Bizy Bees Bakery in Cincinnati (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Bizy Bees Bakery

Address: 6601 Gracely Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45233

Phone: (513) 941-2930

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Bizy Bees Bakery Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 1PM

Sunday,: 7 to 11:30AM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 5 to 11AM

Wednesday,: 5 to 11AM

Thursday,: 5 to 11AM

Friday,: 5 to 11AM

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Bizy Bees Bakery Reviews

Thadd F.

We stopped into Bizy Bees around 11am on a Saturday morning after running errands around the west side. They literally only had 20 glazed danishes left. That was it. We got three to go. And they were some of the best donuts I’ve ever had in my life. I can see now why they were almost sold out. Next time we’re out on Sayler Park, we’ll definitely have to stop in earlier. But we’ll still get three glazed fritters as well.

Susan McBride

I was cordially invited in my first visit by the owner who I exchanged names with and had a nice chat. I’ve lived in the area for four years but had never been able to get there before they sold out. I’m a night owl lol. I know now why I heard many raves about the pastries. So much better than I anticipated. I’ve lived on the east side for many years and thought Servatti’s was the best around. There’s no comparison in quality and taste and the service is much friendlier!

44Jim Cordell

Oh my, here are some really great Donuts. UDF Donuts have gone way down hill. Kroger Donuts are okay. I don’t think I’d ever want a Graeter’s donut. I don’t know what anybody sees in a Dunkin Donut. But here we have a place that knows what they’re about.

The glaze covers the entire donut on their glazed donuts. Their cinnamon bear claws are generous and delectable. They have a donut shaped like a pretzel that is just fantastic. All their donuts are of a generous size.

Kathy Watson

Just barely made it they close at 11:00am best glazed doughnuts around

Porsha-Marie Ward

A co-worker purchased these donuts for everyone at work. They were good and on the Westside of town were I used to live so I decided to stop in since I was back on that side of town that day. However, upon entering I was not greeted. Just was looked up and down. I happened to be on the phone with my sister who lives in NJ she was headed to work and this was the only time I could check in with her and see how my niece was doing (vomitting blood). However, they knew none of this and frankly it doesn’t matter.The owners or workers whomever they were, were very rude and disrespectful. He asked me to get off the phone to place an order. I could understand if my conversation was preventing me from ordering or holding up the line. But I already knew what I wanted and had already waited a least 5 minutes (so even if I didn’t know what I wanted before walking in, I would have known by the time I reached the counter). So, I tried to take the high road and I told my sister to hold on and placed the order. Once I placed the order I got back on the phone. Then once he got done boxing the order he stated if I came in there on the phone again he wouldn’t serve me. So needless to say, I walked out without the donuts. I would rather deal with OK food and exceptional customer service before I deal with unnecessary evil. Great donuts though. They just won’t be getting any of my hard earned money. I deal with nasty passengers daily working for an airline. So, I refuse to spend money to deal with nasty people. You get more Bees with honey Bizy Bee.

Donna Beach

As a hobby, I like to try the smaller local coffee and bakeries in the city. I have had some fantastic gems and some not so gems. I wanted to try a new place and drove the 30 minutes to Bizy Bees Bakery.
Pro: The simple Glazed was pretty good.
Cons: This place is not clean. The fella at the counter couldn’t even be bothered to wear his mask correctly. There is a $10 minimum for debit cards (which is rather high competitively) my order came to $8. I asked if there are drinks, was told because of Covid they couldn’t have any in the cooler. What??!

He told me that I could get a 1/2 doz, I said no I would just get another one to get to the $10. He said he was only trying to save me money.
Not sure what that means, I am saving you product – technically I am saving you money and I didn’t want more donuts.
Then he grumbled on about how he wants to get rid of credit cards and complained the rest of the transaction. You mean get rid of the way most people do business…okay. The credit card machine looked and felt nasty.

The end all is that the two frosted ones I got were put into the box face down. Little added bonus of losing most of that frosting when I picked them up. Going to be skipping this place in the future.

Susan Dierling

My coworker brought these doughnuts in to work today and oh my gosh…the BEST glazed doughnut I’ve ever had. The Danish was also amazing.

Gabby Freeman

If you want donuts from here be sure to get them early in the AM because that’s how bad folks will line up for these things! Honestly their glazed donuts are the BEST I’ve had in my entire life and I’ve had a lot of glazed donuts in my lifetime. Their donuts melt in your mouth and are worth every bite. Not to mention the customer service is friendly. Please do yourself a favor and visit this bakery!

Scott Nichols

Best donuts I have ever had.

Destinee Dunn

Was excited to try them, I’ve heard good things. Drove out of my way, got there waited in line. For him to tell me I can’t use card on two donuts, he expected me to get more. So sadly, didn’t get to try and won’t be back either. Wasn’t told about any card limit, was just told I wouldn’t be able to get two donuts with a card. Not the friendliest experience. Nonetheless, card should be a more acceptable form of payment by now. Definitely wasn’t a good start to my morning.

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