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Milk Money

Address: 1715 R St #100, Sacramento, CA 95811, United States

Phone: +1 916-469-2436


Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.6


What Time Does Milk Money Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 4PM

Sunday,: 8 to 11AM, 11:30AM to 4PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: 8 to 11AM, 11:30AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 8 to 11AM, 11:30AM to 4PM

Friday,: 8 to 11AM, 11:30AM to 4PM

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Milk Money Reviews

Alex DeMartino

We loved the donuts we got here. Starting with the marshmallow mathers, witch was a raised donut with dark chocolate frosting and m&m’s, the dough was soft and mildly sweet which paired well with the chocolate frosting. Next we had the its strawberry b!tch, which is a strawberry frosted donut with a sweet cream inside. This one was delicious and not too sweet with the cream. Lastly we got the rice rice baby, which is basically a cinnamon sugar ring donut, simple and very tasty. We also got the ube and white chocolate ice cream, it was delicious but left a film like feeling in our mouths, this would have been awesome if not for the white chocolate.

XoXo XoXo (Lori)

Oh my goodness! Best raised glaze taste and texture ever. (Love there is a Vegan option too.) And I went there around 4pm, so that’s great that it was fresh. The girl working there was really kind and helpful too. Would love more Vegan flavor options though (there was only 1), including traditional doughnut flavors.

Emellia Zamani

Milk Money is incredibly disappointing. The only person working the counter was very nice, and the store’s interior is cool, but the donuts were mostly flavorless and didn’t have a good texture. I also think they’re just confused about what kind of business they are. Are they an ice cream place with a side of donuts? Or a tiny donut place with a side of ice cream? Pick one thing and do it well. It’s pretty frustrating that they only offer three donuts a day and they rotate flavors. Unless you follow them on Instagram you won’t know what flavors are on offer; the display case offers no indication aside from the one person serving all customers.

Chloe Martins

I wanted to give them a better rating but, they’re kinda average. The staff member who helped was amazing. I was just sad by their selection. I did love the beignets and the jelly inside. I’d go back if I was around the area. Definitely love the Instagram moments.

Eldon Ngo

We were just walking by to put in an order at shake shack but it was too long so we stumbled onto this. Our donut ice cream was really good. Not what I really wanted because almost half of the menu was unavailable.

Tommy P

You’re paying for the brand name, not the food quality.

The good: they were open

The bad: your food selections are 3 types of stale donut and some day old donut holes.

The ugly: safeway donuts taste better and cost much less (about 2/3 less)…Safeway also has a wider selection.

Conclusion: avoid this place unless you have an extra $20 laying around…and even then it’d be better spent buying gas.

J. Young

I avoided the initial craze so just had my first taste of milk money donuts. I am so disappointed & underwhelemed. These are not fresh & fluffy old school style donuts. These are dense, heavy, bland, tasteless. I’m sorry, but… 🙁

Dan Rinkenberg

This place has awesome donuts. The dough is great and theres always at least one vegan option.


I UNDERSTAND!! shoutout to the girl working today @ 12 she convinced me to give the original a try and B O I am I glad I did. I told myself I’ll save some for my brother & I ended up eating 3/4 of it oops saved somthing lol. But it’s THAT good, definitely give it a try, definitely understand the hype my friend got 3, but overal definitely FAT yes for mee

Emery Farah

Good donuts (very good the first day, so-so the second). Very limited selection (only 2-3 flavors each day). Cute shop!

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