Gonutz with Donuts in Fremont (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Gonutz with Donuts

Address: 41093 Fremont Blvd UNIT 102, Fremont, CA 94538

Phone: (844) 446-6889

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3

Website: https://gonutzusa.com/

What Time Does Gonutz with Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 7PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 6PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 8AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 8AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 8AM to 7PM

Friday,: 8AM to 7PM

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Gonutz with Donuts Reviews

Vivian Anne

This is a very small donut shop with nice, friendly staff. I was interested in trying some of their yeasted donuts but they only do that Friday-Sunday. We visited on a Tuesday and they only had mochi donuts (something to keep in mind). However, we got taro sugar, strawberry, green tea, mango sugar, and black sesame. The black sesame was mt favorite. The donut had a nice, light, airy texture and the black sesame flavor was strong. This is a good stop for mochi donuts.

Emily L.

Small but cute donut store next to a Starbucks. They have a lot of different regular donuts, and mochi donuts. There’s even a boba counter right next to theirs. The chocolate mochi donuts were good; the plain flavor one was just alright.

Jaime Thayil

I love their Mochi doughnuts. I think this may be the only place that makes a milk chocolate and tiramisu flavor. You can also get regular donuts too, but I prefer having Mochi doughnuts. And the people serving you are very nice and friendly.

Bradley Swain

Staff was friendly and helpful. They had plenty of the decorative donuts (unicorns, pandas, etc) even though I didn’t go first thing which was really pleasantly surprising. The donuts themselves were delicious, both the regular and mochi ones. Will definitely come back


Service is everything and when I walked up to Gonutz boy did the service I get bummed me out. I went out to Fremont for a job orientation down the street & wanted to make sure I grab some desserts for the drive back up. The first thing I see on Yelp was Gonutz & I was super excited because the last time I got kochi donuts were in LA on national donut day, where the line was worth the hour and a half my sister & cousin stood in it for.
When I get to the door, I was ready to order & the employee looked at me & said, “did you order already” with a look of confusion and annoyance.
I told her I wanted to order some & she told me that I could not order with her, that I had to place my order online.
So I stood in the cold (because they have their counter right at the front of the door because of Covid) & waited & ordered online.
When I got my order I was so excited & she just handed it to me. I still left her a tip even though the service was not even subpar.
I went into my car and was so excited to try it. I immediately grabbed the chocolate donut and fell in awe. It wasn’t fresh like it was at the other places I’ve been to (fresh meaning just made & warm), but I did like that it wasn’t as sweet as the others I’ve tasted before.
Would I come back again? Perhaps not. I’ll try my adventures elsewhere.

Foxy Jules

These are the fanciest donuts Ive ever seen! It was also extremely hard to chose just one, so of course I got 2…. They we’re delicious almost like little cakes, very moist, good flavor and the frosting was to die for and reasonably priced 2 only cost $4.

Anders Krig

$40 for a dozen donuts. Mediocre dough, bad frosting. Employees are too high to understand your order. Go elsewhere.

John Danny Shepherd

Excellent service. Everyone said hello and seemed friendly. The lady helping us kindly answered all our questions and let us take our time since there is so much to take in on the 1st visit.

Donuts are decorative, sweet, and taste as good as they look. Donuts were fresh, can tell they were made that day.

They have a red velvet donut, croinuts, bolba tea, coffee, rice flour donuts, and even a Maple Bacon donut!

Donuts are Full of Sugar, be ready for a sugar overload. I needed some coffee for balance. Well worth the sugar!

Definitely going back! Great experience, top notch donut shop!

Ann Wu

I made a custom order for baby shower. It was my very first time to hold the event like this, so I was very nervous about it. I was so glad that everybody was impressed by the cute and delicious donuts! I appreciate their kind service and donuts, they really helped me to give my friend a wonderful baby shower

Doug Leresche

The donuts are pretty looking and pretty expensive. I prefer a cheaper but just as delicious Mom n Pop donut.

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