Babes Ice Cream & Donuts in Sacramento (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Babes Ice Cream & Donuts

Address: 2417 J St Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95816, United States

Phone: +1 916-476-4519


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Babes Ice Cream & Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 9PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 9PM

Monday,: 8AM to 9PM

Tuesday,: 8AM to 9PM

Wednesday,: 8AM to 9PM

Thursday,: 8AM to 9PM

Friday,: 8AM to 9PM

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Babes Ice Cream & Donuts Reviews

G. Andaluz

Pretty good! It’s nice to find a gluten-free donut place with tasty donuts.

Recommend items we sampled were the maple french cruller and the Nutella donut holes. The cruller had a great outer texture, and the flavor was spot on. I could eat about a million nutella donut holes, we’ll leave it at that.

The ice cream was also great – we tried the chocolate peanut butter fudge. We’ll definitely stop in again next time we have to come to Sac.

Jenna Brown

We were very excited to try this place, as we love supporting vegan establishments. That’s why I’m not giving less than 3 stars. I still appreciate what they’re trying to do. The donuts are beautiful, but they really lack on flavor and texture. My kids didn’t even enjoy them, and that’s saying something. We didn’t finish the dozen we bought.

Ben Reddaway

Everything is vegan and gluten free. The coconut based ice cream is delicious. They have waffle bowls. The donuts are fancy gourmet.

Awesome place

Dorena G.

Yum! We tried the maple, strawberry, and s’mores donuts, and also a churro.. keep in mind that this place is going to be pricier than your typical neighborhood donut shop. They’re more gourmet, but they are rich in flavor and very dense and filling. Most donuts are only $2 each which is fair in my opinion. The strawberry donut was amazing. I don’t think they’re as sweet as your typical donuts at your donut shops. They’re returning natural flavor.

Milene Lingiardi

I came to this place to get a dessert and ended up getting three: the chocolate ice cream, the churro and the donut with sprinkles. All three were delicious, not too sweet and yet sweet enough, and the store is very cute. I really recommend this place to vegans (and non-vegans) as you won’t be disappointed!

Jade Carpenter

Gluten Free Vegan Ice Cream and Donuts. Delicious array of classic and more modern offerings. I come and get a big haul every few months since I don’t live close by.

Kennedy Sheets

Best vegan donuts I’ve ever had! Best donuts in general, actually. I love the variety and that they are small and affordable so you can try multiple flavors.

Leedor Habot

If it was possible to give this place more than 5 stars, I would. The food is incredible (and I’ve taken people there who said it tastes just like regular food, despite being gluten free and vegan). Everything tasted amazing, even their iced coffee (and I don’t even like coffee!) Everything is incredibly clean and quiet, the setting is gorgeous and the workers are very nice and knowledgeable.

Show up with an empty stomach because you will eat a lot. I forgot to take pictures of the ones I got because I ate them so quickly, but the churros were probably my favorite.

Let me repeat this though. EVERYTHING IS GLUTEN FREE!

I will definitely be coming back again and again and again

Danny Mainis

I’ve been a long time fan of Pushkin’s. As someone who is celiac I appreciate the dedication and care they put into all of their different menus. The added fact that my fiancee is dairy free makes Pushkin’s, Babe’s and Sibling all fantastic places for us to go. Over the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on donuts over the years I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad one.

C. S.

Babes is fantastic! The fact that everything is gluten free is amazing, and the wide array of flavors of ice cream and donuts is incredible. The donuts look awesome and are unique. They have great consistencies and flavors. The ice cream is delicious and the waffle cones you can get with them are great. It is a nice location and is clean and well kept.

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