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Bom Bakeshop

Address: Popup on Fri and Saturday afternoons, 6105 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78752



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Rating: 4.7


What Time Does Bom Bakeshop Open?

Saturday,: 3:30 to 6PM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: Closed

Thursday,: Closed

Friday,: 3:30 to 6PM

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The best mochi donuts and the best people! The donuts taste amazing and I love that there are frequently new and fun flavors to try. I usually stick to chocolate when it comes to donuts, but these donuts are always so cool and pretty that I’m encouraged to step out of my comfort zone — and I haven’t been disappointed! I love the blueberry one, and a recent fave (that I hope makes a return) is Thai tea glaze with Fruity Pebbles on top. The owners are awesome as well! Teresa is so friendly and welcoming every time I pick up donuts from her. And the whole process is so smooth! Ordering online is easy and the pickup is fast and efficient. One of my favorite local businesses!

Lindsay Mukaddam

There’s few things I would drive across Austin for and these donuts are one of them. I love the creative flavors and fun limited collections. They are fresh and delicious. I have to make sure I cut them in half to share with my husband or he would devour them all! These are a perfect treat on the weekends, def be sure to put an preorder because they sell out and it’s easy to see why.

Maureen Rodriguez

Last summer I stumbled upon these amazing mochi donuts which I had NEVER even heard were such a thing until I ordered some the first time! Bom Bakeshop introduced my love for mochi donuts

I have only gotten them twice in a row because I was jobless last summer but definitely considering re-ordering again now that I have money at my expense.
Also for the people complaining about “greasy donuts” they are donuts they need to be fried, unless you’re getting baked donuts which not many places do.

Anyways, if you’re thinking about giving these amazing mochi donuts a shot I HIGHLY✨ recommend it!!!
You will not be disappointed.
Every season they come out with new flavors and it’s such an amazing thing to look forward to.

Lisa Vinyard

Teresa and her husband are both gems! On top of making the most delicious donuts, they are good-hearted people. Part of their mission is to bring people together through their food! I love everything they stand for- it’s just an added bonus that their donuts taste amazing, too.

Christiana Cha

Best stumble-upon IG discovery ever! You can tell the donuts and waffles are handcrafted with love, and Teresa & Anthony are so so sweet to all of us who come to the pop-ups. Great product, great customer service, communicative and receptive to constructive feedback, and did I mention DELICIOUS treats?! That waffle…I could happily eat it plain. And the donuts are as flavorful as they are vibrant and beautiful. Love the chewy mochi texture. If you’re like me and can’t have too much sweet in one sitting, they’re great the next day zapped real quick in the microwave to revive the texture.


These mochi donuts are so good. The flavor of the frosting is much stronger than any I’ve had from Mochinut.
Bom Bakeshop is a small operation, but their donuts are incredible. Unique flavors that are constantly changing means you could order as often as you want and not get bored.
I’m from San Antonio so I don’t get to enjoy them often, but they are definitely worth the drive when I can make it.

Molly Silkenson

Love Bom Bakeshop! Have ordered from them twice. The donuts were awesome – fresh, flavorful (the yuzu and prailene… ). And it was lovely to meet the warm and friendly business owner at pick up. Will definitely be ordering again.

Nicole Antalis

I should have written this review a long time ago because I LOVE these mochi donuts! But if it also helps this wonderful business set the record straight on their intent and practices, even better! The seasonal chai was literally perfection. Joy is the backbone of this business and they do provide this in these delicious bites! Do yourself a favor and go pick some up ASAP.


Yummy! I never had mochi donuts before. I was really excited to try some made by fellow A.R.M.Y.
The ube and orange were particularly good and I hope they come back again!
Pictured: Suga themed box w/ freebies

Anne Fine

Super delicious mochi donut pop ups made to order! This baking duo is amazing and provide yummy treats and a supportive atmosphere. Highly recommend trying if youve never had the pleasure of a mochi donut! Photo is Special edition st Patrick’s day set

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