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Donut King

Address: 3304 E University Ave, Des Moines, IA 50317

Phone: (515) 255-1125

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Donut King Open?

Saturday,: 6 to 11AM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: 6 to 11AM

Thursday,: 6 to 11AM

Friday,: 6 to 11AM

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Donut King Reviews

Sarah Streeter

GREAT DONUTS…but they sell out fast and early and the selection is limited. I am not sure why they wouldn’t change the amount they make due to demand but it is clearly not a concern to them. I was told to call and place an order early and she said they will hold them for me. I have called early and placed an order 3x now and every time I show up to pick it up after driving 30 minutes, I get told that they sold everything. No apology, and they clearly do not care. This has happened 3x and if you are going to tell someone to place an order, then don’t sell it out from under them. We will not be back here, found out Highland Park Bakery has the same donut, white powder w/filling, and they have plenty of inventory, better hours, and my orders are held for me. Not a good way to keep loyal customers! Sorry Donut King but u have been replaced.

Howie Joseph (espressoman)

You can’t beat 13 donuts for $10 but so glad they are back just wish there were more and closer

Maureen Backstrom

Delicious homemade doughnuts made by Lou King. We grew up together. Opens at 6am but get there early because they usually sell out. We were there at 9am and only a few were left. Very popular because they are really good!

Rob Price

Donut King has quite possibly the best donuts in town. They are exceptionally soft and fresh. Often when you buy donuts from a chain, they have that almost hard or worn out feel to the dough. These are about perfect. We travel 25 minutes each way just to get a tasty Donut King original. Their old-style feel in the shop is quite cozy. From the cash register with the large pop-up numbers to the bar stool seating for the coffee crowd, it’s a hit! The traffic here in the morning is non-stop. Do remember to bring cash. On Fridays and Saturdays they do their famous caramel rolls that are almost always gone before 7:30. If you’re lucky enough to get one, you’ll see why.

Drew Larson

Got two dozen before a soccer tournament, they were a hit. The raised glazed donuts meet in your mouth. The kids loved the powdered sugar, evidence in the photo. We will definitely stop whenever we are on the east side. Just be aware, there is limited parking but the wait is worth it.

Nick Costanzo

Excellent donuts and happy that Lou is back from retirement. Not unexpected, but the place was swamped with customers at 7am on a Wed. They have to work out the kinks in their system, they didn’t have any chocolate longjohns ready. Donuts were fresh and tasty. I’d wait a couple months though until the fervor dies down. Welcome back Lou!

Maureen Backstrom

Donut King is run by Lou King, a childhood friend. I am thrilled he opened a place closer to us on the east side. His hand-made donuts are done on premises every day, but the store is closed on Mondays. The donuts taste scrumptious; they taste different than any donuts I’ve ever had which is good compared to the lightweights available elsewhere. Comparatively speaking, these donuts are the KING of all donuts around. Go early as the store opens early and closes by noon, and he often sells out. Donuts are also available at Bauders Drugstore on Ingersoll.

seth harjes

This business is closed. Have come twice when it says it’s open and it isn’t. Saturday at 8 AM.

Angie Ramos

Just had my first donut… and then I bought a dozen. My goodness, the flavors, the freshness…mouth popping deliciousness
A must try and forget all other donut places.

Angela Rauch

The best donuts I’ve had yet. You can tell they’re fresh and without a bunch of chemical ingredients/shelf stabilizers like some area grocery chains. Fluffy and crisp cake donuts that melt in your mouth.

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