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Park Place Donuts

Address: 4515 Matlock Rd #115, Arlington, TX 76018, United States

Phone: +1 817-465-2400


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does Park Place Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 4:30AM to 12:30PM

Sunday,: 4:30AM to 12:30PM

Monday,: 4:30AM to 12:30PM

Tuesday,: 4:30AM to 12:30PM

Wednesday,: 4:30AM to 12:30PM

Thursday,: 4:30AM to 12:30PM

Friday,: 4:30AM to 12:30PM

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Park Place Donuts Reviews

Swathi Suryadevara

These are the best donuts I’ve ever had. It’s a great way to start off my day and they’re very affordable too. I’ve recently taken some home to my friends and they just loved em’. Seeing that there aren’t many reviews about this place, I think it’s highly underrated. I’d suggest people to come and try it out and I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Katie H

I’m really impressed! I ordered 1.5 dozen with a note requesting “Emphasis on the fun please– these are a birthday breakfast surprise for a 3-yr-old boy.” They really came through and added character rings & “Happy Birthday” decorations! So sweet. I also ordered via Doordash at 5:30am… they were here within 30 minutes. The donuts are fresh & delicious. I would highly recommend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Scammy dirtbags!!!
Went in to get a dozen of everything donuts and we asked for each of eclair. GLAZED. CARAMEL. CHOCOLATE. We even said. The lady stuffed 2 of the caramels and 1 glazed. We asked for 2 glazed donuts regular and she went to the back to grab 1 glazed and 1 unglazed. We were too busy looking at other donuts not realizing what she was putting in the box. At first i thought it was a mistake but then i remembered she only had 1 chocolate eclair left so she must have saving it for somebody else.

If you have come here and they messed up your order, don’t be surprised. It’s just their way of doing business. Dirtbags

Mark C.

So these are not the best donuts but they’re not the worst donuts that I’ve tried in my eating adventures throughout the DFW area. However with that said the cake donuts if you like that style of donuts are some of the best around I wish I could say the same for the rest but they’re just basic donuts like other places. I am not sure what type of recipe they use for their cake donuts but they’re not greasy on the inside they’re not mushy on the inside it’s like a perfect cooking. I stopped going here a couple of months ago because when I looked at the donuts in the case they had flies in the case I have since returned I have not witnessed any other insects to flying around however if I do I will stop coming here again so keep your eye out for that so that you know what is been going on with your food. The only other issue I would probably have with the places is kind of dingy on the inside and not well kept and the pricing can vary sometimes on the products.

sanson Do

I think this place is wonderful. Good donuts. Great customer service.
They will take care of u if u have questions. I am glad they open early then anybody else

Dany Dogg

Good donuts. Very good prices. They’ve always thrown in a free donut or donut holes. Donuts taste fresh. Sausage buns were good! The bunny donut looks like a pair of pants upside down but still cute.

Michelle J

I LOVE sugar donuts and not only does this place have them, but they are delicious!! All the donuts we’ve tried are amazing and my husband loves the jalapeño sausage.


Nice donuts!!! Perfect amount of frosting on each one. Thank you!

Indigenous Girl

I don’t know if they have a new baker or what, but everytime I purchase their donuts from Uber Eats, their donuts are more dense than usual.

Genelle Naylor

Very unprofessional. I placed a order on DoorDash at 10pm for delivery next morning at 7:30-7:50am. Because of one item feta spinach unavailable they refused to substitute for another doughnut and canceled my entire order leaving my kids I PROMISED doughnuts hungry and disappointed! I could have gone ANYWHERE and I chose you as a first time customer! THANK YOU now I have to listen to 3 kids crying over it

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