Is there a non dairy hazelnut creamer?

Yes, there are several non-dairy hazelnut creamer options available for people who want to avoid dairy or are lactose intolerant. Non-dairy creamers provide the rich, nutty flavor of hazelnut without containing any milk ingredients.

What are the most popular non-dairy hazelnut creamers?

Some of the most popular non-dairy hazelnut creamers include:

  • Silk Hazelnut Creamer – Made from almond and coconut milk
  • Califia Farms Better Half Hazelnut Creamer – Made from almond milk and hazelnut oil
  • Nut Pods Hazelnut – Made from almond and coconut milk
  • Natural Bliss Fluid Non-Dairy Hazelnut Creamer – Made from oat and coconut milk
  • SO Delicious Hazelnut Beverage – Made from coconut milk

What ingredients are commonly used in non-dairy hazelnut creamers?

Non-dairy hazelnut creamers are made using a variety of nutritious plant-based ingredients like:

  • Almond milk – For creamy texture and nutty flavor
  • Coconut milk – For rich consistency and subtle sweetness
  • Oat milk – For smooth mouthfeel and neutral flavor
  • Cashew milk – For lush, velvety richness
  • Soy milk – For protein and faintly nutty taste
  • Rice milk – For light sweetness and hypoallergenic properties
  • Hazelnut oil – For authentic hazelnut flavor
  • Natural flavors – For enhancing the hazelnut taste
  • Sweeteners like cane sugar or maple syrup – For a touch of sweetness
  • Thickeners like gellan gum or xanthan gum – For creamy texture
  • Nutrients like vitamin B12 – For nutritional fortification

What are the benefits of using non-dairy hazelnut creamers?

There are many benefits to choosing non-dairy hazelnut creamers:

  • Lactose-free – Don’t contain lactose, which some people are intolerant to
  • Dairy-free – Safe for people with dairy allergies or sensitivities
  • Vegan – Made from 100% plant-based ingredients
  • Cruelty-free – Not tested on animals and vegan-friendly
  • Nutritious – Made from foods like almonds, coconuts, and oats
  • Rich taste – Provide delicious hazelnut flavor
  • Creamy texture – Give a smooth, creamy mouthfeel
  • Convenient – Ready-to-use and sold in shelf-stable packaging
  • Customizable – Can create dairy-free customized coffee drinks
  • Environmentally sustainable – Have a smaller carbon footprint than dairy

Are non-dairy hazelnut creamers healthy?

Non-dairy hazelnut creamers can be a healthier option compared to dairy-based creamers in some ways, but may be highly processed or contain added sugars. Here is a comparison of their healthfulness:

Potential benefits:

  • Usually lower in calories and fat than dairy creamers
  • Free of cholesterol, lactose, and animal products
  • May contain nutrients from ingredients like almonds or oats
  • Can be organic and non-GMO certified

Potential downsides:

  • Often contain added sugars or flavorings
  • May be low in protein compared to dairy
  • Can have thickening agents and stabilizers
  • Typically less natural or minimally processed

The healthiest options contain straightforward ingredients like nuts, seeds, and natural sweeteners. Checking the label and nutrient profile can help identify the creamers lowest in sugar and additives.

How do you use non-dairy hazelnut creamers?

Non-dairy hazelnut creamers can be used in place of regular dairy creamers in a variety of beverages and recipes, such as:

  • Coffee – Add a splash or dollop to hot or iced coffee for a nutty, creamy cup
  • Tea – Stir into chai or other teas to make a dairy-free, flavored drink
  • Hot chocolate – Whisk into warm milk substitutes for an indulgent but vegan cocoa
  • Smoothies – Blend into fruit or veggie smoothies for extra richness
  • Overnight oats – Mix into overnight oats along with plant milk and toppings
  • Desserts – Use in place of heavy cream in recipes for ice cream, pudding, etc.
  • Cereal – Drizzle over granola, oatmeal, or cold cereal for a flavor boost

The creamer can be added in amounts to taste, usually starting with 1-2 tablespoons per serving. Always shake or stir the creamer before using to evenly distribute the hazelnut flavor.

Which brand of non-dairy hazelnut creamer tastes the best?

The best tasting non-dairy hazelnut creamer comes down to personal preference, but some brands are frequently recommended for their exceptional flavor:

Brand Highlights
Nut Pods Rich and authentic hazelnut taste, smooth and creamy texture
Califia Farms Very natural flavor, robust hazelnut aroma, smooth almond base
Elmhurst Minimally processed, extremely creamy and velvety, subtle sweetness
Natural Bliss Pronounced nutty flavor, medium-thick consistency, foams well

However, choosing the right non-dairy hazelnut creamer depends on individual priorities for taste, texture, ingredients, and so on. It may require sampling different options to find a favorite.

What is the most affordable non-dairy hazelnut creamer?

Finding an affordable yet delicious non-dairy hazelnut creamer comes down to comparing prices and tasting different options. Here are some budget-friendly choices to consider:

  • Silk – Their almond-coconut creamer is widely available and usually under $4 per half gallon.
  • Natural Bliss – Often on sale for less than $4 for a large carton at major grocers.
  • Califia Farms – Frequently discounted to around $3.50 per quart bottle.
  • Trader Joe’s – Their in-house oat hazelnut creamer is only $2.99 per quart.
  • Nut Pods – Sold in multi-packs of smaller cartons for only $1 per serving.

Checking weekly ads, using coupons, and buying in bulk on sale can further lower the price. Generic or lesser known brands also offer cheaper options.

Can you make homemade non-dairy hazelnut creamer?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to make easy homemade hazelnut creamer using just a few simple ingredients:

  • Non-dairy milk – Such as almond, oat, soy, or coconut as the creamy base.
  • Hazelnuts – Either roasted whole, chopped, or hazelnut butter for flavor.
  • Sweetener – Maple syrup, brown sugar, vanilla, or other natural options.
  • Oil – A touch of neutral oil like avocado or sunflower oil for richness.
  • Extracts – Pure vanilla or almond extract for extra flavor depth.
  • Thickener – Cornstarch, arrowroot, or tapioca starch to improve consistency.

These ingredients are blended together until smooth and creamy. The homemade version allows control over the quality of ingredients. It can be kept refrigerated for up to 1 week and shaken before use. Adjusting the amounts and types of ingredients also lets you customize the flavor profile.


Non-dairy hazelnut creamers provide a tasty way for vegans, dairy-free eaters, or anyone looking to reduce milk intake to enjoy the same rich, nutty flavor in their favorite beverages and recipes. Brands like Silk, Califia Farms, Nut Pods, and others offer high-quality options made with plant-based ingredients that mimic the creamy texture of half-and-half. Non-dairy hazelnut creamers have health advantages by avoiding ingredients like lactose and cholesterol while providing nutrients from foods like almonds and coconuts. With some price comparisons, experimenting with different flavors, and occasional do-it-yourself versions, non-dairy hazelnut creamers can become a permanent, delicious fixture in any milk-free kitchen.

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