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Foster’s Donuts

Address: 758 Tennessee St, Redlands, CA 92374

Phone: (909) 792-7206

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.1


What Time Does Foster’s Donuts Open?

Saturday,: Open 24 hours

Sunday,: Open 24 hours

Monday,: Open 24 hours

Tuesday,: Open 24 hours

Wednesday,: Open 24 hours

Thursday,: Open 24 hours

Friday,: Open 24 hours

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Foster’s Donuts Reviews

Kelly H

Been coming here for years! Great mom and pop run donut shop. They make their donuts fresh every day and they’re open 24 hours. My favorite is the plain old fashioned – really crispy outside but moist and soft on the inside They’re also a deal at $1.25 (what else can you get for that price these days?) and they’re and huge too!

Highly recommend this spot if you’re in need of a quick bite (they have huge ham and cheese croissants for your lunch needs) or late night munchies!


Visited for the first time recently and was very pleased. I had visited a few of the many many bakeries in this area on this day trying to find any place that actually had fresh donuts with no luck. This was the last place I stopped at and I was beyond pleased. The selection was fabulous! They were fresh and delicious! The young and who was working was very helpful and knowledgeable. Will definitely be back.

Jackie De La Rosa – Vallejo

WARNING: The donuts here are HEAVENLY…. SO SO so good….you won’t eat just one!!!
OH MY GOD!!! This place is heaven on earth. Last night was our first visit. I can’t get over it! I had NEVER heard of a donut shop that puts reg. glaze AND chocolate glaze on the same donut!!! I HAD TO TRY IT!!! I caught myself making noise with every bite! I was making love to a donut!! My son was fascinated when he saw the GIANT sized donuts. It took 4 of us to help him finish it. The place is very clean and their customer service is outstanding. The donuts are fresh, inexpensive and DELICIOUS!!! I am going to put on some pounds! This will be our new go-to donut shop. TY.

Dion Malm

Fosters donuts in Redlands really has excellent donuts. Their always fresh as can be. The donuts are big. And soft. The people who work there are super nice and friendly. And there open 24 hrs a day. Nice. I’ll definitely be coming back. At any time too. Lol get it.?

Jasmine Burton

Usually I have a great experience when helped to pick my donuts by the young man that works the late overnight shift, but today there was an older lady (Asian lady to be specific) who was giving a mean stare when me and my family walked in around 11pm. We said hello and asked how she was and she barely said Hi. She shoved our first couple maple bars towards us that my husband asked for and giving the benefit of the doubt, I went on to ask for an old fashioned maple donut that was particularly fatter than the 2 others from the middle (out of 3 total because there was a small selection when there are usually plenty. Maybe it was just the night) and she refused to give me the one I asked for. She said, “I already gave you the other one”. AFTER I had asked for the middle one in the first place. Usually its not a big deal when you ask for a particular item. But when I repeated asking for the other one she aggressively threw the other one back into the display, then grabbed it and shoved it in the bag and throw it on the counter. We simply said no thanks because we didn’t appreciate her energy. We should have read the room with her energy in her eyes looking hateful from the start. Ive worked graveyard shifts and it doesnt cause me to be mean to random strangers. We were having a jolly night and were ending it with treats, so for her attitude and messing up our energy briefly, I’d give ZERO stars, but thats not an option. We went to Yum Yums Donuts down the street instead. Ill probably not be coming back, which this lady would probably appreciate seeing how she’s mean and hateful and didnt appreciate that its people like us who help her stay with an income since donuts add up. Anyway, im curious if she only treats particular customers foul or if she was having a bad night. Hard for me to believe that she’d be able to lady long if she’s like that on a consistent basis.

julie o Alvarez

I dont come here often just because they stay open does not mean they have a variety of donuts I’ve went around 2:00am for a sweet snack and thay had maybe a total of 9 driffent kinds of donuts to choose from. UGH… so I tryed these lil donut holes with with filling and dripped chocolate on them sounds good right I bought 4 and I took one to eat and realized how hard they where i told the guy and he refunded me no problem I got a driffent donut and that one was fresh go figure this place needs is in a grate spot it feels safe but they really need to get it together.

Lo Miles

The donuts are a liiiitle pricey, but they’re excellent quality. The kid that works there is delightful, however the ladies there are absolutely rude, nasty, and very disrespectful. I’d have easily given 5 stars, but she’s so rude, I don’t even want to spend my money there anymore. There donuts are so good, I’ve overlooked it on previous occasions, as she’s not there all the time. But after this evening, I won’t be spending my money there anymore. If you want a good a donut in Redlands, they have that. If you wanna go somewhere where people talk to you crazy but want your money? They’re good for that, too.

Douglas Jaymz

Customer service could be better. Only came here cus it’s down the street. But now I think ordering online would be best elsewhere and they’ll deliver

Jessica Brannon

The donuts are good, but the service is disgusting. There is a nice young man in the afternoon and a man that is there in the morning most times, but the asian woman behind the counter in the morning is God awful! There are too many donut shops around to tolerate a snotty, rude, entitled, attitude have woman. Been in business almost 30 years and still can’t get it together! Find a different shop!

Marissa Celaya

The rudest customer service I have ever experienced came in to try the donuts and asked if they are fresh because hence the 24hrs and the oriental lady and kid start yelling at me and being rude cause of a simple question that was asked this is the 1st and last time coming here so rude

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