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The Donut Pub

Address: 203 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

Phone: (646) 398-7007

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does The Donut Pub Open?

Saturday,: Open 24 hours

Sunday,: Open 24 hours

Monday,: Open 24 hours

Tuesday,: Open 24 hours

Wednesday,: Open 24 hours

Thursday,: Open 24 hours

Friday,: Open 24 hours

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The Donut Pub Reviews

Jeannie T.

Need a sugar fix? Midnight? No problem. This 14th Street location of Donut Pub is always open! 24/7 per there posted hours. You can grab a coffee, tea, a croissant donut (they are excellent), or a classic crueller. They specialize in maple bacon donuts as well. So good!!

Katie Dunn

I ended up here because of a colleague who is absolutely obsessed (like woah obsessed) with donuts. There was a group meeting and I figured this would be a fun treat. My friend Mr. Google- expert on everything- indicated that this place would be a good bet, and it was not wrong.

I grabbed a half dozen of various types so that a variety could be sampled. Brooklyn cream, jelly, maple bacon, glazed croissant donut, chocolate salted caramel, and a birthday cake with sprinkles. Our donut obsessed friend even shared with everyone in the group (impressive) and the donuts were housed in about five minutes flat. The group consensus was that they loved all of them, with each being great in its own right. When asked to pick a favorite, everyone came up with a different answer with the glazed croissant donut coming in with multiple votes.

The service was good- the woman patient with me while I figured out what to order. There were tons to choose from, including cake donuts, yeast donuts, and croissant based donuts. There is a counter for eating, and they offer a variety of coffee and similar beverages.

If you or someone you know are a fan of donuts, this is a great place to try

Kathryn Lambkin

One server with the cap was monotone and grumpy, making us feel quite unwelcome. The other lady seemed fine to other customers.
The dine in area appears closed, but you can go in once you show you are vaccinated. However this information was not forthcoming – we had to enquire.
Delicious donuts and coffee. We love small local businesses with something unique to offer, not mass produced products.

Susanna Mostaghim

I’d say service here is hit or miss. Half the time I’ve come by there has been an absolutely lovely human at the counter taking my order. The other half someone grumpy and not really registering anything I say until I order (even questions). I’ve never had anyone ask if I want to dine in either even though there is clearly the option. While I’ve always taken my donuts to go it’s still a bit odd. The croissant donuts/cronuts are really good. While I liked the original the one that really steals the show is the chocolate cannoli cronut. 100% my favorite thing on the menu and I don’t love sweets, donuts are a once a month kind of moment for me (if that). The coffee is pretty good and there’s a decent selection of tea. I would say I really don’t appreciate that they cut the drink holders in half. It makes it super imbalanced when you take it to go but they don’t charge you for it so I appreciate that.

Sayaka S

Cute local donut joint. I had a craving for donuts and stumbled upon this place. They have classic donuts to unique donut like bacon donuts. We just tried few cake donuts and French cruller and all of them were pretty good. Light, Fluffy, sweet but not oily. They have few tables and chairs outside to sit and enjoy their donuts.

Anatoliy Budnitskiy

I had a bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel and it was amazing! The bagel was quite soft and crispy. Super fresh! The coffee was great and the vanilla jelly donut was excellent to finalize breakfast. Lol! Also the staff was super nice there and very attentive.

Maria Loera

Great selection of donuts. The staff isn’t exactly the warmest, but they aren’t rude either. The cronut I had was amazing and I would love to return for a second but I would go somewhere else for the coffee since it was just an extremely dark roast. They also had a selection of breakfast sandwiches that I didn’t get to try.


This spot is best for the sweetest tooth. Staff is friendly. There’s limited seating inside. It’s quite narrow and tiny (not for claustrophobes). I’ll treat myself to their maple bacon once in a while since it’s super sweet~

Maple bacon (sweet, savory, melt in your mouth)
Jelly (surprisingly good, not overpowering)

Birthday cake donut (chalky)
Fruity pebbles (average)
Boston cream (cream tasted artificial)
Red velvet (almost choked on it, dry)
Chocolate (glazed donuts are all dry?)

Joash Narainsamy

Trust me, the French crullers are life transformative! You’ve GOTTA try them! They’re soft, pillowy and silky on the inside. Just the right amount of sweetness with a feather light interior.

mag par

id rate 0 stars if i could. the lady operating the cash and handing donuts was EXTREMELY rude to me and everyone i was with, giving attitude at any slight interaction. (the cashier girl with the long bleached blonde hair with her brown roots showing, short, bucket hat) the donuts qualities were absolutely terrible, and the black and white cookie was hard on the outside and tasted extremely stale. the cookie was so hard that my associate decided to punch the cookie as a joke and it still held up. the chocolate cannoli donut felt and tasted old, and fell apart really easily. the lady ringing up my order failed to ask whether or not id like cream on my donut and overall was a terrible experience from such a highly rated donut place as this one. my experience was a complete 0/10. i hope to never come back again and warn any future customers of these quality lacking bad flavored donuts.

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