Winchell’s Donut House in Los Angeles (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Winchell’s Donut House

Address: 7158 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Phone: (323) 938-8578

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.2


What Time Does Winchell’s Donut House Open?

Saturday,: Open 24 hours

Sunday,: Open 24 hours

Monday,: Open 24 hours

Tuesday,: Open 24 hours

Wednesday,: Open 24 hours

Thursday,: Open 24 hours

Friday,: Open 24 hours

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Winchell’s Donut House Reviews

John Shifton

No manager and terrible service with refund refused. I asked for a tuna sandwich and paid. Was then told after they do not have Tuna and offered Turkey etc on the spot. I ask for chicken which I didn’t event want. I get a sandwich made with bacon which I cannot eat because I am Jewish. The employee meant well but this is Fairfax people don’t just eat bacon and I wanted and paid for tuna. There is no manager and they refuse to give me a refund or call him or put in effort I am just supposed to give them free money when they can’t make what I order

Celia Robb

$8.99 = 14 any donut, $3.29 = package of crm chz, $5.49 = 6 any bagel. They also have yummy bagel sandwiches and freshly made delicious and crispy glazed donuts as well. The drip coffee is affordable and good too, all at a convenient location. The staff are mostly helpful and friendly, and the price is definitely right here. I also like the quick turnover time between deciding on a sale and actually checking out with your yummy food. I always stop here on the way to work.

Janey Duffield

Every Friday I treat myself to Winchells because it’s my favorite breakfast joint/ chain. I try not to eat out for breakfast often because what I order tends to be unhealthy and kind of expensive but I love treating myself at Winchells. A sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich and a Chocolate Chilla and I am ready to get my Friday started! They also have the best donuts!!!

Cars That need

This place Has become A complete disaster. employees do not have good communication or english skills. Tables are constantly left filthy as well as the side stand to place milk and sugar in your Drinks. The manager acts like shes made of gold. And acts like she dont belong there. yum yum might just be a better Alternative. as with almost everything else? Business establishments in the Los angeles area? Have become very nasty! its more of the slogan now.. Eat pay and go on. i myself say? if you gave me free rent in Los angeles i would actually pay you to never bring it up again. Worst city in the U.S.A. For essentials. dinning.

Melanie Yumul

I’ve loving this donut house since I moved here in LA and also my son since he was in elementary, I love most especially their regular donut without any add on in it.

Tabiatha Herbert

Donuts are ok. Coffee is hot and fine. Nothing special about this place. Also has a weird, funky smell. Not sure what it is.


This place is amazing for real! I went in there at 11pm at night and even the old fashioned style doughnuts or cake doughnuts were STILL fresh tasting & not grease logged & soggy from sitting in the case all day of the oil being too cold when frying. The raised doughnuts were amazing, very good flavor & not too sweet. Fantastic spot & open 24hours. Also a great place to practice my Spanish skills.

Thomas One

Oof, donuts are fine but my lord the service… I thought she was going to slap me with my card…
I just wanted a sandwich and the cashier asked me what kind of bread I wanted. I asked what the options were then she rolled her eyes at me. After that she proceeded to point at the picture of the item I wanted and said that I have to choose the bread. I didn’t want any problems and wanted to be courteous to the patron behind me so I just said “uhhh… whatever on the picture”. Then she YELLS AT ME saying that she doesn’t know what type of bread is in the picture…………. Like it’s my fault… left feeling bullied and no sandwich. Bleh

David Khalili

Zero customer service:( food quality zero

Heart Momma

Amazing selection of donuts. So many choices it can be hard to decide on which ones you want in your choice of a dozen. The clerk was extremely friendly and patient for being in LA. I will make it a regular place to go on every future vacation. Highly recommend going to this place. You get way more than donuts. You can get sandwiches for all meals (breakfast, lunch, supper). Lots of drink choices as well.

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