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Fresh Donuts

Address: 2418 N Marks Ave, Fresno, CA 93722

Phone: (559) 266-3506

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does Fresh Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 3PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 2PM

Monday,: 5AM to 3PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 3PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 3PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 3PM

Friday,: 5AM to 3PM

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Fresh Donuts Reviews

Zainab Asim Sikander

Yummy donuts the service was fast and the donuts are fresh, the shop always looks clean. I paid twenty-two dollars for two dozen donuts, which isn’t bad because in Clovis you pay twenty-eight dollars for two dozen, all my employees enjoy there morning treat. I would definitely recommend this place to others.

Kemmy Kent

This is my favorite donut shop. Its close to home, they are super friendly, and the donuts are always fresh. They also have a good traditional selection. Oh and they serve boba!!

Elisa Gomez

Our place for donuts! Today I took my son after school for a treat…he got 100 percent on a test. They had just closed at 3. 🙁 As we went to get back in the car the lady unlocked the door and said please come in. Even after telling her it was okay. She insisted. She was so sweet to my son. He told her about his test. She gave him a high five and told him that was good! Then put some extra donut holes in his bag. Definitely made our day! What Kindness!

Old Harley

Great Donuts. Great Service. Family run and I love them all in there. They never fail to ask how this old man is doing and always friendly to me and everyone else I see that goes in there.
They’ve worked hard to establish this business and I will continue to support them.

Gabrielle De Leon

Hands down the best homemade, family-run, donut shop in Fresno! My mom and I have been coming here for every occasion for years—from birthdays at school, to work meetings, to stopping by on a random Tuesday for some goodies. Always greeted with a friendly smile and a hello from whoever is working the counter (usually the daughter) but we are always greeted in the same friendly, professional manner no matter who’s working the front. Prices for donuts are ALL listed, so never any indescrepencies there, as other posts might suggest! They’re also open 7 days a week starting at 4am, so no work excuses haha over all I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Fresh Donuts for any occasion you may be celebrating, even if just another Tuesday 🙂 (donuts, croissants, coffees/cappuccinos, boba, and smoothies)
P.s. our favorites are Maple glazed and Apple Fritters!

Stacey H

The donuts are ALWAYS FRESH! The customer service is always awesome weather it be the kids or Mom. They are very cheap in price also! They have a lot to choose from. Go give them a try, u’ll love it! 😀

Christy Gojara

They opened the store for me on a Sunday an hour after they had already closed. Gave me a GREAT deal & some free donuts. Definitely the ONLY place I’ll be going for donuts in Fresno

Michael Wall

My favorite donut shop in town. The girl there remembers all the customers and really makes it an even more pleasant experience. Plus they are the nest donuts in town and the prices are great.

Chloe Martinez

They do have good donuts if you come between 3am – 8am. However after that if husband from back that makes the amazing donuts is extremely unprofessional, unfortunately. Reason why I say that is because he will over charge just doing to him not knowing(supposedly was my explanation from the fully english daughter….obviously covering for her father. Mind you I’m from what others have said knowing me for years to wks- I’m so easy going its insane.) Plus he is just straight up RUDE; now outta my world wide travels I understand different type of cultures. Annnnywho what came upon this review was the actual rudeness I’d never recieved from the daughter. Her mother had personally opened up something personal. About how she had fake teeth but happen to go to her home country to get the procedure done; which wass permanent(not dentures). Now me being ‘gummy’ I am trying my hardest and soo soon to get my permanent replaced with hopefully being bleesed by higher power to bless me sooner than later. So the biggest thing about this review is even if no one as far as customers not being around when trying to ask a question; I’ve been in some type of higher much higher then a donut shop- lets just say I know better then to interrupt customer service of any kind. They would still go to the back every single person and say they were busy. I used to come here to this exact location every morning- never did i ever get the cold shoulder until i told them some professional critical criticism.
I took a few pictures of some amazing things that they do offer, i.e. donuts, boba drinks and a small percent thats getting worse by the day. To each their own; hope n pray you’ll have a better experience then I’ve been getting the last at least 5 times I’ve been here. Bless y’all; them especially.

Steve Lehn

Love their doughnuts, it’s just the people sick i guess. It’s 5:30am and my bike has a flat. Am/pm compressor is broken. And i have 4 quarters and about 43 cent in chsnge. I need 6 quarters fot the compressor. Oh and i havr a $100 bill also. So they won’t change the $100. Ok so can i but a doughnut with my debit card and just put an extra fifty cents on it. Nope and you give me the 50 cents, nope they wont. Do that either.

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