Amigos/Kings Classic in Lincoln (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Amigos/Kings Classic

Address: 5540 Old Cheney Rd, Lincoln, NE 68516

Phone: (402) 420-2484

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.8


What Time Does Amigos/Kings Classic Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 2:30AM

Sunday,: 7AM to 12AM

Monday,: 6AM to 12AM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 12AM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 1AM

Thursday,: 6AM to 1:30AM

Friday,: 6AM to 2:30AM

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Amigos/Kings Classic Reviews

Cohen Baggerly

To start off, the cashier knew absolutely nothing and didn’t know what certain things on the menu were. It took forever to order my food and when it came, I was disappointed to say the least. The mexi nachos came with eight mexi fries. I talked the the manager about it and he pretty much did nothing. Most of the food was stale and tasted like it had been made the previous week. The music was absolute garbage also which did not help their case. If I could have given this review zero stars I would have.

Lori Dierking

Not the fastest service but they are doing their best. The food was hot when we got it. I would like to remind people these are 14 year olds trying their best. One guy last night was extremely rude, threatened the poor kid that he knew who owned the store and he better not get attitude. The only one with attitude was this guy who couldn’t figure out what he wanted. All fast food places are short staffed and people just need to be pleasant and patient. If you are in that big of a hurry eat at home.

Josh Lantis

Wasn’t a fan of your new special today, the “buy 3 tacos and only get 2”. Also, when asked about sauce, I said a lot of spicy. What did I get? No sauce at all. This place has gone way down hill.

Tony Castillo

Ordered a Steak Rice bowl with Guacamole in the drive thru and didn’t get Guacamole on my bowl, but of course I was charged for it. Wasn’t asked if I wanted any salsa, c’mon people, It’s not rocket science to get orders right. Disappointed considering the higher price of the food there for some items. Food does seem fresh when I do eat there and I enjoy the breakfast menu.

Amber Schoen

BEST breakfast skillet BUT will NEVER order ANYTHING after 11AM from this location. They have YET to get ONE order right online or in the drive thru. THEY LUV TO BEAN FILL.

Miriam Roth

Quick service, great tasting menu choices. My favorite are their crisp meat or cheese burritos.


The Ground Beef Taco and the Taco Salad were very good. Much better than the national chain that shall remain nameless.

David Pearson

Update: still good, still a bit pricey! Same quality food you remember, takes me back to many nights at the downtown location when I was in college. However the tradition of being a bit expensive has also been maintained, crisp meat burritos are still small, and they still charge extra for the 4th triangle of the cheese frenchie. However the food and service are still very good, deserving of 4 stars. Recommended if you’re willing to pay a little more.

Lady Mcvey

Great place for all your cravings. Day or night they will take care of you! Nostalgic to most!

Rachel Dunn

Went thru drive thru. Got 2 crisp pintos, 2 sides of ranch & a mocha frape. Employee was extremely hard to understand & seemed distracted. Had to repeat my order multiple times. Never gave me a total. Get to window and after waiting 5+ min i get my 2 crisp meats but no drink. I say something and he looks confused & says oh yeah its coming. Meanwhile look in bag & no ranch. 4 min later when i get my drink i say there was no ranch in my bag. Again looks confused so I say i ordered 2 sides of ranch he tells me no i didnt but grabs me 2 and says well do u have 50 cents i said wasnt i already charged for it when i ordered it but was just going to give him another 50 cents and he shoves the ranch at me says forget it just here but u never asked for them then shuts the window. Very rude! Will not be returning to this amigos. Very disappointed

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