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Donut Worry Coffee & Smoothies

Address: 9115 E Baseline Rd #107, Mesa, AZ 85209

Phone: (480) 621-6600

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Donut Worry Coffee & Smoothies Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 2PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 2PM

Monday,: 5AM to 2PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 2PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 2PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 2PM

Friday,: 5AM to 2PM

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Stopped in to grab a quick breakfast sandwich and a donut. The donuts were pretty good. The breakfast bagel wasn’t the greatest. I thought they would atleast fry the egg fresh. Not the case here. They only put one slice of ham. I’m not a fan of my food being heated in the microwave if I’m eating out somewhere.


It’s not too crowded if you go later in the day. I only saw one employee there working the register/ cooking. She was very welcoming.
The amount of variety for the donuts was about medium- not as limited as a gas station but not as diverse as some other places. The nice thing is they do have malasadas (Hawaiian donuts) — but note- they only serve them on Saturdays after 7 am.
As for flavor of the donuts, they were pretty fluffy and if you have a sweet tooth- you won’t be disappointed. They are generous with the frosting and sprinkles. Regarding the coffee, it’s just the kind you brew at home if you get the hot coffee and the small is pretty small… but the prices were reasonable as well.
Overall decent experience! 🙂

Alex Nieves Jr

Not your average glazed donut this is definitely top 5 donuts in Arizona. Very friendly place and staff. Owner treats everyone with respect and is down to earth. Very very very great place to grab anything for breakfast and lunch. Top five

Leanna B

Stopped in after picking up my eyeglasses next door at Nationwide Vision. Took home a half dozen donuts and a cappuccino for the HuzBen. My first thought after picking up my Boston Cream donut was, “Good God! This thing weights a pound.” Well, it didn’t actually weigh a pound but easily the beefiest donut in recent memory. Probably 4.5 ozs. Their donuts are the size that famous chain donuts made in the ’80s before everything got smaller and pricier. These tasted fantastic. HuzBen loved his coffee and raved about his buttermilk fritter. Coincidentally, I know someone who used to work here. I messaged that person and confirmed that yes, these are made on site every morning. They are hands down better than any of the 3 national chain donuts places in the Valley. HuzBen just requested we get donuts from here next month for his birthday instead of his usual cake or pie. Do you really need anymore praise than that? (Donut on scale in photo did weigh slightly less than the first donut I ate)

Kenneth Knight640

Great selection on the menu from breakfast sandwiches all the way to the donuts. The dining area was very clean and the staff is very friendly. Definitely going to tell everyone I know to go here instead any other donut place. Best thing are the prices, everything has a great price.

Aaron Blackburn

Great donut shop with strange hours. I have driven by several times and they haven’t been open. I like donuts all day long and they don’t. LOL But the donuts are great and they have lots of other stuff to eat, so I would recommend checking it out (mornings only).

scott mccracken

Their donuts are delicious, but to run out by 930 am and for the gal to say it’s almost the end of the day for us is not ran right. Gave us the wrong donut and processed to say it’s the same one. It’s not. I use to love this place, but I will go to one that is less rude and ran right

Taryn Sims

Two words: Buttermilk Donut. If you try any donut here, make sure it’s that one! I’m not a “fancy” donut person – I don’t like chocolate or sprinkles or jelly filling. But if you can master a simple buttermilk donut or a sour cream old fashion? I will be sure to eat three with my next cup of coffee!

With that being said, my husband LOVES their pink frosting + sprinkles donuts. I don’t particularly love their old fashions (the taste a little citrus-y to me? Almost like they have orange zest or even a little ginger added to them) but their buttermilk donuts are perfection! They have become my first donut choice in the area.

** The hours are kind of weird, and they tend to be closed on holidays, so make sure you have a back up in place if you’re wanting a donut in the afternoon or on a holiday.

Amber Moncrief

By far the best donut place I’ve been too. The donuts are always soft and fresh. Their vanilla filling is the best and they never skimp on filling the donuts up. I even received a 14″ tiger tail once, this place is a donut dream, I can’t get enough.

Tera Combs

Okay so I know they are a donut shop but holy Toledo! I just had their Thai iced tea with boba and it was AMAZING. I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant! They were patient as it was my first time there! You guys are amazing and I will definitely be back!

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