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Mimi Hsu

Found them through their social media page to see where they were going to be parked in the upcoming week. I was searching for gluten free donuts in the area and this was one of the top search items. Their entire kitchen is gluten free (yes!!) order a few donuts (Oreo type, strawberry and crème and a blueberry CBD one – special for the event we were at). Everything was so yummy and light. Didn’t feel heavy or cakey. The flavors were the perfect amount. I would definitely come back to their truck the next time I see it !

Steph R

Definitely a must try even if you aren’t gluten free. Super nice staff super clean and decent prices given it’s gluten free. This is a no frills kind of thing so the flavors are limited but the ones they have are great. On a side note you can tell these are a little bit different from a normal donut but still taste really good

Bruce Williams

Donuts were amazing. Wife and I both tried the Strawberries and Cream and we loved them. The donuts come with 3 mini donuts, powder sugar, vanilla whipped cream, and fresh strawberries. Donuts had a little crispy-ness to them and soft inside. Will definitely go again if we are near them.

Warren Faulkner

Big fans, luv the donuts . Chocolate salty, American pie and Big red. Love seeing you guys @ ACBC.

Nasha Snipes

This is what I needed in my life. I had the chocolate covered salty. They were light cake doughnuts with just the right chocolate to salt ratio. I will be back!

Maks Gomez

So good! What a treat to find a truck where we can eat everything–even the coffee drinks! Truly a gem for those with Celiac!

Parsons Parsons

The donuts are incredible – what can I say. The perfect snack for a great price!

Megan Hutchens

FINALLY NO GF CAKE DOUGHNUTS. These are actually fried and taste delicious. The thing I miss most about eating gf are doughnuts! They definitely hit the spot.

I’m not sure why people are complaining about the price. It’s not abnormal for gf food to be more expensive and for me its worth the experience. We had 5 plates of doughnuts and two coffees for $29 which is fair in my opinion for breakfast, and we had some left over.

Michelle Yorick

Simply amazing!! I have not had a donut in years because as someone with celiac disease, you usually can’t find a gluten free donut that tastes good.

These were amazing!! We ordered different options and shared as a family. Not one flavor was disappointing! They reminded us of a good funnel cake.

The owners were super nice and helpful! Great experience. Highly recommend them!!

Danielle Roberts

Overpriced. Owner was nice. Order comes with 3 mini donuts. We had 2 orders, cinnamon sugar and chocolate drizzle plus a small hot chocolate. $12
Honestly, we could have gotten a dozen DD’s or even half dozen specialty donuts for less.
Donuts were dry. They kept breaking apart when you stuck the provided mini fork in it. Cute concept. Make the price cute too please.

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