Angel Donuts and Treats in Austin (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Angel Donuts and Treats

Address: Suite 200 8300, N FM 620 Building A, Austin, TX 78726

Phone: (512) 330-4825

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does Angel Donuts and Treats Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 4PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 4PM

Monday,: 7AM to 4PM

Tuesday,: 7AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: Closed

Thursday,: 7AM to 4PM

Friday,: 7AM to 4PM

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Angel Donuts and Treats Reviews

Paul Cray

Wow! You have to try the mochi donuts. They are so light and complex compared to a regular donut. I highly suggest the lemon or taro flavors. For the regular donuts, it’s hard to mess up when you have a great base donut. The toppings can only work if you have a tasty base for them. This place does a great plain donut and The toppings are great additions. The maple bacon is very good, and the special of the day is very tasty as well. The drip and the espresso coffee is pretty good as well! The macaroons are incredibly tasty. The beignets are also a home run as well. However, The cake balls are a little too dense and overly sweet. I’ll be back to try more!

Lindsey R

We stop here often. Sometimes to take treats home and other times we enjoy there. The majority of the times we have visited have been early in the morning before school. The employees have always been so friendly and welcoming.

They have great gluten-friendly options…which is what brought us here the first time (a couple of us in the family are gluten free) and then we were hooked. There are a few GF donut flavors available. Powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar and chocolate iced. The donuts are pretty good…not a favorite but nice to have GF donut options. Hopefully they’ll end-up having other flavors for these. There is a large variety of non-gluten-friendly donuts available, as well. I’ve never tried any of those but they look really good!

While the donuts aren’t our favorites, their other GF options keep us coming back. The macarons, cake balls and boba teas are our favorite. The macarons are some of the best in Austin. The only GF cake balls options that they have are vanilla and chocolate but they’re really good.

There are GF muffins sometimes, as well. We’ve had the blueberry before. My husband is not GF and he likes the Kolaches. Other non-gluten-friendly treats that I’ve seen are breakfast tacos, beignets, muffins, a large variety of cake balls, brownie bites and cake/dessert jars.

There is a fridge full of bottled drinks. They have New Orleans-style coffee…it has chicory in it, so you’ll want to be a fan of chicory if you order their coffee. They now have oat milk available for a creamer, which I like adding to my coffee. Also on the menu are a variety of hot lattes, iced coffees/lattes, frappes, teas and Italian sodas- we haven’t tried any of those yet!

There are great seating options- indoors and some outdoor seating, as well. In the back, there is a small couch, chairs and coffee table to hang around. There’s a selection of board games that you can play while visiting.

We’ve never had a bad experience here!

Anthony Brower

Wow. Just wow. Most coffee shops/bakeries are all sort of the same. This one stands out! Both my coffee and maple bacon donut was amazing. They had gluten free vegan donuts for my wife that were so soft. Which is awesome because usually gluten free vegan donuts can be rough. Prices are super cheap for in what my opinion is gourmet bakery foods. Love it.

Randala Hamdan

We have been waiting for a place close by that has it all!! And we found it! We got some doughnuts, kolaches, cake pops, and bubble tea. Everything was great! My LO loved the taro coconut bubble tea. Hope it is here to stay!

Hope Scott

Very friendly helpful staff. The gluten-free cake balls were amazing! My son and I tried one of each of the gf donuts. We did not like the taste of the chocolate or the powdered sugar ones, but we both liked the cinnamon sugar.

Janine Prukop

This is the only place that I have found that has dairy-free donuts. They even have a vegan bun for if you want something more on the savory side, which is very much appreciated. It’s worth the drive every time just to be able to enjoy donuts with the kids, and they have never been able to taste a difference in the donuts.

Bee Girl

Yummy and trendy. Ordered a white choc mocha frappe and a vanilla creme frappe. For $5 you get plenty of drink! This size would easily cost $9 at other coffee shops. Tried a red velvet cake ball and omg! So good and fresh.

Miranda Brower

Please come to Florida.

I have never in my life had a gluten free, vegan, donut that tasted this good. It is extremely close to the real deal. So soft it is reminiscent of cake. I have a TON of allergies, I have tried many places. I pray that this business does extremely well as I would love to come back to Texas just for this donut. The customer service was fantastic and this entire establishment is a pleasure to work with and enjoy.

Meghan Vondriska

Get here before 10 on the weekends or your donation options might be limited! The donut options here are great–if you want vegan or gluten free, you can find that. They also serve macarons and Texas-style kolaches if that’s more your vibe. Coffee is fine, but it’s a donut shop, that’s not why you’re coming!

Gracie Nashua

We have LOVED this place for so long, despite the more expensive menu compared to equally good donut/kolache stops. Unfortunately today was one of our last visits after finding a massive piece of plastic in a filled donut. We’re grateful no one choked on it, but when we informed the shop they didn’t do anything but refund us for the single donut. We would have appreciated more motive in making things right, but this was unacceptable. Things have been going downhill at this shop for the last little while; dry kolaches, limp bacon, and now plastic filled donuts. It’s too bad! Wish they would have valued us more as customers to help us want to return.

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