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Lola’s Donuts

Address: 2406 Manor Rd Suite B, Austin, TX 78722



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Rating: 4.1


What Time Does Lola’s Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 1PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 1PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: Closed

Thursday,: Closed

Friday,: 7AM to 12PM

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Ok now!! This is a tiny counter- togo spot for donut! Only only 3days from 8am to 1pm .. and they sell out pretty fast! Floral arrangement is the only pretty thing over there! Good for pictures but there are better donuts out there … I definitely like their Cadbury brioche donut for sure but not nutter butter. They only had 4 or 5 donuts left ..

Jake Hewitt

Lola’s Donuts is a must visit in Austin. Get there early or the popular ones will be gone. I got there on Saturday around 10 and there were just two left, of course I had to get both, my favorite being the butterfinger. It was so good! Definitely the spot for the Gram with the floral backdrop. I’ll be back to try more flavors!!

Kellye Kosanda

Worth it for the Orange Spice Cruller on its own! (Pictured on left in my photo.) Get. This. Donut!

We got four donuts total: Two vegan donuts (Peaches and Créme and Chocolate Obsession), the Orange Spice Cruller, and the Rainbow Pride (brioche base.)

If you’re grabbing vegan donuts, I’d recommend against ordering ones with fruit. The flavor profile of Peaches and Créme is delicious, but the peach filling caused the already-fairly-doughy vegan donut base to be mushier than I would have preferred. The Chocolate Obsession was understandably not as doughy. Both tasted delicious; I just prefer a drier donut.

The Rainbow Pride was such a fun donut to receive. (Right donut in the picture.) Loved the decoration. The brioche base was good. If you like a brioche base, you can’t go wrong with this donut or other donuts on brioche.

Get one of the crullers, though. Seriously.

Christine B

This is the first Donut shop that I’ve been to where the donuts are only good the day of. I’ve purchased from here multiple times and recently tried to save donuts till the next day and y’all…absolute garbage. I mean, edible garbage but still. The donuts become stale within 24 hours. Serious disappointment.

And their crullers are sorta soggy inside. Not sure how to explain it. The only good donuts there are the snickers/peanut butter one and the fritter. The rest, pass – either too dry or the icing is bitter.

Caegan Allen

Just ok. The brioche dough would be good if they served the donuts warm. I was literally the first customer of the morning and both donuts I got were cold. Their “glazed” donut is more of a iced donut, or even close to a frosting; much thicker than a glaze and is more of a vanilla frosting than a regular sugar glaze. Overall I was disappointed in both donuts I got. I don’t understand serving cold donuts, it dulls the flavor.

Becca Ewing

I love this place so much! The donuts are the best in town, creative flavors that change monthly and so much variety. On top of the incredible donuts, the team there is so kind!

Hope Rovner

Wanted to love, but my cream-filled maple bacon donut was clearly underbaked. The middle was very doughy around the cream. The outsides still tasted great, but it’s a shame to pay gourmet donut prices and only be able to eat the outside of the donut.

Regina E.

Unique and fun flavors! Soft, fluffy and chewy dough. Not too sweet and kinda old fashioned tasting. Also got to try a jelly filled with a unique cranberry filling. The filling and the dough together made it a great combination. Hope they introduce gluten-free donuts soon so my husband and I can stop by more often!

Taylor Smith

Some of the better donuts I’ve had tbh. Plain Jane vanilla glazed actually tastes like vanilla, the tiramisu is insane. Unfortunately didn’t get a cruller, will be updating this once I do.

Whitney Roberts

Place is super cute, staff is very friendly, and the regular donuts are great! The 3-stars are more for the gluten-free donuts, which were super dense and heavy and had that faint metallic aftertaste to it.

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