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BoSa Donuts

Address: 1752 S Signal Butte Rd, Mesa, AZ 85209

Phone: (480) 357-8080

Price: $

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Rating: 4.1


What Time Does BoSa Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 8PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 8PM

Monday,: 5AM to 8PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 8PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 8PM

Friday,: 5AM to 8PM

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BoSa Donuts Reviews

David Bosteter

My family has been coming to BoSa donuts very Sunday for at least 8 years. We continue to go back because they have an old fashion touch to making donuts. We have had great quality donuts almost every time. the staff is fun, helpful and kind. The quality of the donuts are nice and light and fluffy with just the right amount of toppings. The newer donut shops make their donuts with to much sugar — BoSA does it right — every time. We will continue to back every Sunday — just get there before 10am… it is a popular and busy place!

Jacob Gibbons

Staff was friendly and helpful. Doughnuts were fresh and delicious even mid day. Threw in a few doughnut holes which made a great snack on the way home. Would recommend this spot for sure

Tim M.

I was there waiting on them to open and notice en extension cord on the ground outside going into a car, when they opened a kitchen worker walked out still wearing their cooking gloves rolling the cord up and put it inside the car. I followed them in and they went right back to cooking and handling food WITHOUT changing or at least washing their gloves. Not one staff member seemed to care when I brought it to their attention. It was to late to get a picture of him and the cord by the time I tried bringing it to anyone’s attention but this is the car that was involved.

Tara Spielberger

Changing review from 5 stars to 2.
This used to be my favorite Bosa but it’s going down hill FAST! Anything that is not a donut (provides they have what you want) takes forever.
The floors don’t look like they’ve been swept and there are signs on the tables now that say you gotta clean up after yourself.
Today, the bagel sandwich I waited 20 minutes for was cold – bagel wasnt toasted and the cheese was still cold from the fridge. The bacon was so over cooked I couldn’t bite it.
Like I said… used to love them. Tried to hold on through the downfall, but it is not getting better at all

andie AvengingLiberty

Bad service. Horrible luke warm coffee, don’t bother getting anything but a donut. Even the donuts today taste gross. So sad, Bosa used to be the best. The emoloyees don’t care and it shows. I just wasted money here and will never return.

Steven Elizaldi

Excellent service. So nice to show up at 3pm and see a full case of fresh donuts. The Donut are so soft and delicious.

Jacek Szczygiel

Good donuts Drinks.
Comfortable seating and atmosphere.
Good WiFi connection and range around the corner there is outside seating when the sun and temperature is nice. They should set up outside tables in front of store just a suggestion. Thank you for reading my reviews. Please click like / helpful Thanks again.

Jon Kipling

Absolute travesty of a donut shop.

Not only were they low on donuts at 9am on a Saturday when I visited, but they were completely out of original glaze. I understand the prep time for a cake donut. Minimal. Mix with water. Fry. Glaze. No yeast rising is necessary; it takes less than 10 minutes, including cool down time. A complete failure of production planning. I am baffled at why this store would accept such a loss of revenue that this represents.

The staff member who took my order barely acknowledged me as she was hollering at other people, making me repeat myself several times. That was not pleasant.

I urge those who run and work at this store to consider a different carrier choice. Oh also, the apple fritter was amazing.

Jaime Burton

This morning we made our way into BoSa and ordered a half dozen donuts. My daughter “loudly” whispered to me that she wanted to order her teacher a coffee along with her donut. The man assisting us chimed in and said he wanted to give us the coffee to give to her teacher!!

Alexandra Lewis

We occasionally go here on Saturday mornings. They have a good selection and the workers are always kind and friendly!

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