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The Doughnut Social

Address: 530 E Bromley Ln Ste 140, Brighton, CO 80601

Phone: (303) 942-1576


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does The Doughnut Social Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 4PM

Sunday,: 6AM to 4PM

Monday,: 6AM to 4PM

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: 6AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 4PM

Friday,: 6AM to 4PM

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The Doughnut Social Reviews

Erica Hanson

Hands down best donuts I’ve ever had and I am a big donut lover! We ordered donuts from Doughnut Social for our wedding and it was a hit! They were so easy to work with, paid attention to detail, affordable, and absolutely delicious. The owner even checked in after to see how it went. I wish I had a better picture but we haven’t gotten our professional photos back yet. The cinnamon crunch donuts are a MUST TRY! People that were at our wedding are still talking about those cinnamon donuts!

Mal- Kay

I don’t even know what to write really. I was praying we get a local donut shop that is not a major chain store like King Soopers etal…
So I was really excited to see were finally getting one, albeit it’s at the other end of town(old part as I call it).
Today was the first day I could stop by to see what’s up.
Came in and was amazed at their selections. I mean they have a lot more than I would have imagined.
So I decided to sample as many as possible so I went for the mix box for a dozen.
I grabbed the filled donuts and a few regular donuts.
I had forgotten my wallet but they do accept phone pay, I was able to use my phone to Google pay so saving me an embarrassing 30 min round trip just to go retrieve the wallet.
Now I’m sitting here at home with a cup of coffee devouring them.
They are so soft and not dense like most found at local stores. And they are delicious.
So my verdict?
Best donut shop around not even close.
I wasn’t expecting much and had lowered my expectation but they blew the whole thing out of the park.
And the people working there they’re so nice and did not rush me any. It is Tuesday and 8 AM and wasn’t busy at all either.
Definitely support them if you love pastries. I also saw some Barista style coffee machines in there so seems they may serve coffee? I did not ask. Will update my next visit after I ask.
Just word of advice for people who want a quick service or impatient people, right now is a soft opening so it’s not full speed yet so be patient. But it’s worth it.

Jasmine Huff

I grew up in brighton when we had daylight donuts. Ever since then I’ve hoped for a good classic donut shop. I was skeptical about coming, because brightonians seem to never want to support anything good in this city… and were being negative about it. I set my bar low but this one is an amazing edition to our city! I had a cinnamon and it was phenomenal! So soft and fluffy! A little bite of heaven. Thank you you guys! Keep being great

Christine Cain

My first visit this morning with my husband and my two step daughters. The staff was very welcoming and the donuts looked delicious in the case. I absolutely love Apple fritters so I got one and I couldn’t finish it. It was way too sweet and I couldn’t taste apple. Our girls loved their donuts (chocolate long John and sugar donut)
And my husband got the maple bacon donut and he liked it just wished it had more than two little pieces of bacon. We will be back to try more donuts.

Mikayla Lubahn

Half a dozen people in line and one of the younger employees was half asleep on the counter. They had a small selection of donuts, similar to a 711. The donuts they did have were decorated with candy and cereal on top of a regular glazed donut. After scrapping off all the gummy worms the donut itself did taste good.

Anthony B

Today (6/25) is the Doughnut Social’s soft opening and they’ve met my impossibly high expectations. The anticipation has been extremely high as Brighton’s first devoted donut shop. They have an impressive selection of regular and specialty donuts, including three types of fritters (my fave). All the donuts I tried were perfectly crispy on the outside and moist on the inside — exactly what I want in a high quality donut. Congrats to the owners for their open and wishing them the best. I’ll certainly be back many times over.

James Anderson

I ended up here by accident as the last time I was at this location it was a Starbucks. They have the best Maple glazed donut I have ever had l, and I have tried a lot of maple donuts. The Coffee could be a little better, but that is an easy fix (it tastes like the coffee at Murphy’s gas station). Also it would be nice if they had real fresh chilled half and half instead of the prepackaged international delight kind, it just doesn’t taste the same .


So glad to have them in town. Yes, they are having some new opening issues but idgaf, this is to be expected. The donuts are super yummy and pricing is more than fair. The staff is beyond polite and make you feel welcomed. Keep it up!

Mark Mahoney

Great place! If anybody gives this place a bad review they have no idea what they’re talking about. Brighton doesn’t have any coffee places or donut places. This is a nice place to sit. The coffee was great. The doughnuts were great. Good job guys keep working hard.

Matthew Lincoln

First I want to say their cleanliness, set up, and customer service is all 5 stars. But as a life long donut enthusiast with 15years of daily donut shop eating experience as a child and the love of donuts. There just wasn’t anything special about them, I’ve eaten the incredible spudnut in Ohio to growing up in the whole donut in Connecticut. Plus many others, and if your looking for an average donut then this is your place, but tbh I can get the same quality at Safeway.

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