KD`S Donuts in Chula Vista (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

KD`S Donuts

Address: 1294 Third Ave A, Chula Vista, CA 91911

Phone: (619) 498-4760

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does KD`S Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 6:30AM to 8:30PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 9PM

Monday,: 6:30AM to 8:30PM

Tuesday,: 6:30AM to 8:30PM

Wednesday,: 6:30AM to 8:30PM

Thursday,: 6:30AM to 8:30PM

Friday,: 6:30AM to 8:30PM

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KD`S Donuts Reviews

Imani Jordan

Best donuts around!!! Soft, and moist. The frozen drinks are super tasty and come with a donut on top of it. When u buy a dozen donuts they literally give every donut. Plus it’s cheap and good. Only place I go for iced coffee and donut. Donuts are made fresh in the back. I wish more people knew about this place.

brandie storey

Hands down the best donuts I’ve ever had. You can tell they put love and experience into their craft. I spoke with the owner and they take everything into consideration when preparing the dough (humidity, outside temp ect). It shows in their product. 12/10 must try.

Theresa Reel

Affordable, delicious and you are supporting a small local business. Many choices from donut holes to maple bars and more.

Sany C

DONUT CRACK – don’t read unless you want to get addicted.

I am a serious donut snob. I love those fresh, soft, sweet doughy morals from heaven. I’ve had them all around SD and almost had a party when Dunkn opened. *Cue Homer mmmm donuts sound* So I wasn’t sure what to expect with this shop, since there aren’t that many reviews and many of them had to do with a terrible experience with the customer service. I couldn’t be happier, and why? Two words “NEW OWNERS”

I was in the area, and went in on Saturday morning. I could smell the donuts freshly baked before I walked in – that’s always a good sign. I was greeted with a super clean shop and a smiling young lady at the register. I wasn’t sure if she was the same person as the other posts, because she was nothing but friendly and very helpful. I sparked a conversation with her since there was just me in the shop, she said she and her husband just took over the shop in August and were very excited.

Ok – on to the most important thing, THE DONUTS! The donuts are so stinking good. I wanted to buy one of each but I had to stop myself from looking like a total crazy. I asked the nice lady to put them face up in the box for a photo op before diving in. She happily obliged, she understood my need to post my food adventures. They were so fresh, and light, and perfectly sweet. Apparently they make donuts throughout the day so you aren’t stuck eating a stale donut.

I bought the apple fritter and cinni-bun/roll donut too for good measure and let me tell you – the cinnabun roll will change your life! I’ve had Stardust in IB, and they’re good – but if you don’t get them fresh, they turn into greasy messes. K D’s cinnamon roll melts and has that perfect combination of sugar and cinnamon. I had to get some donut holes too, but I ate them all before I could count to 10. They should be called donut crack and not donut holes.

The apple fritter was for my 18yr old son and he didn’t even take a moment to breath in between bites, I got a little worried (death by donuts doesn’t sound so bad to be honest).

HUGE plus for me is that there’s parking and plenty of seats to enjoy your coffee and donuts without feeling rushed.

I HIGHLY recommend making a pit stop and getting a couple of dozen to share, they won’t last very long in the car so just get a *few* extra.

Lucky Rodriguez (President 2040)

Nice family owned shop. I always get assorted dozen with a tall coffee. Guilty Sunday Pleasure because who want to make breakfast on a Sunday. Yumier than yum yum

William Fisher

Great donuts!!! Very friendly girl always working.

Don Tiller (Donnie Boy)

These guys have the BEST donuts in San Diego,…period! Anytime in the morning, you can get hot donuts, fluffy, sugary, delicious donuts. My favorite there is their glazed twists, if you’re lucky, they will have some fresh cinnamon glazed twists fresh out of the fryer when you get there. Glazed donut and a cup of fresh coffee….yum

Joseph sapien

First & formost j want to say thank you to those that work at KD’S. There has been many times that I have gone in there and I have been treated with much Respect from the family there and for that me and my family thank you had well. The Donuts were well appreciated and my family thanks you guys. Keep up the work in the community

Rafael Buelna (Rafael)

They make good donuts. We purchased a dozen assorted donuts not so long ago and didn’t take long before my wife, my 2 sons and I completely devoured everything as soon as we got home. Donuts are that good. Highly recommended

Rosa Cervantes

Came into this place because the reviews looked amazing. The young lady at the front is very friendly and ready to help. Then the man making the donuts comes out…. NOT wearing a mask and talking all over the donuts. Im sorry my guy, but mid pandemic, in a food establishment while preparing the food and maskless?? Nah, thanks anyway. Walked out as fast as I walked in. Maybe after this is all over I will walk back in and get to try them and change the review

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