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Krispy Kreme

Address: 2222 N Galloway Ave, Mesquite, TX 75150

Phone: (972) 329-1150

Price: $

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Rating: 3.7


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I will never stop at this dump ever again NASTY donuts and i don’t like to talk about anyone but those employees need to go just a bunch of young people that don’t take pride in their work..
I guess its my fault for not opening up the box. Krispy Kreme management should be ashamed of themselves for not even attempting to answer the reply’s.. and yes we did eat it the donuts that were decent. but the rest i hope the dogs eats them

Kathy Nguyen

I should’ve looked at the reviews before…

I obviously didn’t expect anything less from a krispy kreme but today was a surprise. The sign said “drive thru only” so it’s not like I could see what I was given or expecting.

Only when I got home when I opened the 3 dozens I got did I see the quality of these…
Actually such a waste and so disappointed because I tipped these employees. Not saying that tipping should change much but you would just hope the employees would at least tell you to wait for a fresh box or maybe just let you know.

Super disappointed and so upset I wasted my money like this.


This location makes crusty dusty donuts. Forget the Krispy, crusty dusty is more like it. They tasted and looked 10 days old and the dining room was closed. Good service though.

Ήάηάη Ή. ζάίδάη, MBA. MS.

Update August 18, 2022:
I truly was disappointed today. I am a customer here. Today, I wanted to get Chocolate iced and original donuts. I paid for the original, normal size. When I went back home, I opened the box to find the kid’s size, the small size. I would have had no issue with that if you just informed me. However, I don’t like to be cheated or dumped. That’s is not ok!! Last time I gave you 5 stars. This time, I am taking 3 stars out. This is not good for your reputation. I don’t know where is the management!! Why don’t you read the reviews and work on some improvements!

Old review: I got today 1/2 Dozen original and Chocolate iced. Very delicious! My family and I are customers for this company. I really love it. I am sad to see the bad reviews. I hope the management can look at them and fix the situation and improve this location. You have very good reputation, so work on keeping it for you and for your customers. ❤️

Angie Garcia

Don’t come here. Horrible quality donuts. Krispy Kreme supposedly has a high standard in making their donuts…and this one didn’t follow thru. These don’t even look like Krispy Kreme. Looks like a grocery store donut. The service was bad and we were the only ones in the drive thru….that was the sign not to go there. Don’t spend your money here. Bad experience.

Anthony Nunnally

The worst Krispy Kreme I’ve ever been too. Plus I drive so far to come to it. You never know when it’ll close and the doughnut quality is horrible.

Maria Garduño

I went today on drive thru today they weren’t even answering cuz they were all nocked out and then got this tiny doughnuts so disappointed


Yummy-yummy !!! I ordered the strawberry glazed donut along with the Strawberry Chiller!! I’m not certain to how they done it but those Chillers are absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

Ashley Davis

Drove here for the cinnamon toast crunch donuts and they said they didn’t have any and wouldn’t make any. The girls working in the drive-through were extremely unprofessional and yelling and laughing I felt like they were probably making fun of me for some reason. These aren’t the Krispy Kreme doughnuts I’m used to either not nearly as good as they used to be.

Keisha M

Does the hot light even comes on anymore? I went a couple of times during the supposedly “hot” hours listed on the app and the light is always off and the donuts are never fresh. I asked the person at the drive up when do they have hot donuts and he said that he doesn’t know and only have been working there for 2 weeks. LMAO… really?!?!? You should know somewhat a routine within a week.

That’s horrible customer service and terrible business all around. Krispy Kreme really should be ashamed at this location.

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