Inga Donut and Chinese Food in San Francisco (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Inga Donut and Chinese Food

Address: 1026 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States

Phone: +1 415-771-9611


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Inga Donut and Chinese Food Open?

Saturday,: 8:30AM to 8:30PM

Sunday,: 8:30AM to 8:30PM

Monday,: 8:30AM to 8:30PM

Tuesday,: 8:30AM to 8:30PM

Wednesday,: 8:30AM to 8:30PM

Thursday,: 8:30AM to 8:30PM

Friday,: 8:30AM to 8:30PM

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Inga Donut and Chinese Food Reviews

Hsin Wei Chou

As a Taiwanese, I highly recommend chicken noodle soup and Beef stew noodle soup!
It’s really good and having the cheapest price in San Francisco! ( only $7.5dollars)
Just be aware they only paid in cash!

Lexus GX

If you’re looking for an affordable meal that’s pretty good with decent service, this place is it. Spent less than $10 and got full meal with a donut!


I’ve literally been blowing $10 a meal everyday at rip off places all around bush street the last 5 months… not anymore!! I can’t believe I didn’t discover this place sooner! $6 for 3 Chinese food items??? ****** I tried out most items and some of the items are NOT good, while others are good. Noodles, rice, vegetables, and meatballs are good and worth it. Two of the meat based items are not worth it (they don’t look great either). Breakfast is straight up worth it for $5.50 and same quality as nicer places. Eggs are pretty much just eggs at most places. The store isn’t nice but do you want value or ambience?? Small coffee is only $1.50 and potentially same quality as other more expensive coffee shops around here.

Sarah Thompson

Passable and very inexpensive! Sausage was over cooked but eggs and hashbrown patty were good. Only $5.50 for breakfast – can barely get a coffee for that these days. Really nice people too.

Calvin Ng

Very affordable. Mom and pop shop. Donuts are fresh. The food is clean, delicious, and has no MSG compared to other restaurants. Highlights are the egg rolls, fried chicken, chow mein, and wontons.

steven cutting

Enjoyed the donut.
Very affordable.

Peter Hua

I bought a house with the money I saved eating here.


Very affordable breakfast as long as you don’t mind paper plates and plastic forks.
Still good food for about half the cost of other places.

Rodion Aivazov

Is good. But there are a lot more places in SF to eat. Stopped here because I was close by and needed fast breakfast.


Good food, no MSG. Actually there’s more Chinese food than other things. Very good. Brother and sister owned

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