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Heitzman Bakery

Address: 3333 Bardstown Rd Suite 1, Louisville, KY 40218

Phone: (502) 452-1891

Price: $$

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Rating: 3.1


What Time Does Heitzman Bakery Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 6PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 2PM

Monday,: 7AM to 4PM

Tuesday,: 7AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 4PM

Friday,: 7AM to 4PM

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Heitzman Bakery Reviews

Rachael Hines

We ordered a chocolate cake with a picture of Mickey Mouse on it for my sons second birthday party. I picked up the cake 9/4/2021 & from the moment I first saw it, I knew he would love it! Not only was the staff friendly, the cake was so beautiful and delicious. We were able to capture this sweet picture of him when we brought it out to sing happy birthday. 10 out of 10 recommend!!

LaPrecious Manaigo

I ordered a Super Hero cake for my daughters 5th Birthday I asked for the colors to be Red yellow and blue.. when my sister picked it up the colors was brown yellow and white.. I called the bakery and the owner was very rude after I let him know that’s not what I ordered he proceeded to tell me he’s “not doing this with me, & he’s not refunding me my money” then hung up on me. The cake is ugly and definitely wasn’t worth almost $70. I will NEVER do business with these ppl ever again. RUDE SOB! & don’t recommend anyone else shopping with someone who can’t follow simple instructions

William Black

This little family business has set up an excellent storefront, with lots of tasty treats. The two ladies inside were super welcoming and happy. Their oreo cookie cake was especially yummy. Definitely worth getting up in the morning for. My family was really excited to stumble upon this great place.

Badraa Little

Very pleased with the two birthday cakes for my husband and sister. One yellow,the other chocolate. Cakes were very nicely decorated and tasted amazing. Very friendly staff.

Kim Williams

We ordered a special cake for our boss’s departure from the company. I sent them a simple edible image and the text we wanted on it, and told them to do whatever. This is what we got and it is FABULOUS. This is where I will get my special cakes from now on. Thanks, Heitzmans.

Allison Lowe

Such a great place! My boyfriend and I go here before work occasionally and it’s always a hit. Awesome Danishes.

R Mack

Today I went to the location on Bardstown Road to get one of the strawberry crème cakes because I purchased one for Christmas and it was delicious. The man who helped me said that he wanted to add more strawberries to the cake because it didn’t have enough. He took the cake out of the plastic container and with his bare hands started cutting strawberries that was in their original packaging and adding them to the cake without cleaning the strawberries or wearing gloves. He offered to get another cake from the freezer but it didn’t have strawberries and he was going to use those same unclean strawberries and his bare hands and put them on the cake. I left and had to drive all the way to the location on Shelbyville Rd to get a cake from
there and they didn’t have any made like the original one so the lady said you can pick it up in the morning. I guess I will be driving to Shelbyville Rd now since Bardstown Rd does not take proper measures to avoid contamination or germs being passed along to their customers. The Health Department should really investigate them and their practices.

Jerusalem Begashaw

The rudest customer service I have ever seen. Went in to order a wedding cake, wanted to know the price asked how long it would take for him to hear from wedding cake person and he was rude. He told me if I wanted the price that he didn’t have it for me and to get out. Went off on me and my sister told me I didn’t look smart enough to know how to spell and to never come back. The location on Shelbyville is definitely worth driving to and people are much nicer. Would never recommend.

Sandra Washington

I haven’t been to Heitzman in over a year so I didn’t know that they closed the one on Dixie Hwy. So I went to the one on Bardstown Rd. my first time ever going their. I ordered 4 cake donuts, 4 honey buns and 4 glazed donuts. When I got home I tasted all of them and omgoodness they where nasty. I’ve always brought these donuts and they use to be so good that’s why I patronize them for 8 years Did y’all change the recipe or something? Or maybe it’s just this location whatever it is I will not be going back to this location. Wasted my $11.99 please hire another baker at this location because you’re losing business.

Kiaa Anderson

Donuts were delicious. Love the dough. With the first bite, I always have to close my eyes to take in the full experience. They always taste so fresh. The lady that helped us was quite welcoming and friendly. Thanks for breakfast! P.S. (Always warm your donut for approximately *8* seconds to get it to the perfect, warm out of the oven, temperature, then indulge).

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