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Address: 4141 S 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68506, United States

Phone: +1 402-489-4213


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Rating: 3.7


What Time Does Casey’s Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 1AM

Sunday,: 5AM to 1AM

Monday,: 5AM to 1AM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 1AM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 1AM

Thursday,: 5AM to 1AM

Friday,: 5AM to 1AM

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They messed up my first one said they would give me a free one then made me come in for my free one should have checked it before leaving but I didn’t. It was a hamburger pizza with taco toppings and the tomatoes and chips on it when I asked for them not to be. There was no lettuce but maybe a leaf or two. And it was a medium not a large like I had ordered before.

This isn’t the first time they have done this only the first time I made them fix it.


It’s a great location but I usually regret going inside. There’s always a problem, Like Every time!!!! Just now my pizzas were late and they couldn’t use my Casey’s Rewards. Those 2 issues were the only reason we tried this Casey’s, timing and my rewards I’d saved for a year. The people their have been cool but there is some crazy management problems!

Shaye Cooper

What is the point in scheduling a time for pick up 2 ahead if you’re gonna make me wait an additional 25 minutes because my order isn’t finish when I arrive. This is becoming a common problem for most Casey’s locations anymore. Some people need to learn time management. Or don’t let people schedule a time if you’re not gonna be ready anywhere near that time.

Gretchen Schmidt

Terrible delivery experience. Ordered at 7:19pm and finally received delivery at 8:55pm- a full hour after the scheduled time. No communication when the delivery time had passed. I called them and supposedly they were “just trying to call” me. Offered two desserts for the inconvenience and only delivered one. Pizza was a mess when it arrived. It looked like it had been tipped over and all the toppings had slid off. I may still shop in-store but never again with delivery.


Usually have great service (@south 48th st). Pizza is good by the slice, better if you buy the whole pie though. Delivery has been speedy and correct when we have gone that route. Sad they removed the Gatorade G2 from the fountain soda.

Derrick Vinson

I am yet to stop in at this location and there not be food past it’s hold time. The other day I stopped in and the pizza slices were almost 3 hours past. Stopped in again today 10/1, pizza was over an hour past the hold time and the sandwich that I bought (should’ve known better than to not look at the date) was supposed to be pulled on the 28th.

Handy4U !

The pizza is great and usually ready at any time. Sometimes I have to stand and wait in line to check out longer than it should take though. But overall not a bad place to grab some gas and good munchies.

Jeigh Tushick (JT)

I go here for all of my beer and beverage needs as well as some of the best customer service for gas stations. It can be hit or miss if you get someone who is having a bad day/month/or year.. but I suppose that’s to be expected in these trying times!

5 stars if I would have been treated nicely every time. But there are those days, and I go here virtually every day!

leon thelionhart

I love caseys especially this one as the staff is friendly. That being said something needs to change. Food in the warmer is 4 hours old which is 3 hours to long, i got chicken today at 10:40pm and the take out time was at 7:20pm. I took a picture so you can see. stuff is shelved wrongly including what i assume the golden peak tea as they havent had sweet tea in months probably because the unsweetened tea is in that spot and no one ever bothered to fix it.

Brandi Zwiener

One of the great things about this gas station is the size of the lot. There are plenty of pumps to choose from, and they’re spaced far enough a part that when you pull into one your car is not right on the tail end of the one in front of you, nor will the person behind you be riding yours. With it being on this stretch of 48th St and not on a street light intersection corner, it’s a very convenient location to stop at.

The inside is plenty spacious as well, and also stocked with all your standard gas station fare. The snack and candy aisles, and the cold drink coolers are from what I’ve seen well stocked. Never had a problem having to decide what to get when my usual snack choice is gone. I’m a big fan of the breakfast pizza here, but a slice of the on-the-go pepperoni or hamburger is good, too. A warm piece of pizza is always enjoyable on a cooler morning or afternoon.

As a note, I’ve never found the coffee here to be anything other than terrible. I’ve tried it on multiple occasions, even being sure to get some when different employees are working in the mornings in case there was a difference to who was preparing it. I’m not sure if there’s a company standard for preparing their coffee, or this station in particular has it’s own guidelines, but wow. Not good. Maybe it’s changed in the months that have passed from when I first tried it, but once bitten twice shy.

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