How do I check the balance on my Stop & Shop gift card?

Checking the balance on a Stop & Shop gift card is easy and can be done in a few different ways. With a Stop & Shop gift card, you can check the balance online, by phone, or at a Stop & Shop store. Keep reading to learn the different options for checking your Stop & Shop gift card balance.

Check Balance Online

The easiest way to check your Stop & Shop gift card balance is online. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to and click “Check Gift Card Balance” at the top of the page.
  2. Enter the 16-digit gift card number located on the back of the card.
  3. Enter the 4-digit security code also found on the back of the card.
  4. Click “Check Balance.”

Your current Stop & Shop gift card balance will be displayed on the page. This is the fastest and most convenient way to check your balance 24/7.

Check Balance by Phone

You can also check your Stop & Shop gift card balance by calling the toll-free number on the back of the card. Here’s how:

  1. Locate the toll-free number on the back of your Stop & Shop gift card.
  2. Dial the toll-free number from any touch-tone phone.
  3. Follow the automated system prompts to check your balance by entering the gift card number and security code when asked.

The automated system will speak your current gift card balance. Make sure to have your gift card handy so you can easily enter the card number and security code.

Check Balance at Store

Checking your Stop & Shop gift card balance in person at any Stop & Shop store is also an option. Here’s what to do:

  1. Bring your Stop & Shop gift card to any Stop & Shop customer service desk.
  2. Hand the gift card to the cashier and request to check the balance.
  3. The cashier will swipe the card through the payment terminal to retrieve the current balance.
  4. The gift card balance will display on the register screen and the cashier can tell you the amount.

This method allows you to check your balance while shopping in store. Keep in mind that not all locations may offer gift card balance checks at the service desk.

Reasons to Check Your Balance

Here are some key reasons to check your Stop & Shop gift card balance regularly:

  • Avoid surprises at checkout – By knowing your balance beforehand, you can avoid coming up short at the register.
  • Use up small balances – You don’t want to waste any remaining funds. Checking your balance lets you know if you have a small amount left to use up.
  • Monitor gift card usage – Checking your balance helps you track spending and budget your gift card funds appropriately.
  • Identify errors – Reviewing your balance can help you identify any incorrect charges or unauthorized use of your card.

Checking Balance Protects You

Knowing your current Stop & Shop gift card balance at all times protects you from problems and mistakes. You can catch errors quickly and avoid the hassle of trying to get refunded later. Routinely checking your balance also ensures you don’t lose track of any remaining funds.

Easy to Check Balance

Stop & Shop makes it incredibly quick and easy to check your gift card balance. With the online, phone, and in-store options, you can find your balance in minutes and know exactly how much is left to shop with.

Keep Your Receipts

Hold on to your Stop & Shop gift card receipts as backup documentation of your balance. If there is ever a dispute about the balance shown, your receipts provide proof of the funds added and purchases made with the card. Disputes are rare but keeping receipts lets you quickly resolve any issues.

Contact Stop & Shop Customer Service

If you are unable to confirm your Stop & Shop gift card balance using the online, phone, or in-store options, you can call Stop & Shop customer service for assistance. The number is 1-877-746-7748. Representatives are available 24/7 and can look up your balance for you after verifying details about the card.

Store Policies

Be aware of the official policies for Stop & Shop gift cards:

  • No fees – There are no fees for checking your balance.
  • No expiration – Stop & Shop gift cards do not expire.
  • Reporting lost cards – Call 1-877-746-7748 immediately if your card is lost or stolen to report it.
  • Not redeemable for cash – Gift card balances cannot be redeemed for cash back.

Check Balance Before Shopping

Get into the habit of checking your Stop & Shop gift card balance before you shop. Knowing exactly how much is on the card prevents any unpleasant surprises at the register. You can even ask the cashier to check the balance for you when you first enter the store.

Monitoring Usage

Frequently checking your Stop & Shop gift card balance helps you monitor usage and track spending. When you regularly review balances, you can better manage the funds and avoid fully depleting the card sooner than expected.


With gift cards, it’s easy to lose track of your spending unless you regularly check balances. When you check your Stop & Shop card balance often, you can follow your gift card budget more closely.

Avoid Overdrafts

One significant advantage of knowing your current balance is avoiding overdrafts. When your gift card balance is getting low, you can plan to add funds. Running a zero balance and scanning an item results in an embarrassing overdraft.

