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Donut Storr

Address: 5972 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA 92683

Phone: (714) 892-4828

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Donut Storr Open?

Saturday,: Open 24 hours

Sunday,: Open 24 hours

Monday,: Open 24 hours

Tuesday,: Open 24 hours

Wednesday,: Open 24 hours

Thursday,: Open 24 hours

Friday,: Open 24 hours

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visiting California, Nevada and Washington i went to this store and i have to say that these are the best donuts i have had when visiting another state or country, my favorite thing was the number 8 bagel, melted cheese perfectly, bacon, and ham. very nice people too. i would love to go here again

Michelle Haroldson

These are the best donuts and the nicest people. I LOVE their Tiger Tail cinnamon twists. So good!!

Cooking in a Van with Ann

One of the best donut places I have ever been to. Reminds me of donuts I had when I was a kid. Light and flaky…fresh!. So very good! I found this place a week ago and had to come back for more. Friendly staff.

Jessica Conley

Really friendly owners. The best whipped cream filled donuts at a great price. Repeat customer! You’ll see a line out the door most weekend mornings.

Teri Manoli-Floyd

Always very nice and friendly.. and is open 24 hours when you want to get coffee and a fresh donut this is the best if you bring your pup with you he gives them a fresh donut with no sugar just a plain treat for your best friend!! Very nice gesture in my opinion! Two thumbs up!!


my favorite childhood spot. my whole life this place has been the spot for donuts. So many memories associated with this place and their donuts; my first day in kindergarten, volleyball tournament mornings, road trips, celebrations with family, to even drunk nights out with friends and going here for munchies etc. Their donuts are so good and I recommend the croissant sandwiches they have bc they are at a good price and they give a pretty large croissant sandwich on the go. (Way bigger croissant sandwiches than other breakfast places) I really like he donut holes which are perfect for kids, and their classics. Light and fluffy donuts.
To those complaining are high key expecting way too much. Like ofc a cinnamon roll may be stale if you go to a donut stor near closing lol. And ofc the dynamic is different from other (more expensive donut stores) , like y’all asking way too much when the donuts, pastries, etc are at such a good price and are so good bruh. just enjoy it.

Landon LaCross

The donuts were like clouds, so delicious and fluffy. The man working when I went was also very nice! Best donut place I’ve had, it doesn’t disappoint

Andrew Martin

Cherished this spot! The doughnuts are enormous, I was unable to try and complete one. Extraordinary choice.

The Jewel Riders Archive

The donuts are good. The service is lacking. But they are one of the only places to find French crullers.

Jo Ellen

Best donuts around. Haven’t they won awards in the past? I’ve been trying out different donut stores the past few months & always come back to this one. The donuts taste like donuts used to taste, made with proper ingredients, I guess.

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