Afters Ice Cream in Pasadena (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Afters Ice Cream

Address: 1265 E Green St #2616, Pasadena, CA 91106


Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does Afters Ice Cream Open?

Saturday,: 12PM to 12AM

Sunday,: 12PM to 12AM

Monday,: 2PM to 12AM

Tuesday,: 2PM to 12AM

Wednesday,: 2PM to 12AM

Thursday,: 2PM to 12AM

Friday,: 12PM to 12AM

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Afters Ice Cream Reviews

Cory Reider

Got ice cream here with my 3.5 year old. He got thirsty and asked for water. The guy working said they don’t have water cups but I can buy a $2 bottle of water. I asked what the clear plastic cups are for behind him and he says they are for ice cream only. So I had to buy water even though he had perfectly good small cups available. Honestly that is super scammy and not cool at all.
Ice cream was mediocre. Plenty of other options.

Susanna SS

Flavorful and refreshing ice cream housed in an old gas station. There are several flavors and toppings to choose from. Ice cream can be served on a cup or cone or inside a donut bun. The mango sorbet is intense!

Andreas “Aris” Aristidou

Liked my Sundae a lot. A large variety of flavors and types of ice cream – in a cone, in a donut, sundae. The place is also very unique and cool which adds some interesting mix to the area. Not too much room to sit though in the two benches that are available – especially given that it gets quite busy.

Roderick Conwi

A few weeks ago, I came here for a spur of the moment after dinner treat with my family, sister, and brother-in-law. After all, wanting ice cream after dinner is pretty much something that happens to us often. Since we were nearby, we decided to come here. It’s conveniently located on Green Street and is decorated like a vintage gas station (it totally could be a refurbished gas station). It has a charming decor with all outdoor seating. My favorite flavor is the Cookie Monster. If you’re new to this place and don’t know what to try, I definitely recommend this.

Gavin Finley

Good variety of flavors, including some that fall into the “interesting” category (same goes for toppings). Certainly enough to keep you coming back to try different options. I didn’t have one but the pastry bun instead of a cup or cone is another added bit of variety (and indulgence).

The single window setup isn’t the most efficient, especially when it’s as busy as when I was there, and there is definitely a lack of seating space if you want to hang around while eating. The repurposing of an old service station is well done, though, and does provide a nice ambiance.


Ice cream was good. Wanted to get the milk bun (is it a donut), but changed at the last second and got a float. My ice cream disintegrated into the root beer in 0.000127 seconds. I feel like I had like one spoon of ice cream and then drank some creamy soda.

The scoop in the cone lasted my mates a lot longer.

Dilip Kumar Kacher

Afters ice cream shop is my favorite because of its classical look and location. Its a small shop which look more like gas station but believe it, its taste and quality are awesome. Always busy and have queues and quite famous in locality and students. They have limited parking space but fully compensated with green street roadside parking.

Kenyon Prater

Afters is massively overpriced icecream for tiny portions, with bad flavors. The last time I went here, I went to a froyo place afterwards and enjoyed it much more, and realized I didn’t need to do this to myself. Everyone rating Afters highly honks around town in big clown shoes.

Alyssa Jacobs

A large variety of flavors and types of ice cream – in a cone, in a donut, sundae. The place is also very unique and cool which adds some interesting mix to the area.


What a cute little place! Can’t imagine a better old-gas-station-makeover! Got Jasmin milk tea flavor and it was delish! Never had jasmin flavor ice cream before. The sweet buns looked freshly baked — will have to try that next time. Service was super good as well despite the influx of customers. Outdoor seating available!

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