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Shipley Do-Nuts in Houston (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Shipley Do-Nuts

Address: 3932 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009

Phone: (713) 862-4655

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Shipley Do-Nuts Open?

Saturday,: 12AM to 11:45PM

Sunday,: 12AM to 11:45PM

Monday,: 12AM to 11:45PM

Tuesday,: 12AM to 11:45PM

Wednesday,: 12AM to 11:45PM

Thursday,: 12AM to 11:45PM

Friday,: 12AM to 11:45PM

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Shipley Do-Nuts Reviews

Miguel Prats

This is the flagship location for Shipley’s. They make hot donuts three times a day so you have a better chance of getting them hot here than other locations. Cashiers are always sweet and helpful so I always tip.

A Parker

Only in Houston for a little under a day, I had to stop at the Shipleys that started it all. Gone are the days of the Orange Bang drink, but the quality, the donuts, and the friendliness of the staff still remain. Thanks for making it exactly as I remember! Hope to see you again.

L Carr

This is normally my go to location for donuts and kolaches. This morning I placed my order and paid. My fresh kolache was hard/burnt. I asked the worker how old were the donuts she handed me and she had no clue. If the donuts aren’t fresh at least know when you prepared them. Waste of time and money. So disappointed before a 12 hour shift.

Lydia Y Williams

My family has always enjoyed waiting for these fresh or preferably hot donuts to come right out and be iced in front of us since I was a little girl. Seems like they melt in your mouth when they’re hot.

Helen Rodriguez

Can’t go wrong if you time it right. Hot donuts the best in Houston run don’t walk or you will miss them. THE 5 STAR RATING WAS before yesterday when I purchased a chocolate creme filled donut the creme has always been white and not greasy yesterday it was almost grey like or very off white, the creme was awful very very greasy I had a very hard time getting the grease off my fingers from trying to take it out of donut and the greasy film from the bite out of the donut was very hard to get off my lips. The recipe must of changed or they filled the chocolate donut with just grease or at least it looked like nothing but grease. I would like everyone to know I travel some 25 miles there and 25 miles back to get a donut from the Shipley on N. Main I will not eat a donut from any other I feel the recipes are not exactly a like. Also that I have been eating donuts from this Shipley for over 54yrs I’m in my 60’s now I would say it’s been more then 54 yrs but not sure how small I was when my father would bring us hot donuts on Friday nights. Like I said before if the recipe has changed, change it back don’t skimp on ingredients I mean the prices have gone up so why skimp so I expect quality like before or if it was human error and they put nothing but grease/ shortening in the donuts creme I might understand. Anyone I have told to go to this particular Shipleys have all stated oh man they are the best not dry and flat, but very fluffy they also would TRAVELED a long distance to get them from the N. MAIN LOCATION, FIX THE PROBLEM PLEASE.

John Burns

Best glazed donuts are Shipley’s!

I wish Shipleys as a whole had better kolaches, the shipley bold is the only one worth the money imo


Donuts for a donut emergency or craving, open 24h, filled, classic and cake; good people, very friendly, donuts are just regular stuff, inexpensive, nothing special or inventive…the experience is everything, better than the donuts.
They are fresh because they are made on site! I watched them do it: dough, cook, glaze etc…
Good parking, probably the best Shipley in Houston.

Jennifer Lin

09/01/2017 Friday Day 4 of Hurricane Harvey Recovery ☀️

Best donuts in HTX Always my favorite & the ONLY place would go when craving for !!! 8-D Yummmmmm!!!

Oh, forgot to mention…

⭐️ This location serves the {24 HRS} ⭐️

Joshua Templeton

They are super efficient and helpful at this location. Being able to watch them make the donut magic happen is pretty cool. You can see all the employees making the donuts, just shows you how much work actually goes into making Shipley’s Donuts the #1 donut shop around! Delicious!

Shavondalyn Smith

Today I had the worst experience at this Shipley the lady that was in the drive through was so rude I asked her a question about the price today because I go every morning and it’s always the same price today it was higher and I told her and she got mad I told her I had the Receipt and I proceeded to give it to the other lady and she showed her and she had even more attitude with me I also let her know that I always get the tiniest size of coffee because that’s all I can drink and she didn’t care and Ignored me and try to keep all my receipts only reason why I didn’t come in and speak with the manager is because I would’ve been late for work it’s too early to be so rude and I wasn’t rude to you

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