CANIFA clothing store in Big C Thang Long in Hanoi (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

CANIFA clothing store in Big C Thang Long

Address: Shop 03&04, TTTM BigC, 222 Trần Duy Hưng, Trung Hoà, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội 11313

Phone: 024 6658 2992

Price: ₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does CANIFA clothing store in Big C Thang Long Open?

Sunday,: 8AM to 10:30PM

Monday,: 8AM to 10PM

Tuesday,: 8AM to 10PM

Wednesday,: 8AM to 10PM

Thursday,: 8AM to 10PM

Friday,: 8AM to 10:30PM

Saturday,: 8AM to 10:30PM

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CANIFA clothing store in Big C Thang Long Reviews

Unhappy Customer

[edit March 20, 2020] security locker situation has not improved. No lockers available, many appear to be broken. The one CCTV camera is not pointed at the tables/shelves where belongings are tagged. I really needed to use the lockers so I could shop. Due to the continuance of questionable security, I chose to leave instead of shopping. This is the second time I’ve had to walk away [end edit] Be careful at storage lockers. Today my husband and I were going to leave our shopping bag & satchel in a locker at Big C customer service counter. The clerk placed our belongings into the locker, but DID NOT lock the door!! We called attention to this. The clerk easily opened the door without the key. Instead of correcting the problem by locking the door properly, she then proceeded to take our belongings and put a tag on them, with the intention of leaving the out in the open with nothing but a tag on the bags. This is unacceptable. We immediately took our bags back and left. We will shop at another place. Be cautious leaving belongings at this “safe storage locker”

kishore kumar

All in one shop at vietnam.. specifically I like the dresses collection. Must visit place

Hamed Zivari

Smaller than other branches and lack of varieties
Something is really strange about Canifa, when they finish a product, you must wait days they replace it
Lack of management

KATA Studio Nguyen

The most popular supper market near JW Marriott Ha Noi hotel

Elsie C

Super big place for us to buy souvenirs. But the price of restaurants food is a bit expensive than the shop near 還劍湖.


Large supermarket in a good District. Quite busy and well maintained. Can buy flowers from Dalat Hasfarm here!

Aisle-n Feigth

One of the biggest BIG C Supermarket we’ve been to.


This Big C is literally BIG. It is located on the second floor and it has the electric flat stairs where you can bring your shopping cart up or downstairs. The first floor has a lot of small local businesses ( clothing and accessories mainly) and limited food options( mainly hot pots, no Western food). Big C supermarket is located on the second floor, where you can find home appliances ( refrigerators, rice cookers, ovens, blenders, etc), toys for kids, fruits, vegetales, snacks, dairies, nuts, seafood, pans, pots, clothing and they also have their own food Court with some tables, and a good selection of bread and pastries. Everything at reasonable prices. There is plenty of parking space outside for cars and motorcycles.

Jay Jay

Good place for shopping what ever you need. Also good places to eat.

Yen Dua Hai

This place offers everything in reasonable price. But not suitable for a quick shopping

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