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Rolling In Dough Bakery

Address: 10260 W Charleston Blvd Suite # 4, Las Vegas, NV 89135

Phone: (702) 407-8686 phone5


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Rating: 4.5


What Time Does Rolling In Dough Bakery Open?

Saturday,: 11AM to 6PM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: 11AM to 6PM

Tuesday,: 11AM to 6PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 6PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 6PM

Friday,: 11AM to 6PM

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Rolling In Dough Bakery Reviews

Stephanie Shaykin Thomas

We had our wedding at JW Marriott, which uses Rolling In the Dough as an optional vendor. I heard around town that they were the best cake in Vegas, and I kid you not… they lived up to the hype. Everything at our tasting was ready to go for us, and my fiancé and I made sweet memories trying out the cake and talking about what we wanted our wedding cake to be. We were so excited to see our vision come to life!

As an extra, I hired RITD to do the Groom’s cake for our rehearsal. Two weeks prior, we planned a sweet surprise for my Taco Bell-obsessed fiancé (it was required to have “nacho cheese” icing BTW)….and he LOVED it! He was so ecstatic when the cake came out. He could believe it!

Our guests both at the rehearsal and the wedding were blown away by the three flavors we offered: red velvet, strawberry, and vanilla. People kept coming up to me all night RAVING about how good the cake was!

Not only were both cakes delicious, but they were so pretty and cool! I can’t wait to go back to Rolling In the Dough Las Vegas!

Iasia white

Ordered a cake last minute and they were able to make the cake sooo good! And all the designs edible. Everyone loved how moist and delicious our cake was. Thank you for helping make my daughter birthday wonderful!

shernette abrahams

Rolling dough bakery did a fantastic job with my cake. All the guests expressed our wedding cake was beautiful and taste amazing. Thanks Rolling dough for making our cake and wedding day special❤️

Max Guernsey

The cake we got looked great but it ended up being a massive disappointment because it tasted awful.

I agonized over whether or not to give Rolling in Dough their third star and, eventually, I decided I had to because they really went out of their way to do great decorations.

However, they knew that the primary audience for the cake they made was a little boy on his fifth birthday and they did not warn me about the flavor of the cake. Little kids expect birthday cakes to be sweet.

Neither my son nor my daughter could stand the flavor of the cake and, really, I couldn’t either. My wife and mom both choked down a piece. My wife is being a real trooper and eating more, repeatedly saying “I don’t think it’s that bad.”

Well, even if that were true, I don’t want to measure a $225 birthday cake on how bad it tastes.

My personal experience aligned perfectly with my kids. I thought the cake, filling, and frosting were pretty awful. There was no sweetness and virtually no flavor in any of the three components.

If I had to describe the cake’s flavor – and it took me a long time to come up with this comparison – it would be “extra heavy Wonder Bread slathered in a quarter-inch thick layer of chilled margarine.”

The cake looked great. It looked so good that we put my son’s candles in a little Starbucks muffin so as to avoid ruining the truly amazing decoration job they did. After eating some of his cake, saying “It’s yucky. It tastes like butter,” and throwing it up, he asked if he could have the cranberry muffin.

I felt bad for the little guy.

I still feel bad for him. If I didn’t, I probably would have just let this slide and never bought there, again.

If they weren’t such skilled bakers, both my wife and I would guess they had simply forgotten to put any sugar in any of the mixtures. I sincerely doubt that’s what happened, though. I think it’s SUPPOSED to taste bland and oily…like maybe that helps the decorations hold or something.

Anyway, don’t buy from this place if you want a good tasting cake – unless, of course, you’re one of those people who subscribes to the “East Coast” doctrine of dessert where any and all flavor is to be avoided at all costs.

…but DO buy from this place if you want an amazing looking cake that a bunch of adults are supposed to pick at and talk about what a great centerpiece it is.

Heather Chargois

I wanted to get a groom cake for my husband for our big day as a surprise. I did some research and contacted Rolling in Dough Bakery. From start to finish everyone was sweet and helpful. I sent a picture of the RC car I wanted the cake to look like. When I say they went above and beyond my expectations. The day of our reception he was so surprised he could not believe it, they even had the RC car on brownie pieces to look like dirt, which was nothing we talked about but was a wonderful surprise. The cake was not only beautiful but moist and flavorful. Four days after the event the cake was still moist. Great cake and super great bakery!!


They did our wedding cake and it lovely and delicious. When we went there for the taste testing, we didn’t know what to expect. Jennifer was super nice. We loved the flavors of the cake. I have been thinking about their strawberry cake with pink frosting ever since. It was sooo good. I thought I would go for more of the chocolate cake but the strawberry cake was light and fluffy, not too sweet and it was a great treat to end the wedding reception. Our guests devoured it. I am hoping they are going to expand their company to other locations.

Vanessa Lemaster

My husband and I got our wedding cake from them. They really listened to what we wanted and were so nice and helpful! If you’re thinking of getting a cake through then I promise it is worth it!

Alex Asbury (Alex)

I love them!!! They where the bakers for my wedding back in June and it was the best cake and pastry selections I have had in my life. I still like to stop by their bakery every now and then for a treat. Highly recommend

Mandy Rodgers

Great cake experience! I ordered a one tier round cake for my wedding kind of last minute and it was great! The order process and communicating with the order-taker via email was easy and convenient. Originally I emailed some pics of cakes I liked (all one tier 8 in round) and was quoted 350+ which was out of my budget, so I politely declined and kept on with my search. Well, they came back and showed me a few different cakes in my budget and ended up working out! Other bakeries in Vegas said “ok thanks” or nothing at all when I said “that’s out of my budget but thank you!” but Rolling in Dough actually came back with other options which was nice! The only complaint I have is that we discussed during ordering that we’d use the “Married in” fabulous las vegas sign, and my cake had the generic “Welcome to” fabulous las vegas sign instead. I didn’t notice it until we got back to our hotel and opened the cake. A little bit of a bummer but not the end of the world. Overall the ordering process was great and I’d definitely recommend them for a fun vegas wedding cake!

daniel gelbart

The personnel were very friendly and helpful when we needed a nice, beautiful cake to help celebrate our daughters birthday during this horrible pandemic. They created a gorgeous cake that not only was lovely in its appearance, but it also tasted wonderful. All of our family really enjoyed the strawberry mousse filling. We also indulged in one of their black and white cookies which we also thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you ladies for your wonderful pastries and your invaluable help in making our daughters birthday great, in spite of these difficult times.

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