Randy’s Donuts in Santa Ana (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Randy’s Donuts

Address: 2232 17th St, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone: (657) 900-2885

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3

Website: http://randysdonuts.com/

What Time Does Randy’s Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 9PM

Sunday,: 6AM to 8PM

Monday,: 6AM to 8PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 8PM

Friday,: 6AM to 9PM

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Randy’s Donuts Reviews

Matt Candela

I love my donut shops and this place takes the …. Cake? But no really, very creative and fantastic tasting donuts. Even the specialty coffee was good. The donuts are very affordable and the place was comfy. I feel like is was a bit quiet though, no background music when we went. I don’t know if that’s normal. The employees were great and helpful and patient because I definitely ask way too many questions. I’m not usually a marshmallow guy but their s’mores donut was pretty incredible.

Charly Mendez

My first time visiting Randy’s Donuts. I haven’t been to the original location in L.A., but I am glad to have visited this location in Santa Ana. The donut that I purchased lived up to all the hype. The Bacon Maple Long John. I had heard about this donut and I just had to try it. GREAT!!! All the other donuts looked just as delicious. Friendly service and a great location next to all other good eats. I highly recommend Randy’s Donuts. Now, I gotta visit the iconic original location in L.A.

Jerry Pineda

This place is outstanding! The donuts are so good! It’s so nice to have a Randys donuts nearby. Everyone is so friendly there, I don’t understand the bad reviews I saw prior to posting mine, they must be haters.

Phillip Norman

Oh, I do not like these donuts. Am guessing they are trying some new spin on donuts. Since was my first visit, got the old stand by original old fashioned (buttermilk) and a sugar coated plain. Sugar coated plain was doughy and chewy; old fashioned had some strange flavor in it. Could not finish either one. I’ll stick with M&M Donuts.

Chelsea Peterson

We love donuts and Randy’s is by far top two donut shops around. We’ve visited several locations and they’re all consistently delicious. If you’re a cream filled lover, the chocolate raised with cream is my go to. The donut holes are the best and we always take a dozen to go. Wish we had one closer to home but it’s always a family treat when we visit!

Scott Delgado

I live very close to this new location and have been a couple of times. Everyone was very attentive and friendly. Hopefully the main website will add them to their ordering function soon. I pass by on my way to work, and I stopped in two pick up a couple dozen donuts for coworkers. It was a quick process, but it will be nice to be able to do it online, so I can just stop in and be out quickly. Keep up the good work, Randy’s!

Stefany Alonso

I always pass this donut shop on my way to work, but today was the first time I was able to try them out. Came in around 10:25am and there were three girls working the front. The first girl was friendly and offered to help if I was ready. I asked for a few minutes to look through all the options. No problem. Not 1 minute later I was asked again if I was ready by a second girl with a side braid and she seemed annoyed. I asked again for just a few minutes to make my selections. I asked that second girl a question regarding pricing by the dozen to which she responded with a blank stare. Feeling rushed, I picked out 4 donuts and made my way to the register. The third girl who rang me up was polite, but also seemed like she’d rather be anywhere else. I left the shop at 10:29.
As for the donuts, the ones I picked out were just okay. There were so many that caught my eye, but after that encounter I just wanted to leave. There’s plenty of donut shops in OC that have a similar selection. I don’t see myself coming back.

J “Janugie” B

**Update 6/3/22**
Decided to give them another try today, since I was in the area. This time I went in the morning (approx. a month since my last visit) hoping for a different experience. Nope – the donuts do not taste like LA Randy’s! These are soaked in oil and the oil is nasty – I can’t tell if their oil is dirty or old and/or they’re just not frying at the right temperature. The chocolate twist soaked up a paper towel!! These again left a horrible aftertaste. If you’ve ever had a horrible, greasy egg roll from a resto & kept tasting it and burping it up – similar experience & taste (for some reason). Another box of their donuts in the trash, because no one could stomach them. I noticed they’re opening a new Randy’s in Riverside off the 91fwy, closer to home – hope it doesn’t turn out like this one. :/

Bumped up due to responsive management; immediately took notice and responded in a professional & friendly way. I’m not going to reach out to the local store Mgr as suggested, but I’ll give them another try! We are talking donuts, after all!


Staff is friendly, shop is clean, and there was a nice variety of donuts even in the late afternoon/early evening. The donuts were pillowy soft, however, some of them tasted like rancid oil!!! Almost had a fried fish taste to them!! To the point it gave some folks bad indigestion. First time having Randy’s and this isn’t what I expected at all. So disappointed!

Worst tasting ones:
Choco glaze (round)
Glaze twist (plain)
Devil’s food

I’ll keep going to Donut Hub, like 2mi up the road, instead.

Guy Ball

As an Orange County resident, I had never had a Randy’s Donut until today when a friend and I tried out your nearby Santa Ana store. WOW! What a difference! I had your sugar yeast donut (one of my favorites wherever I go) and I was blown away by the flavor of the inside of the donut. My friend, who loves donuts more than me, also was thrilled at his and we’re now in trouble. Do we stick with the Tustin donut shop we’ve been going to for years? Or do we “sneak off” to Santa Ana for the best darn donut in America!
Thank you for coming to Orange County. And thank your Santa Ana staff. They were friendly, efficient, and in a good mood for such an early time.
We’ll be back, for sure!

Natalie Todorovich

Don’t waste your money go to a local real donut shop. this place is way overpriced the donuts taste like old oil .I bring it to the attention of the manager and all the manager could tell me was that they change the oil on a daily basis never offered a refund or say come in and we’ll give you another order of donuts which is fine I guess they really need the money but I wouldn’t waste my time money or gas on these Donuts go to a real donut shop .

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