How to make a Tom Brady smoothie?

Tom Brady, quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is well known for his incredibly strict diet and exercise regimen that has allowed him to play football at an elite level into his 40s. A big part of his nutrition plan involves smoothies, which provide a convenient way to pack nutrients, protein, and energy into an easy, drinkable meal. Brady’s personal smoothie recipe features ingredients like almond butter, bananas, and collagen that support muscle recovery, brain health, and longevity. This article will provide a step-by-step guide to making a Tom Brady-approved smoothie that can boost your own performance.

Benefits of Tom Brady’s Smoothie

Tom Brady’s smoothie recipe provides a range of health and performance benefits, including:

– High protein content from ingredients like almond butter and protein powder to build and maintain muscle. Protein is essential for recovery after exercise.

– Good fats from ingredients like almond butter and avocado to reduce inflammation. Healthy fats also keep you full for longer.

– Antioxidants from berries to combat free radical damage from exercise and support immunity.

– Probiotics from yogurt to support gut health and digestion. A healthy gut optimizes nutrient absorption.

– Hydration from liquid ingredients to recover from sweat loss. Proper hydration enhances physical performance.

– Electrolytes like potassium and magnesium from coconut water and spinach to replenish what’s lost during exercise. Electrolyte balance optimizes muscle and nerve function.

– Fiber from ingredients like chia seeds and berries to improve satiety and digestive health. Fiber also feeds good gut bacteria.

– Phytonutrients from leafy greens and berries to boost immunity and reduce inflammation. These compounds have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make a Tom Brady morning smoothie:

– 1 cup almond milk (or milk of choice)
– 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
– 1 banana
– 1 cup frozen mixed berries
– 2 tablespoons almond butter
– 1 scoop vanilla plant-based protein powder
– 1 cup baby spinach
– 1/2 avocado
– 1 tablespoon chia seeds
– 1 cup coconut water


You’ll need the following equipment to make this smoothie:

– Blender – A high-powered blender like a Vitamix is ideal to fully break down fiber and extract nutrients from ingredients. But a regular blender will also work.

– Measuring cups – For accurately measuring out ingredients.

– Measuring spoons – For measuring smaller amounts of ingredients like chia seeds.

– Knife and cutting board – For chopping the banana and avocado.

– Mixing spoon – For stirring in any ingredients.


Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a Tom Brady morning smoothie:

1. Add the liquid ingredients to the blender first – Pour in the almond milk, coconut water, and Greek yogurt. The liquid helps the blending process.

2. Add the frozen ingredients – Add the banana and mixed frozen berries. Frozen ingredients help thicken and chill the smoothie.

3. Add the protein powder – Scoop in the vanilla protein powder. Brady uses a plant-based protein like pea protein.

4. Add the greens – Stuff the handful of spinach into the blender. Greens provide phytonutrients.

5. Add the healthy fats – Scoop in the almond butter and half an avocado. These provide filling fats.

6. Add the chia seeds – Sprinkle the chia seeds on top. Chia provides fiber and omega-3s.

7. Blend – Secure the lid and blend all ingredients on high until smooth and creamy. This takes 1-2 minutes.

8. Pour – Pour the smoothie into a glass and enjoy! For added texture you can add ice cubes.

Smoothie Adaptations

While those are the basics, you can adapt Brady’s smoothie template based on your own preferences and needs:

– Add anti-inflammatory spices like cinnamon, turmeric, or ginger

– Use different milks like oat milk, soy milk, or hazelnut milk

– Swap in different fruits like mango, pear, or citrus fruits

– Replace spinach with kale, Swiss chard, or another leafy green

– Use different healthy fats like walnuts, pecans, nut butter, or chia seeds

– Top with seeds, shredded coconut, cacao nibs, or oats for extra crunch

– Boost the protein content by adding collagen peptides, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, or vegan protein

– Adjust the liquid content to reach your desired thickness

Benefits of Specific Ingredients

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the standout ingredients in Brady’s smoothie and why they’re included:

Almond Butter

Almond butter provides protein, fiber, magnesium, and vitamin E. The protein helps build and repair muscles while the healthy fats keep you satiated. The nutrients support energy production, muscle health, and weight maintenance.


Bananas offer potassium, an electrolyte that is lost through sweat during workouts. The potassium helps muscles function properly and reduces cramps. Bananas also provide digestion-aiding fiber.

Mixed Berries

Berries like blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries deliver a hefty dose of antioxidants including anthocyanins. These compounds help neutralize damaging free radicals caused by exercise and reduce inflammation.

Protein Powder

A scoop of dairy-free protein powder amps up the muscle-building amino acids in the smoothie. Brady opts for plant-based protein like pea, hemp, or rice protein. Protein supports recovery after workouts.


Spinach introduces anti-inflammatory and antioxidant phytonutrients like lutein and beta-carotene. These compounds boost immunity, eye health, and cellular repair after strenuous exercise.


Avocado provides healthy monounsaturated fats that are anti-inflammatory. It also supplies fiber, potassium, and various antioxidants like vitamin E. These nutrients reduce post-workout inflammation.

