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Beignet Done That In Baton Rouge

Address: 14241 Coursey Blvd b1, Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Phone: (225) 960-2255


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Rating: 4.4


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Saturday,: 6AM to 8PM

Sunday,: 6AM to 8PM

Monday,: 6AM to 8PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 8PM

Friday,: 6AM to 8PM

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Beignet Done That In Baton Rouge Reviews

Elizabeth Moore

I had the pleasure of going to Beignet Done That in Baton Rouge on Friday, September 30, 2022, around lunch time. Every time I am in this area, I HAVE to go to this fabulous shop! No trip is complete without coming here. I ordered- to go- two flights (I special ordered all dipping sauces), Biscuits & gravy, small vanilla milkshake, & a Hot Café Au Lait. Please don’t go to this shop without at least getting a Beignet. They are fabulous, piping hot, soft & pillowy, with mounds of powdered sugar.

Y’all, I didn’t think you could improve upon the perfection of their Beignets alone, but then I met their sauces. BOOM! You can tell a lot of work was put into their sauce creations. Staff was kind to label each sauce container for me. Sauces include, *drum roll* – white chocolate, seasonal flavor pumpkin spice *insert drool here*, chocolate, strawberry, Raspberry, caramel, honey, blueberry, & matcha.

For your traditional favorite dipping choices, you can’t go wrong with the white chocolate, caramel, honey, & chocolate. White chocolate sauce was creamy & smooth. One of my favorite smelling sauces was the strawberry one, & it really tasted like a strawberry shortcake.

All of the dipping sauces were fabulous, but the ones that stood out the most to me because of their unique magnificence were definitely the pumpkin spice & Matcha. The pumpkin spice is absolutely superb, the smell out of this world, has a lovely taste of cinnamon, is perfectly spiced… Regarding their gem of the Macha sauce- I wish I could give all readers a virtual sample through this review- it was perfect! I was initially reluctant to try the Matcha sauce as I’m often not fond of matcha/green tea flavor being too strong. But I read review after review raving about the Matcha sauce, I became curious. How they managed to get that perfect green tea twang with creamy sweetness remains a mystery to me. Ever have those “OMG” moments with food & that moment where it is like a chorus of angels is singing in the background? I had multiple of those while sampling!

They even have milkshakes, & I was thrilled! The vanilla milkshake was very good. As for the Biscuits & gravy, I thank the staff that I did not have to request to please put the gravy on the side as I am in my car & didn’t want it to spill. Biscuits were moist, warm, soft but not chewy (thank you), nice & fluffy. Café Au Lait was hot & had a nice & strong flavor.

The interior of the shop is warm & inviting with tables & sofas. The décor is friendly. The location is perfect & easy to find with GPS. Y’all, if only I lived here locally- I could have an excuse to do my weekly Walmart battles & reward myself at the end of my struggle with piping hot beignets every week! Plenty of public parking is available. As always, service was fast, friendly, & professional. Every time I go, I am constantly amazed how the staff go beyond the beyond to give their customers the absolutely best service possible. I always feel like a queen!

I love I didn’t have to ask for extra powdered sugar, as staff are so kind to include it In one of my pictures, you will note a drink holder. Usually, I would have to order at least 3 drinks to get that at other shops, but the staff at Beignet Done That in Baton Rouge was so kind to give it to me for only two drinks. Yet again, I didn’t have to ask for it. So, without asking, I got extra powder sugar containers, excellent service, a drink holder, biscuit gravy put in a sealed container, labeling of all the dipping sauces, etc. A+ staff. A+ experience. Isn’t the name of the shop perfectly witty? Please forgive some of the photos I took as I was so enjoying sampling my wares I ate too slow & some of the sugar on the beignets had time to melt, lol. For those of us like myself with small bladders, the shop has a lovely & clean single unisex bathroom stall. I love the food, the location, the icon, the friendly staff, the great pricing. This was a fabulous experience, & I can’t wait to come back!!!!

Joy Griffith

Beignet Done That in Baton Rouge is a coffee shop that has a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere. The shop was clean, and this was the perfect place to relax with both tables and sofas to choose to relax on.

Today, I wanted a variety of treats to sample, so I got the hot White Mocha Latte, the Avocado Toast, the Finger beignets, and a large order of Beignets. I could write a novel alone about the beignets- they were perfectly hot, fluffy, and I was in perfect sugar paradise! The delicious and mouthwatering beignets I had were better than a lot of the beignet shops I heard about in New Orleans (For example, the Beignets I got today were better than any I ever had at any Café Beignets, Cafe Du Monde, and several other popular beignet chains that are considered to be famous in the New Orleans area). I thought the Beignets from Beignet Done That in Baton Rouge were far superb to any other I had ever had. Everything I had was hot, fresh, and delicious- I have no complaints. Beignet from Beignet Done That in Baton Rouge’s Avocado Toast was a luscious delight- yummy with the crispiness of the toast. The smell of the beignets, that is a treat by itself! The bathroom was nice and clean, too.

The location of Beignet Done That in Baton Rouge couldn’t be better as it is right beside Walmart. What a great place to go after doing some grocery shopping next-door! You don’t have to worry about parking as there is plenty of it publicly. It was easy to find, and GPS took me right to it. Staff was very friendly and professional. I can’t wait to go back!

Isaias Gomez

Tried this new place and the beignets were delicious! Had iced matcha to go along with it and was also tasty. The place seemed clean and quiet. They had 2 set of sofas to enjoy your drinks or simply hangout with your friends.

Chase Mayers

Extremely high quality beignets that are like little pillows with a perfect balance of crispy crust and soft insides. The sauces add a lot (the matcha is awesome). Service was friendly and excellent! So glad we happened by this place while back in town, it’s really special! It’s been a decade since I lived in Louisiana, but I still remember good vs. bad beignets and these are way on the good side.

Mark B.

Listen, it’s my first time trying this product and they really tasted good. I’m sitting at the store right this minute. My Mocha was ok. Coffee tastes great but needed more Chocolate to make it a Mocha. But that’s not my main concern. Although the decor is nice… the silence in the store is ….well too quiet. Maybe consider playing some tasteful music to break up the extreme silence? I’m giving 5 stars this time. After all its just my opinion. Maybe other people like the absolute silence. I don’t.

Courtney Price

The beignets were tasty and the matcha sauce was particularly good.

Imani Coleman

Very nicely priced, amazing customer service, and overall a friendly environment with excellent food/drinks!!

Jolie Legendre

The staff is great and really fun to talk to. Really kind people! I also add that the name is very creative! They aren’t like coffee call but I think that makes it more unique! I’ll definitely be coming here more in the future.

Camille Hardee

Great coffee! A full selection of different espresso drinks as well as drip and french press. Milk alternatives are also available. Service was friendly and fast. Definitely will be coming back!

Rhonda Gilbert

Best beignets I’ve ever had, and delicious coffee!!! I’ll be back when I come to town!

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