Madcap Coffee Company in Grand Rapids (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Madcap Coffee Company

Address: 1041 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Phone: (888) 866-9091

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does Madcap Coffee Company Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 4PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 4PM

Monday,: 7AM to 3PM

Tuesday,: 7AM to 3PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 3PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 3PM

Friday,: 7AM to 3PM

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Madcap Coffee Company Reviews

Chase Hasper

The absolute best coffee stop in Grand Rapids. It’s a bit out of the main downtown area and has a reasonable amount of outdoor and indoor seating. There’s a ton of street parking, especially down the side roads if the main road is full.

The staff here is well educated and you can attend the occasional coffee roasting tour with a tasting. Their staff is incredibly well educated and fully capable of helping you get the most out of your coffee experience here.

Anna Marie Dufresne

This was the smoothest most delicious cup of coffee I have ever had. Alittle expensive but you are paying for quality and an artistic cup of coffee. Brûléed chocolate on top. A cup of heaven on earth

Michigan Coffee Guide

Love this shop!! In the top 10 for aesthetic 🙂
• espresso : a delectable • sweet • creamy • citrus flavor finished with a pleasant, gentle tang
(roasted @madcapcoffee on cite )
• nitro cold brew : FANTASTIC -delightful layer of froth with a creamy impossibly smooth and chocolatey body
• @lamarzocco espresso machine
• interior : incredible interior fitted with a balanced blend of industrial • modern chic • and homey – well maintained plants tastefully accent clean white brick, a beautiful bar and black hardware
• outlets easily accesible for each seating space
• huge amount of tables and a gorgeous outdoor seating area connected through an open air garage door making the space flow and blend organically
• wonderfull service with an emphasis on quality yet not lacking in genuine friendliness and welcoming personas
• absolutely love this shop, however it tends to err on the busier side of the spectrum

I N S T A : @michigancoffeeguide

Ramses Jimenez

Great coffee, poor customer service

Went there the other day and asked if my cup of coffee could be warmed up a bit. One of the ladies just said “we don’t have a microwave here” and walked away. Maybe she could’ve just tried a little harder and add a spill of coffee to my cup to warm things up, but she didn’t try. Anyway, coffee is great, great atmosphere.

Jenna Schenk

I am currently pregnant and only drinking one cup of coffee a day and now I wish I lived in grand rapids because this was the best cappucino/coffee I’ve had in a few years. The staff was so kind and welcoming as well! We had a terrible night at an awful hotel the night before, and it’s truly crazy how much better we feel after one cup of really excellent coffee. You can tell they take pride in their product and business and I’m sad I don’t live closer

Vedad Grozdanic

Great atmosphere!

I’ve been visiting new cafés in Grand Rapids, and Madcap was very distinct. The interior design, as well as their menu items, are elegantly simple. I was able to get a lot of work done on my laptop.

Jessica Smith

My go-to cafe in the city. They have the best vanilla latte. Great aesthetic, music, plenty of seating both inside and outside, friendly employees, and you cannot leave without getting a waffle!

Sanford Mark

Wow. Super pricey!!! $20 for a small bag.

That’s more than double what I usually pay from my local roaster who is the bomb. (Shout out to Gus at Orlando Coffee Roasters!)

I’m not a novice. I typically buy a freshly roaster bag every two weeks and grind my beans daily myself.

I was traveling, so I asked for a course grind for the AeroPress that I travel with.

The next morning, more than an hour away from their store, I discovered my two bags of coffee ground to an express size; too fine to be used in my AeroPress.

That’s $40 worth of coffee that was essentially unusable.

Thanks, very little!

Tiffanie Knapp

My mom, two daughters and I stopped in for a snack and a beverage while we were waiting for a table at another restaurant. There were several things that stuck out in this small coffee shop that were not good. The barista at the cash register was rude for seemingly no reason. They had one serving of granola available out of the 5-6 items listed on the menu, and the Marshmellow tea my mom ordered tasted like hot water. There was no flavor at all in the pricey cup of tea. She threw it away rather than taking it back in to deal with the rider person at the counter.

Audrey Smith

Baristas give a very nasty and unpleasant attitude. Were not welcoming and did not greet even when we went out of our way to greet them personally. They just stared! Do better!!

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