Online Benefits

Checking your Stop & Shop gift card balance online allows you to monitor funds 24/7 from anywhere. You don’t need to wait for stores to open or call during business hours. The online option also avoids waiting in customer service lines to check at a store.

Calling for Balance

The automated phone system makes it easy to check your balance by calling the toll-free number on the card at any time of day or night. No need to talk to a live representative unless you need additional help.

In-Store Options

Having your Stop & Shop gift card balance checked while shopping in store is convenient. Cashiers can quickly process a balance inquiry at checkout lanes or service desks.

Saving Time

Checking your gift card balance online or by phone is much faster than going to a store in person. The automated systems provide instant access without waiting or traveling. Opt for the quickest method to fit your schedule.

Avoiding Fees

Stop & Shop provides free balance checks as a service to gift card holders. Many retailers charge fees for balance inquiries, but you can check your Stop & Shop card at no cost.

Easy to Understand

The gift card balances displayed online or provided over the phone are simple and clear. The exact remaining funds are shown, so there is no confusion about your available card amount.

Keeping Good Records

Making a note each time you check your Stop & Shop gift card balance helps you maintain up-to-date records. Tracking balances provides helpful spending history in case you need to review card usage.

Catch Errors Quickly

By checking your balance frequently, you can quickly catch any fraudulent charges or other errors. Identifying issues sooner allows for faster resolution with Stop & Shop customer assistance.

Avoiding Lost Funds

When you neglect to check the balance remaining on your Stop & Shop gift card, you risk losing track of funds as the balance dwindles. Monitoring your balance helps prevent wasted money.

Making Returns

If you need to return an item purchased with your Stop & Shop gift card, checking your balance afterward verifies the refund was properly processed. The total should increase by your return amount.

Expiration Dates

Stop & Shop gift cards have no fees or expiration dates. The funds never expire, so don’t worry about losing your balance due to non-use over time when you check the balance months later.


Stop & Shop gift cards can be used to check balances and make purchases at any Stop & Shop store nationwide. Your card works at all locations across the country.

Security Codes

To check your Stop & Shop gift card online or by phone, you will need to enter the 4-digit security code from the back of the card. Never share this code with anyone besides Stop & Shop representatives when checking your balance.

Reporting Lost Cards

Contact Stop & Shop immediately if your gift card is lost or stolen. Calling to report a missing card will prevent unauthorized use of the funds. Stop & Shop will work with you to handle lost card issues.

Save Time and Hassle

Checking your Stop & Shop gift card balance upfront saves time and avoids hassle at the register. You gain peace of mind by knowing exactly where you stand in terms of gift card funds.

Track Your Usage

Stop & Shop provides gift card balance checks so you can closely track card usage and spending patterns over time. Monitor your totals to gain helpful spending insights.

Avoid Guesswork

With regular balance checks, you never have to guess how much is left on your Stop & Shop gift card. Definitive balance data eliminates the uncertainty.

Easy Balance Information

Stop & Shop strives to provide fast, easy access to gift card balance information whenever you need it across online, phone and retail channels.

Balance Checking Method Key Benefits
Online Fastest, accessible anytime from anywhere
Phone Convenient audio balance access by automated system
In-store Balance checks while you shop

Troubleshooting Issues

On rare occasions, you may encounter issues trying to check your Stop & Shop gift card balance. Here is some troubleshooting advice:

  • Double check card number – Carefully re-enter the full 16-digit card number if errors occur.
  • Verify security code – Confirm you have the correct 4-digit code from the card back.
  • Try different methods – Attempt the online, phone, and in-store options in case one channel is down.
  • Contact customer service – For persistent issues, call Stop & Shop support for further investigation.

Important Customer Information

Stop & Shop works diligently to protect your gift card information and provide accurate, up-to-date balances. Visit and select Gift Cards to view official policies and FAQs about checking gift card balances.

Simple Process

Gift card technology makes checking Stop & Shop balances a quick, simple process online, by phone, or in store. Take advantage of the easy options to monitor card funds.

Know Before You Shop

The key benefit of checking your Stop & Shop gift card balance is knowing exactly how much you have to spend before shopping. Avoid surprises by checking in advance.

Learn More

Stop & Shop aims to provide excellent service to gift card holders. Get in touch with any questions about checking your card balance. Contact info can be found at under Customer Support.


Checking your Stop & Shop gift card balance is fast and simple. Use the online, phone, or in-store options at any time to view your available funds. Monitor your balance regularly to avoid overspending and keep usage on track. With this guide, you can easily check your Stop & Shop card balance and shop with confidence.

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