Dundee Double Shot Coffee in Omaha (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Dundee Double Shot Coffee

Address: 118 N 50th St, Omaha, NE 68132

Phone: (402) 556-6494

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.8

Website: http://www.dundeedoubleshot.com/

What Time Does Dundee Double Shot Coffee Open?

Saturday,: 5:30AM to 5PM

Sunday,: 5:30AM to 5PM

Monday,: 5:30AM to 5PM

Tuesday,: 5:30AM to 5PM

Wednesday,: 5:30AM to 5PM

Thursday,: 5:30AM to 5PM

Friday,: 5:30AM to 5PM

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Dundee Double Shot Coffee Reviews


Great service that doesn’t lack in coffee either. Has a drive thru, in shop service. Keto, vegan friendly. They can grind your coffee to your specifications.

Quality sets the bar high for other like companies.

Victoria Kowal

Their location is so convenient. The staff does a great job of keeping the drive through line moving. And the staff is always so friendly. I really really want to like this place. I have gone back so frequently but very consistently my espresso has a horrible burnt taste that makes my whole latte not very enjoyable.
Three years ago when I started going here, their lattes were always great. My favorite was the Chunky Monkey. Unfortunately now the burnt taste is so strong I can’t taste anything else in the latte. We keep going back because my fiancé loves their blended drinks and I think they have the best muffins in town. I would fall in love with this place all over again if they could stop burning my espresso.

Duke Hellmann

I absolutely love this place. The coffee is so dang good! The people who work there are very kind. The patio is a great place to chill and sip your coffee. They seem to be very pet friendly. Just a great spot.

Lana Berry

Best coffee shop in the whole Omaha-Metro area! This place never disappoints, no matter what you order. The baristas are so friendly, their coffee is amazing – stop reading the reviews & go get yourself some coffee from here!

Christina Bladow

Dundee Double Shot consistently stands out to me as one of the best coffee shops in Omaha. Offering drinks ranging from fruit blenders to sippable espresso, the staff here always goes above and beyond just getting your caffeine fix in the morning! DDS offers monthly and seasonal drinks in addition to their year-round menu, and the baristas are my ore than happy to make recommendations if you aren’t sure what to try next!

Stop by and get to know the staff by name and find your new favorite drink. you won’t regret it for a second.


Love them..upbeat customer service, Awesome variety of drinks. The Red Bull Bellatini w blue cacao syrup is one of my faves. Love that it is in the historic Dundee neighborhood.

Ashley Cloutier

This is probably one of the most chaotic coffee spots we have been to. The staff was incredibly rude and tried to rush us through our order, and they messed up our order twice. I should have gone back and asked to have the drink remade but it was such a frustrating experience that it wasn’t worth going back. We ordered a hot drink and an iced drink. The lady who brought out our drinks looked so lost and confused. My drink was right, my husband’s was completely different with the wrong milk added. My friends drink was wrong as well. The drinks themselves were so subpar and incredibly sweet we didnt even get through a couple of sips before we trashed them. Yall need to work on your system.

Jeremy Harr

Amazing coffee, atmosphere, and patio! 10/10 would recommend

Ryssa Chrysalis

Always a smile and friendly service at the cute converted auto garage turned coffee shop. I love their Zombianco in summer, which is cold coffee with sweet cream blended with chocolate covered coffee beans.

Elizabeth Kirwan

Drove by this little gem and knew immediately I had to turn around and give them a try. I travel constantly for hockey and love to get to know the best local places for coffee. Let’s just say, if I lived in Omaha, this would be my coffee shop, hands down. Set off the street, they have it arranged so you can drive up and order at the window or still run in. Staff was so friendly and clearly they care about their coffee and customers. Their motto is “we run on laughter, love, and lots of coffee” I have no doubt that they have a huge following here. The coffee was rich and aromatic, solid flavor. The taste was just as good as the smell. They have plenty of other choices if black coffee is not your thing, but in my mind, coffee shops should be judged on their black coffee. Enough additives can make anything taste fine. But if you can serve a mean cuppa black coffee, you earned 5 stars.

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