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Hurt’s Donut

Address: 107 E Markham St, Little Rock, AR 72201

Phone: (501) 916-9201

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does Hurt’s Donut Open?

Saturday,: Open 24 hours

Sunday,: Open 24 hours

Monday,: Open 24 hours

Tuesday,: Open 24 hours

Wednesday,: Open 24 hours

Thursday,: Open 24 hours

Friday,: Open 24 hours

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Hurt’s Donut Reviews

Agnes AJ

They are open 24hrs so we got there at around midnight and the guy behind the counter buzzes you in. They have an awesome selection of donuts, especially if you are into the more exotic and creative choices. Even though I prefer a more simple donut, there was still a decent selection. I got a Maple Long John and a strawberry cake donut and it was around $4.50, which I think is a bit on the pricey side. All in all, a good experience and I do recommend this business.

Michal Smith

WHO IS ALWAYS down for a good donut is me !!! The customer service is great ! The guys explained each donut, it was alote. But we did enjoy quit a few of them ! Yummy. Definitely a must go !


So today I could smell the donuts in the car as we were driving home. I couldn’t stop thinking about them so my guy went to get us some. They’re so freaking delicious y’all! We’re going back in the morning for coffee and donuts. ☕

Mandy Reynolds

Fun donut shop. The guy working was very friendly and helpful. The donuts are a little expensive but they have some very original and different types. I’m looking forward to having my blueberry one for breakfast tomorrow.

Edit – the blueberry one was phenomenal even the next day!

julie c

We were staying at the Marriott so an easy walk to Hurt’s Donuts. Lots to choose from but we ended up picking the maple bacon, Almond Joy and chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. We both agreed the maple bacon was the best but the bacon needs to be a little crispier, both of the other donuts were made from the chocolate cake and they were a little dry.

Matt Carr

I really like to say good things about small businesses so let me start with the good. My friend and I wanted donuts, and this place sold us donuts.

The girl behind the counter was friendly even though she wasn’t wearing a mask or gloves or really adhering to any kind of CDC guidelines or basic health guidelines for food service.

And the place appeared clean.

That’s basically it for the good.

As for the bad. I don’t know the schedules for when fresh donuts are made but for a place to be open 24 hours, I would hope at least that it’s more frequently than once per day. If the donuts are made one time in the morning and then left sitting in the case, they won’t be very good at 9pm.

We arrived right around 6pm. We ordered 3 donuts, and all of them were dry, and tasted fairly stale like something that had been left sitting in a case all day.

Neither of my donuts had much in the way of flavor. I had a mint Oreo and an Apple fritter. My friend had a s’mores. They cost $14 and change. You can buy 2 dozen donuts for that at a national chain where the donuts are made fresh and disposed of after they sit for a certain amount of time, and the workers wear masks and gloves.

I really wanted to like this place but the donuts are awful and the lack of basic health and safety, especially in today’s climate made that impossible. While I prefer to support small businesses, next time I’m in town and want a donut, I’ll just find a Dunkin and avoid this overpriced experience.

Joseph B

As a Dad who has asked his kids far too many times if they want a “Hurts Donut”, there’s no way I was going to pass up stopping here. The sense of humor is present all over the shop, from the Luchador painting on the wall, to the Dos and Donuts on the wall. We had a bacon donut, some cake donuts, a peanut butter cup donut, and of course the old Homer Simpson style pictured. The service was friendly, the donuts were good, and the atmosphere was just what we expected.

This was our first time in downtown Little Rock, but I could definitely see us making a point of coming back here again.

D Milner

Got a pack this morning(730am)for a birthday breakfast. The cotton candy was great and the rest of the doughnuts looked amazing. The taste was terrible. They were days old, middle of the night, gas station stale. The 5yr old would eat his but the rest made it to the dog or the trash.

Edit: one week later i get reduced doughnuts from walmart and they were less stale

Melissa Weaver-Shipp

You ever been catfished by food before? That’s exactly what happened with these donuts. I was craving something sweet and while driving thru the city of Little Rock, googled something sweet to eat. This place was just about the only place open on a Sunday evening at 8:00pm. It was busy in the store and looked promising. The guy behind the counter was nice and worked quickly despite the long line.
The donuts, however, are disgusting. I got a 1/2 dozen assortment and I got an apple fritter. I had a 3 hour drive home and needed help staying awake. I took a bite or two out of each flavor as I was driving away and every single one was nasty. They tasted old, they were dry, the raspberry filling had a metallic taste and was god awful. Kudos to the worker, who was also working solo. I imagine this place is so popular because it’s the only place open this late downtown on the weekend. Do yourself a favor and skip dessert if this is your only option. Highly disappointed.


There so many options, delicious donuts!
Friendly staff! I got peanut butter and filling apple cider each was $3.75

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