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Address: In Sunoco, 550 NW Airoso Blvd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34983, United States

Phone: +1 772-834-2611


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Rating: 4

Website: https://locations.dunkindonuts.com/en/fl/port-saint-lucie/550-nw-airoso-blvd/351492?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=localmaps&utm_content=351492&y_source=1_MTIxMDkwMTQtNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

What Time Does Dunkin’ Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 7PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 7PM

Monday,: 5AM to 7PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 7PM

Friday,: 5AM to 7PM

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Dunkin’ Reviews

L.A. Rankin

I really like this Dunkin’. It’s in a gas station, but it still has seating. The service was outstanding. The clerk was new, so he wasn’t sure how to reload a card, but he figured it out and engaged in pleasant conversation while he did so. Outstanding customer service. My iced tea was very good. Great selection of cups.


To the young man around 10:50 am working the sandwich/ hot items: YOU ARE the BEST. I really appreciate you. My bacon sandwich came out hot and delicious, the bacon perfect and my hash browns were crispy and delicious!! You even included ketchup and napkins for me. I can’t thank you enough for your meticulousness and care in preparing my breakfast. I have never had a better experience. You are the best and I hope you get the recognition you deserve! I know this sounds so extra but it’s so rare to meet people who care about what they’re doing and I’m just happy! You made my day!

Tena Hatton

This restuarant crew is very unprofessional , unfriendly dont dare ask a question to managment you will get your head cut off. They have no customer courtesy, I will not be coming to this store to spend my money . This store need customer service training. ASAP ! you are the first people see in the morning, to ruin the rest of their day.

Mary Carbaugh

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Dunkin. This is my go to place almost daily!! Nadia always takes care of me and she is super friendly. She is training some new staff but honestly she’s the best!!!!

Renee Stokes

This Duncan donut has poor management. The manager and her daughter whose the assistant manager has no professionalism, poor service!

Richard Halsey

Got six donuts from this location; fresh and proper amount of toppings/glaze. Carlos, the representative at the register was friendly, courteous and personable. Speed of service… Outstanding! He helped me with my selection and even suggested one of his favorite donuts. Treated me like a valued customer and was very polite. Area clean and we’ll organized.
Also with the way the world is nowadays sometimes we have to patiently wait for our order. If employees do not show up for work it puts pressure on the ones that do. DO NOT take it out on the ones that are trying their best! We must also understand that things will not be made exactly to our tastes especially coffees. It takes time as well as proper communication to explain how we would like things. Do not just assume!

What goes around; comes around!!!


What’s the point in putting in a mobile order if I still have to wait 10-15 mins once I get there. People will constantly come in after me and leave before me, like they ignore the mobile orders. Also once the mobile orders are up they keep them on the other side of the box so you can’t reach them, so then you have to wait to get someone’s attention just to get your order. This isn’t just a one time thing either it is every time I go to this location. This location is absolutely the worst location I’ve been to. I try to avoid this location as much as possible but sometimes I have to go to this one and I dread it every time.

Theo Mcbride

Just when I thought I was done with Dunkin I finally found a location that exceeded all expectations. From the staff to the cleanliness it was a true pleasure to visit this Dunkin. I’ve had 3 visits and both the coffee and food was phenomenal and fresh. The store is always immaculate and the staff is on point. I have now gone 10 min out of my way just to go to this particular location and will continue to do so. Whoever owns this store has a great team and a great manager. Keep it up!!

TOPflight TV Family Channel

Kayla was personable. She displayed great customer service. There wasn’t a long wait and they also provide curbside pickup.
Cute Valentines Day Donuts.

Bomb Schell

Bro, I would like to go to this Dunkin and order my food and actually get it at the window. They have you pull forward and wait by the curb for your food. It’s fast food, the reason why I am here and not at home cooking is because I wanted it fast. At no point did I mention that I wanted to wait. I have been to this location multiple times and every time it’s the same thing. It was not busy when I ordered, yet I still had to pull up & wait. When I walked inside to get a refund for my order there were about 5 employees inside. You guys have all these people inside yet I still have to wait 5+ minutes for my order, outside in the hot sun, unacceptable. The only plus about this location is that the staff is nice.

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