture.

A Pilot’s Life for Me: pretty good, but I was a little turned off by the “pilot bread” which is apparently just a cute name for hard tack. My husband thought it made for an interesting texture though.

Fireweed: floral and fruity. I liked it a lot.

Sitka Swirl: rich salted caramel. Very good.

Rhubarb crumble: felt that the oat crumble was a little stodgy, but the rhubarb part was refreshingly tart.

E.J. Bocan III

Seriously good ice cream! Go for the Baked Alaska, totally worth it, nice addition to enjoy with the ice cream! My wife stole my ice cream pictures, and scooped my review, now she’s giving me grief about 4 stars. It’s good! It’s just not Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream good!

Pat Tasker – Your Local Market Expert

Wild Scoops in Anchorage is not your typical ice cream stand! Creative flavor combination with fitting Alaska names make it hard to choose just one! Everything from Sitka Swirl, Wild Lemon Berry, Yukon Gold, and the traditional flavors you’d expect, can be found on the menu. Even some vegan options. I chose the one called Bear Hug which was a chocolate coconut base with mixed berry jam… I felt like a hungry bear that just found a pot of honey in a tree! It was so delicious! I’d highly recommend a stop here anytime you’re in the area.

Julie Matznick

Tried the fireweed, baked Alaska rhubarb crumble and chocolate ice creams. They were all delicious!!! 100% would recommend the waffle cone and/or the homemade marshmallow top.


Great icecream choices including vegan options. Kids loved the ice cream sandwiches. The sandwiches were pretty big and thick. Taste was great.

Parking is street and no seating.

Alexa Michna

Excellent!!!! Get the baked Alaska marshmallow topping – they have exceptional Vegan ice cream that actually tastes good! I visited 4 times in 4 days to try as many flavors as I could!

Alan Varghese

Amazing ice cream with cool funky flavors which you can not find anywhere else to choose from, including non-dairy/vegan options with an opportunity to sample before you buy at good prices.

They also change their flavors once in a while but there will always be something exciting to try. I tried the spruce tip ice cream, spiced hibiscus sorbet (both were good) and their off trail chocolate which was amazing.

Heather Luukkonen

It’s never too cold for ice cream. Especially this ice cream. The flavors are amazing, serving sizes are great, and get the waffle cone with toasted marshmallow fluff on top. You won’t regret it.

Karen Jordan

The best part about Wild Scoops is the Baked Alaska topping. A friend recommended that we come here and get a Baked Alaska ice cream, if we could. We’d post a photo, but it looks like every other Baked Alaska topping photo.

There were some interesting flavor options. I tried a taster of the spruce tips. It … tasted like spruce tips. While it’s an interesting flavor, I’m not sure that I want an entire ice cream cone of it, but I appreciate having a taste. We went with the Mango Malasada, which was quite nice.

The line was quite short (1 person) when we arrived. It was a cooler day, but in Colorado, Josh and Johns has an ice cream-o-meter card where we get more punches for buying ice cream as it gets colder/snowing, so cool weather says GET ICE CREAM! There’s nowhere to sit nearby, but there are some lovely painted trash cans in downtown Anchorage.

It’s downtown. There are Pokestops nearby.

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