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Bright Spot Donuts

Address: 1501 Sunrise Ave suite 180, Raleigh, NC 27608



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Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Bright Spot Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 1PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 1PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: 7AM to 1PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 1PM

Friday,: 7AM to 1PM

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Bright Spot Donuts Reviews

Mikey B

So happy that they opened. Congrats to them.

I want to love this place, but $24 for 6 donuts and 2 milks is a bit pricey to me. My friend went, got a dozen and two coffees and it was $50. $50 for coffee and donuts is way high.

The pic of the chocolate donuts wrapped up with all the chocolate frosting off is, in my books, not acceptable. And I don’t even live that far away from where Bright Spot donuts is.

It’s a cute spot. I know they are working out their kinks, so I completely understand but it’s % reasonable to want my frosting on the donut when I get home.

They have coffee drinks too. I look forward to making a return again soon.

Not a friendly spot for gluten or dairy allergies, in case someone was wondering. They never said they were, but I know that ppl want to know if they are, I would.

Overall, not impressed. Too expensive.

Justin Davis

After going in with high expectations, I think Bright Spot’s donuts are pretty good, but I left a little disappointed.
We ordered the Original Glaze, Sourwood Honey, and the Sugar+Spice(Coriander). All were pretty solid, and had good flavor, although the coriander in the Sugar+Spice was too subtle to taste, making it taste like just a sugar donut. Their iced coffee, which was from Black+White, was perfect though.
Overall, I understand the goal of their donuts and I think they achieved that goal, but they are way too airy and light for my tastes to be at their current price point. I do want to come back to try a filled donut and their savory options.
However, I definitely recommend everyone go and try them out at least once because the service was great and their style of donut might be the perfect style for your tastes!

(Menu pictured was from a few weeks ago.)

Amanda Citron Holder

A++++ service, pretty OK donuts. They are fluffy (not dense), closer to a DD aftertaste. I’d go again to try their coffee and while there grab a couple of donuts, but not every weekend. Husband said the chocolate topping one was their best, I liked the cinnamon sugar one. Outdoor space was nice with a good amount of seating, super close to the train tracks which was cool.

Samantha Martin

This place is top notch. Location is perfectly set, donuts and customer service was on point. Worth every penny. It’s exactly the type of yeast donut this area needed. I highly recommend you try them each; a few times. Or maybe don’t so I can eat them all.

Linda Robinson

Absolutely fabulous donuts and service! The regular glazed are the just- right combination of dense and fluffy. The iced coffee is delicious! Perfect start for a Saturday morning, and the umbrella picnic tables allowed us to sit outside and feel cool in spite of the heat. Felt like we’d really BEEN somewhere!


Wow. Good, tasty donuts and treats. Not cheap but really good (although they focus on raised donuts and don’t have cake donuts). Cut through the hipster vibe and you’ll find great coffee and supple, amazingly soft donuts. The NC version of NY’s Donut Plant.

Bad Moon Rising

$4 for a “small” filled donut! Way to much $$$!
The filling wasn’t real blueberries it was like a custard blueberry. Overall taste ok not worth coming back for! Great location and outdoor seating, bring your own coffee and DD donuts to sit near the tracks at a fraction of the cost.

Matt Baldwin

This is my new favorite donut in raleigh. The filled donuts were okayish, the star of the show is the regular glazed and the cinnamon sugar.

I’m also looking forward to the sandwich offerings in the future.

I also have to mention that their customer service is top notch. There was a bit of a snafu in the timing of my order and some of the donuts were not available. Not only did they correct it, they didn’t charge me for the donuts. I love it when a place goes above and beyond like that!

Needless to say, we are team bright spot in my house now!

Mellisa Makos Jerzak

After months of drooling on Instagram I was finally in 5 points when they were open and was not disappointed. Good drip coffee and an amazing donut for under $5

Emily Kim

I really liked the donut! It was fluffy and great! I ordered through online and they gave me wrong order, but it was pretty solid! I wish it would be less salty next time. Coffee was okay too!

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