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Delicious Donuts & Bagels

Address: 34916 Newark Blvd, Newark, CA 94560

Phone: (510) 574-1955

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Delicious Donuts & Bagels Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 2PM

Sunday,: 5:30AM to 2PM

Monday,: 5AM to 2PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 2PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 2PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 2PM

Friday,: 5AM to 2PM

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Delicious Donuts & Bagels Reviews

Shean L

Really beautiful donuts and sandwiches. Sandwich was very tender and well seasoned and held together. Donuts were tender and bright. Got 2 extra donut holes. 5/5

Gio De Torres

Always happy to get donuts and sandwiches from here!! Truly my go-to spot, and I appreciate the customer service from the employees. They’re always very accommodating and helpful. Definitely recommend!

Rob Smith

I can not express how amazing this place is. I am not from California, and I do not eat donuts all that often. However, the donuts are so light when you eat them. I also had a breakfast sandwich, which was beyond amazing. I did not write this review off of going there a couple of times, but more than a couple of times. I was in town for business and did not expect to fall in love with them and eat there every morning. If you are from CA, you may no better, but for me, they were beyond amazing and worth eating every day!

Ibrahim Keser

This place used to be amazing. Looks like the shop switched owner/operators. It’s a mess inside with a seating area used as storage. Not nearly as clean as it used to be and people working are not able to understand and take your order correctly even after they confirm it with you.
I ordered an egg sandwich but the croissant tastes like rotten eggs so they also couldn’t keep the goods taste same way. Such a shame that this business went downhill after changing operators.

Edit: Forgot to add that everything is more expensive now and they do not even give you the donut holes with your sandwiches anymore. Not sure what type of money saving thought pushed them to remove donut holes that literally cost nothing…

adrian m (Minimogul)

Absurdly expensive & highly overrated. I’m being generous with my 3 stars, but my visits (tried 3x over the course of the last month) have all been totally disappointing. I’ll use todays experience as the most recent (& the last…) example.

Came a little before 11am on a Tuesday, & the selection was solid, which was encouraging. I bought 3 donuts: ube cake w/ crumbles (Ube, or purple yam, is a fave of mine), strawberry glazed old-fashioned, & a custard filled chocolate glazed donut. 3 donuts, $6.50. Wow…$2+ per donut. The times, they are a-changin’…

Of the 3, only the custard-filled tasted fresh. The Ube was okay, but didn’t have much flavor, & tasted as if it was more likely made yesterday than earlier this morning (donuts don’t dry out in just a matter of hours, typically, & this one was dry-ish).

The “strawberry” glaze on the old-fashioned tasted like nothing. It was basically just pink sugar. Not even a hint of berry flavor. A miss.

That left me with another typical favorite: custard-filled. While this was definitely more fresh than the others (as in, made today, not made yesterday…), the fact that I had to bite more than halfway into the donut before I hit my first drop of “custard”, was an automatic “fail”. It might have been a blessing in disguise tho, as the “custard” (like most everything I ate here…) had almost no flavor other than “sweet”. It was a kind of odd white/ grey color that almost looked like Mayo (ew), if I didn’t know better. Not the golden yellow of most custard (& custard filling). The filling also had a weird, slightly chemical aftertaste. Guaranteed it wasn’t ACTUAL custard, but what it was…I couldn’t tell ya.

$6.50 for 3 donuts is nuts. $6.50 for 3 donuts with no flavor/ gross flavor, not fresh & barely filled? That’s a crime. Bummer cuz it’s nearby, but…3 strikes & you’re out (Not So) Delicious Donuts & Bagels


Picked up coffe and a French curler dounut early Saturday morning at 7am…coffee was good donut was not fresh and was hard as a least 1 day old…will not be back for a donut

Boris Valusek

OK, but it became pricey and dirty. Messing up order pretty often.

Abe Ksr

Looks like new ownership. Prices are higher quality is nowhere near what I was used to from here. The storefront is a mess and it was very hard to communicate. Not going back there again. Too bad I used to go here regularly but they do not operate the same way anymore.

Carolyn Guzman

This place has the absolute best Croissants in the east bay. But when you ask for a breakfast sandwich beware of who is making it. They don’t have standards and the young lady that made my sandwich today destroyed the sandwich. They added a ton of black pepper and packed the croissant so right in paper that it essentially squeezed all the air out of the sandwich as if the goal was to make it as compact as possible. There is no layers left, no fluffiness, I might as well had it wrapped in a tortilla.

So disappointed

Kevin Matthews

Initially found out about it on Doordash but found out I could get there on my scooter (can’t feel my right side of my body from a hemmoragic stroke in 2016). They have a 5 star rating in the delivery app for taking care of their customers and having awesome service AND delicious food! My personal favorite is a breakfast sandwich on croissant. I’ve been there in person and had it delivered. Awesome! They took care of this cranky old man and made me smile.

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