Nates Donuts & Coffee in Fort Worth (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Nates Donuts & Coffee

Address: 5910 Azle Ave #400, Fort Worth, TX 76114

Phone: (682) 312-9309

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.2


What Time Does Nates Donuts & Coffee Open?

Sunday,: 6AM to 1PM

Monday,: 5AM to 1PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 1PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 1PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 1PM

Friday,: 5AM to 1PM

Saturday,: 5AM to 1PM

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Nates Donuts & Coffee Reviews

Mitch C

The jalapeño kolaches are delicious! Boba is available here as well as a nice variety of donuts, pastries, and hot coffee too. The gentlemen that run this establishment are super friendly and take their customers’ satisfaction to that extra mile!

Juan Perez

This is one a dose donuts and coffee place you can find, in for worth Texas, if you from California don’t spect, is the same, but they make very good donusts.!

Cynthia Hall

OMG! Omg! Absolutely the world’s best donuts. You have to go in about 5:15 in the morning and tell him you want a cinnamon roll I promise you you put it in your mouth and it just dissolves it is so incredibly good I can’t even explain it. Now I’ve got a ton of children 17 grandchildren and I bought a lot of donuts in my 60 years and I promise you if you pull into this place and buy these donuts you will always come back here. The owner is Nate and his wife and his son work there as well and they are really special people . They’re always friendly and always have a smile on their face.

Margaret Pennington

My go to donut place. All the employees greet you with a warm smile even if they are busy. They then assist you quickly as humanly possible and get you on your way to enjoying delicious donuts .

Mike 3.0TT

Not open @5am.. please update you hours if you can’t open on time. Ppl have real job and need to be there on time.

Anne Sanchez

These are my favorite donuts. The dough is light and airy, not greasy at all, and they always have a nice variety of all my favorites. They’re much cheaper than other donut places too!

Marissa Isabella

Usual donut shop I go to was closed for the week, so I came here since it was close to where I work. The service was great and the employee who took care of me was very kind and helpful. Thank you!

serena lopez

The donuts are the best I’ve had locally. I’ve never been over charged. I would have gave 5 stars but their customer service skills are not the best. They’re not very friendly at least to me. I’m pretty polite but even when i smile at eaither the husband or wife its like it takes everything in them to smile Idk its just very uncomfortable when i get donuts. I go once a month if that.

jonathan hudson

An excellent find. The true new hidden gem of samson park/lake worth. Me and my wife went there and loved it. The donuts had great flavor and were a melt-in-your-mouth kind of light. I strongly recommend Nates Donuts if you’re looking for above average donuts.

Robert Fuqua

I’m not sure if this place changed ownership, or maybe they have multiple locations and the friendly people who were working here months ago are focusing their attention on a different shop, but as of late the one man I keep seeing behind the counter really hasn’t maintained what I used to like about this place.

He isn’t all that friendly (he isn’t MEAN, but the woman and various students that used to be working this place were SO NICE). The variety of breakfast sandwiches is gone. (At first I thought I wasn’t getting in there early enough, but I’ve come in there earlier and earlier and it’s just been sausage rolls; they used to have this one with a fluffier bread stuffed with a rice and sasauge mixture… haven’t seen it in weeks.) Doesn’t seem to interested in making any of the specialty coffee drinks they advertise on the menu board (a variety that, admittedly, seems to have dwindled recently, too, given the amount of handwritten edits the board has seen lately). And the dining area used to be kept really tidy, with all the cooler drinks and supplies kept out of sight, but this is no longer the case.

All-in-all, the things that made this donut shop stand out among the crowd seem to have vanished, which is kind of a shame. But, ya know, maybe it’s for the best. I probably shouldn’t be eatin’ ’em, anyway.

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