Substitutions for Special Diets

Here are some substitutions you can make to adapt Brady’s smoothie to different diets:


– Use unsweetened dairy-free yogurt like coconut or almond yogurt instead of Greek yogurt
– Swap the dairy milk for a plant-based milk like almond, oat, or soy
– Use dairy-free protein powder like pea, hemp, or rice protein


– Replace almond butter with sunflower seed butter or pumpkin seed butter
– Use oat milk, coconut milk, or soy milk instead of almond milk
– Swap chia seeds for ground flaxseed


– Use plant-based protein powder instead of whey protein
– Replace Greek yogurt with coconut yogurt
– Use maple syrup instead of honey to sweeten
– Swap collagen peptides for plant-based collagen boosters like camu camu or acai powder


– Use unsweetened coconut or almond milk instead of regular dairy milk
– Replace banana with lower carb berries like raspberries
– Skip the protein powder and use more almond butter for protein
– Use MCT oil instead of almond butter for healthy fats


– Omit the chia seeds, yogurt, and avocado which are higher in FODMAPs
– Use lactose-free milk or coconut milk
– Replace spinach with arugula or romaine lettuce
– Swap banana for blueberries or strawberries

Storing and Serving Tips

Here are some tips for storing and serving your Tom Brady smoothie:

– Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days
– Freeze in portions for up to 3 months – just thaw overnight
– Stir well before drinking as ingredients can settle
– Add extra ice or cold water to chill if too warm
– Garnish with slices of banana, berries, coconut, or chia seeds
– Pour into a to-go cup with a straw for an on-the-go breakfast
– Use ice cube trays to make smoothie ice cubes from leftovers
– Pour into popsicle molds and freeze for healthy fruit and protein pops

Preparation Tips

Follow these tips for smooth prep and easy cleanup when making your smoothie:

– Prep your ingredients the night before so everything is ready to blend in the morning
– Wash and chop produce and store in individual containers in the fridge
– Measure out any dry ingredients like seeds, protein powder, etc.
– Combine all frozen ingredients in one container so they’re ready to grab
– Fill your blender with water and detergent immediately after use for easy cleanup
– Soak blender blades in warm soapy water for 10 minutes to clean thoroughly
– Wipe down the blender base and rinse all components before reassembling
– Let any remaining fresh fruit (like banana slices) air dry before storing to prevent sogginess

Sample Weekly Meal Plan

Here is a sample one week meal plan incorporating a daily Tom Brady smoothie:


Breakfast: Tom Brady Smoothie

Lunch: Veggie and Quinoa Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Dinner: Baked Salmon with Asparagus and Brown Rice


Breakfast: Tom Brady Smoothie

Lunch: Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Vegetable Soup

Dinner: Taco Bowls with Ground Turkey


Breakfast: Tom Brady Smoothie

Lunch: Spinach Salad with Chickpeas, Avocado and Egg

Dinner: Veggie Stir Fry with Tofu over Cauliflower Rice


Breakfast: Tom Brady Smoothie

Lunch: Turkey and Swiss Sandwich with Fruit Salad

Dinner: Veggie Pasta with Pomodoro Sauce


Breakfast: Tom Brady Smoothie

Lunch: Loaded Baked Sweet Potato and Greens

Dinner: Chicken Fajitas with Peppers and Onions


Breakfast: Tom Brady Smoothie

Lunch: Niçoise Salad with Seared Tuna

Dinner: Veggie Pizza with Side Salad


Breakfast: Tom Brady Smoothie

Lunch: Grilled Chicken Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

Dinner: Zoodle Bolognese with Spiralized Zucchini

The Tom Brady Smoothie Lifestyle

Here are some tips for making Tom Brady smoothies a part of your regular nutrition routine:

– Make it part of your morning ritual – set up your blender and ingredients the night before

– Stick to a daily smoothie schedule, even on weekends or holidays

– Get creative and make it fun by trying new recipes, mix-ins, and toppings

– Use it to replace less healthy breakfasts like pastries, sugary cereal, or fast food

– Whip up a double batch and save half for the next day’s breakfast or snack

– Follow Brady’s lead and pair it with nutrient-dense whole foods like salads, lean protein, and veggies

– Don’t overload on fruit – follow his template with mostly greens and healthy fats

– Make sure to eat protein and fiber at each meal to stay full and stabilize energy

– Always pack your smoothie to-go when traveling so you have a healthy breakfast option

Tom Brady Smoothie FAQs

Get answers to some frequently asked questions about the Tom Brady morning smoothie:

Why is Tom Brady’s smoothie good for athletes?

It provides protein for building muscle, carbs for fuel, antioxidants for recovery, and electrolytes like potassium for hydration. The nutrients support exercise performance and energy.

When should you drink a Tom Brady smoothie?

Brady drinks it for breakfast daily, but you can enjoy it any time of day as a meal replacement or nutritious snack. Have it post-workout for optimal recovery.

Can you meal prep Tom Brady smoothies?

Yes, blend up a batch to last 2-3 days stored in the fridge. You can also freeze individual portions to grab and blend as needed. Let thaw slightly before blending.

What can I add to a Tom Brady smoothie?

Some healthy add-ins include nut butter, seeds, cacao nibs, cinnamon, fresh ginger, spirulina, moringa, camu camu powder, hemp seeds, oats, and collagen peptides.

Is Tom Brady’s smoothie good for weight loss?

Yes, it’s nutrient-dense but low in calories, and the protein and fiber help you stay full. Substitute lower calorie milks and fruits to reduce calories without sacrificing nutrition.


Tom Brady’s smoothie packs a nutritious punch with protein, healthy fats, anti-inflammatory fruits and veggies, and hydrating ingredients that all support exercise recovery, energy levels, cell repair, and overall wellness. Adopting his daily smoothie habit is an easy way to boost your intake of muscle-building, performance-enhancing nutrients. With some simple prep and grab-and-go portability, the Brady smoothie can help anyone achieve higher levels of health, vitality, and longevity.

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