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King’s Donuts

Address: 1300 S Euclid St ste.t, Anaheim, CA 92802, United States

Phone: +1 714-956-2161


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Rating: 4


What Time Does King’s Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 2PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 2PM

Monday,: 5AM to 4PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 4PM

Friday,: 5AM to 4PM

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King’s Donuts Reviews

Reesa Lokeni

Donuts are super delicious here. My son’s favorite is the Chocolate bar with the chocolate chips on the top because it also has a chocolate filling. This donut shop is pricier than the ones we go to in Torrance but we needed to find one in Anaheim so we didn’t have to drive to Torrance for donuts. This place is just as delicious and we are glad to have found it. Drinks are very pricey here too. Not the cleanliest either and the Asian couple did not care when we requested for wipes to clean the table off. Bring your own sanitizing wipes.

Hayden Austin

I would’ve given King’s a 4.5/5 if possible because of the .50 cent card fee. I decided to round up my rating because the donuts were so freaking good! The classic glaze donut was fresh, fluffy, and perfectly crispy on the outside. Great donuts, get rid of the card fee….it’s 2022 people.

Vincent Galvez

When they get your sandwich order wrong, they won’t re make you the sandwich nor give refund. Will not come back

Ulrich Gebhard

Used to avoid this place – the previous owner was rather rude and the place could have been cleaner. The new owners really turned this place and the service around – Good selection, good donuts and especially croissants friendly service. Good spot to walk to on a weekend morning.
The only potential downside is that the couple that owns it are the only people behind the counter and when the store is full, things can take a bit… I don’t mind – when I have the time to walk there I can spare a couple of minutes to pick up breakfast.

frstraub fester sub

Great fresh coffee and GOOD donuts. Went to Winchells once on Euclid. Forget it. Donuts stale. Service lousy. Then I found Kings Donuts! I come here every morning when I go for my walks. Stephanie is very nice. Her coffee is always fresh. I can sit here and relax. Talk to the people who love it here too. We hope she never leaves

Jett “SmokeeBandit”

The lady there is the most rude and pushy person I’ve ever seen serving donuts. Way to start peoples mornings! The cleanliness of this place is as poor as their customer service! I hope I don’t get sick from the overpriced food.

Adam Longman

Health Hazzard! I watched the attendant pack my donuts, then take my card, then wake up some lady in her car to process my card, all while opening doors and touching multiple surfaces. The lady comes in (owner) and she can’t figure out how to process the transaction (her excuse was it’s a new Machine, funny the crust and dirt on it tell me it’s been there a while) and then she gets mad at me for not having cash…. F this place! I hope they get shut down!!!

Kemick Larson

Owner is a Sweet lady and the donuts are good too! Classic, nothing special, but quality! She can come off strong, but pleasant

Michael Golightly

Good donuts and friendly staff.

Santa Caffey

Winchell’s is better. King Donut on Euclid is better but these donuts are okay to fine maybe good once in awhile.

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