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Address: 4715 W Adams St, Lincoln, NE 68524

Phone: (402) 470-3610

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.5


What Time Does Casey’s Open?

Saturday,: 4AM to 11PM

Sunday,: 4AM to 11PM

Monday,: 4AM to 11PM

Tuesday,: 4AM to 11PM

Wednesday,: 4AM to 11PM

Thursday,: 4AM to 11PM

Friday,: 4AM to 11PM

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Tyler Regier

I’m not certain why the kitchen offers food at this point. I called 3 times in effort to order food for pickup, and the phone rang and rang with no answer. I live a few minutes away so we drove down there in person and there is two people working right next to the phone and another leaning on the food counter just hanging out. No reason to not pick up the phone.

Then we ordered our food (16 piece boneless hot wings, 16 piece bone-in hot wings) and were told 20 min wait time. Fast foward 35 min, and we receive our food. We get home and both the bone in and the boneless are not hot wings, at all. They are plain.

Not going to be giving this place any more business with the kind of apathy abut service. I’ll drive farther away for people who care to do things right I guess.

William H

What is going on at the pumps on 9/4/22? Had a lot of problems with a pump reboot, then once I could get it to work, there was no unleaded. Few of the pumps were broken with yellow bags over the handles. Yikes.

Big John

Usually a good Casey’s but never been here on lunch hour. 3 cashiers up front only one actually working 10 people in line. No food made 2 workers in back just talking not making any food. You would think that they would step it up over the lunch hour and be ready due to all the workers in air park area

Terry Haling

First of all, I’ve been to a lot of Casey’s in my frequent travels. Love ‘em. Tasty breakfasts and sandwiches, and really good coffee.
However, stoped today on West Adams in Lincoln. No washer fluid in any of the buckets. On my way out of the store I told the two ladies at the cashier station. They looked dumbfounded and one said, “Really, I just filled them up.” The other said, “Maybe you should fill them; one maybe.”
Well, that didn’t happen while I was there.

Update: Yes, I purchased at two additional Casey’s after this review. And I’m amazed at how fast I received a reply. Who does that any more. Shows the customer is number one at Casey’s

Jah Lioness

This store employee Tiffany is a rude and disrespectful person! Every time I go there she gives me a problem! She won’t sell me stuff and refuses to check me out. I’ve asked many times for her boss number and she refuses to give it! She should not be a manager there! There is a black girl there that is very nice and always help me when I come. She told me that I could leave a review and see if someone will contact me. I really don’t like Tiffany at all she is so negative and ghetto! Y’all really should not have someone like this reppin y’all store! If it wasn’t the fact that Casey’s is the only gas station in airport, I wouldn’t come here !


Called to get a pizza made for my bud’s last day at work. They said there ovens were down, maybe an hour or so til they are back up. I pull in anyways as we were headed there, ovens are working fine. Nobody is in the kitchen area, but at least 5 workers at the front just goofing around. Thanks Caseys, thanks for ruining a final surprise for my co-worker, just because y’all were too lazy to go prep a pizza.

Lisa Fairly

The store manager Tiffany is sleeping with my child father. His name is Seville he left me and moved in with her. He told me that he was only sleeping with her to get ahead. Then he did just that he first cheated on me a yr ago with her. I really don’t understand how you can have a person like that working for you. She’s a home wrecker and she doesn’t need to be there. That’s not somebody you need in your store she has no morals.

Virginia Kinchela

Very clean store & clean bathrooms. Staff was very nice.

Amanda Gesch

I have ordered from Casey’s several times. Only have had a few small issues when it comes to the food. Usually corrected with no problems. Ordered sandwich from them tonight. My order came and when I pulled out my sandwich the bread was soaked in oil. Definitely not Olive oil either very much tasted like vegetable oil, I use Olive oil all the time and know the flavor of it. I called in to ask for a remake, I always send the bad food back so they can know for sure I’m not lying just for free food. I speak with Cassi and she doesn’t want to deal with it her attitude and constant sighing made that obvious. So instead of remaking my sandwich with less oil she omits the oil completely and just fills a small cup with it as a side. This comes after another horrible experience a couple weeks ago. That issue was handled by the manager Natasha so we decided to give them another chance. Well that bridge was definitely burned tonight. I will not be returning.

Gregory Johnson

There’s a new gal working by the name crystal who is very sweet, patient, polite, fast and always makes me feel welcome when I come in. She has great customer service. Now I enjoy going to this store. When before I dread going due to the fact that the staff that’s been there are so rude an totally unprofessional not to mention slow. Especially that guy mat he is very rude is been times when I came an I hear mat cussing at his co workers loud across the store in front of customers. Unbelievable honestly dont know how hes even employed but I guess. Anyways like I said cashier crystal is great hopefully she sticks around an they hire others like her. Cause I see the turn around in that place.

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