Berolina Bakery & Pastry Shop in Glendale (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Berolina Bakery & Pastry Shop

Address: 3421 Ocean View Blvd, Glendale, CA 91208

Phone: (818) 249-6506

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.6


What Time Does Berolina Bakery & Pastry Shop Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 5:30PM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 7AM to 6PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 6PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 6PM

Friday,: 7AM to 6PM

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Berolina Bakery & Pastry Shop Reviews

Karolina Nowak

Nice European / Swedish bakery. I came to visit on a Saturday afternoon and there was a short line outside as they only allow four customers inside at a time. There are tables outside for dining in. I ordered a vegan chocolate chip cookie for myself (the only dessert labeled vegan that I could find) and a chocolate brioche for my partner. I also got a soy latte and soy mocha – could’ve skipped these, I wasn’t expecting anything amazing but I needed a caffeine pick-me-up. My cookie was okay, maybe not the most fresh, and my partner enjoyed the brioche! I plan to buy a bread loaf or two next time – they looked really good. They also have a small selection of merchandise to buy, would make nice gifts.

Mahleegayah Pasco

Excellent bakery! Came in for a chocolate croissant, but left with 4 boxes of deliciousness. If you’re in the area, definitely make a stop

Eva Chou

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I went there three times in the week that I was staying in Glendale. This review is mainly for the cardamom buns, of which I ordered a few dozen over this short period. Fully recommend giving them a try! (Thumbprint jam cookies are also very tasty.) Ordering ahead for pickup is very easy. Bonus – they serve JONES coffee.

Lily Baharian

I was going to this bakery for a long time, last 18 years , everything tested very good specially the princess cake, until the Ownership is changed, For a long time I was buying all my Birthday cakes and danishes from this bakery. Unfortunately I’m not buying it anymore because it’s doesn’t test good at all. Princess cake test just like a regular chip cake and it’s covered with sugar instead of MARZIPAN. Don’t buy any cake from this bakery, you will be very disappointed.

gretchen renata

No question their pastries are superb, and due to the loss of competition (Home Bakery) reign supreme; bakery wise. However, their insistence on refusing cash and continuing with the pandemic protocols has become almost more statement than sincerity and brings an unfortunate feel. Berolina’s was one of the places I cut from my routine a year ago and today, my first visit back, I can see is still premature. I find the requirement to use plastic on a small purchase annoying especially with the paywall of a TIP screen looming on a purchase where there was, in essence, no “service”. I am a generous tipper where warranted. But, please… a roll at the counter?

Cynthia Thai

There was a line outside the door on Saturday morning. It was about 30 mins wait in total. The employee takes your order when you get to the door so they can get started on it while you wait for the previous person to leave the store. Then you can go inside to pay for it and pick it up. Pastries were alright, I would take the danish over the croissant. I do not recommend the Swedish cinnamon roll because it was very dry.

Striker 50

Clean and orderly. Gives me memories of my time in Denmark (even though it’s swedish)
Support snap businesses!
Great location with outdoor seating and designated parking
Can pick up online orders in store, curbside, or alley. Great fresh bread selection and hand sanitizer in store

Jared Cohee

Excerpt from Eat the World Los Angeles:
Despite being around since the 1960’s, it was in 1991 that Berolina Bakery & Pastry Shop switched to its current ownership, a married team with roots in Stockholm, Sweden and Antwerp, Belgium. The couple had met in California four years prior to this and moved to Sweden together, but came back and transformed their new purchase into the European baking specialist it is today.

Overlooking a section of Verdugo Road in the northern foothills of Glendale, the bakery has the feeling of belonging to a bohemian town many miles away from the big city. Groups of cyclists and outdoor types roll in with all their equipment and take a break, enjoying the pleasant outdoor seating especially during months that are not blazing hot.

Come in the morning to take advantage of their breakfast sets, of which the simple Scandinavian breakfast ($7.50) provides the best sense of transport to your friend’s cabin in the woods outside of Stockholm. It comes with coffee and very fresh orange juice, a bread roll and Danish of your choice, and slices of havarti cheese. The poppy seed roll pairs nicely with the cheese, and the coffee is surprisingly good for a Swedish café. The Danish is just as light and delicious as the cinnamon roll, and for the price the set is quite a steal.

Mary Treinen

Absolute local gem, family favourite and must go for anyone in Glendale/Montrose. Delicious pastries, good coffee and the best bread in town. My family has been going for years and will continue to return!

jennifer b.

The best pastries and breads. Plus their Princess cake is super good. They have sandwiches and quiche too!!

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