Where do you keep brooms and mops in a small apartment?

Living in a small apartment can make organizing cleaning tools like brooms and mops challenging. However, with some creative thinking and strategic storage solutions, you can find a home for them even in a compact space. This article will provide tips for the best places to store brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools when you’re working with a small apartment layout.

Entryway/Front Closet

The entryway or front closet of an apartment is often one of the best spots to store frequently used cleaning tools like brooms and mops. This allows you to quickly and easily access them when you need them for quick cleanups. Consider mounting a wall rack, over-the-door hooks, or a canvas bucket caddy on the back of the closet door to neatly store brooms, mops, and dusters. A tall, narrow utility cart tucked into a front closet can also provide upright storage space. Just be sure to measure first so it actually fits! If space is extremely tight, a couple broom holders mounted right on the wall may be your only option, but this will at least keep them in one spot by the door.


The kitchen is used heavily day-to-day, so it’s handy to keep cleaning tools like brooms and mops nearby this high-traffic area. Fortunately, the kitchen often offers storage nooks that can be repurposed for broom and mop storage. Consider stashing them in the space between the refrigerator and wall, tucking them into a deep corner cabinet, or using a tension rod to create vertical storage space in a kitchen cabinet. For a quick grab-and-go option, use spring-loaded holders to mount brooms or mops directly on the inside of a cabinet door. Just be sure they are completely dry before putting them away in a kitchen cabinet to prevent moisture damage over time.


Like the kitchen, the bathroom requires frequent cleaning, so storing supplies in or near this room makes sense. Install wall hooks on the back of the bathroom or linen closet door to hang brooms and mops vertically. You can also mount a corner shelf or wire rack for upright storage. For a more enclosed option, install a narrow floor-to-ceiling freestanding cabinet in an unused corner of the bathroom. Just be sure brooms and mops are completely dry before storing them in the humidity of a bathroom to prevent mildew growth.

Inside Closets

Even though they’re out of sight, brooms and mops can be tucked away in clothes closets as long as the space allows. Install a mounted tool rack or slat wall system on the back of the closet wall. You can also screw in hooks at varying heights to hang handles. For quick access, hang them on the back of the closet door using over-door storage racks or canvas hangers. If you don’t want to store cleaning tools directly with clothing, install a narrow utility closet or locker in an unused nook to stash them out of the way.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is a natural place to store cleaning tools, especially those that require access to water, like mops and brooms. Mounted wall holders or corner racks keep mops and brooms neatly organized and up off the floor. For a flexible option, install a multi-tiered wire shelving unit to store supplies. You can stand brooms and mops upright, stash spray bottles on shelves, and use baskets to corral smaller supplies. Laundry rooms are often damp, so store brooms and mops with the bristles facing down so they dry out between uses.

Inside Cabinets/Under Sinks

For a hidden storage option, stow brooms and mops inside kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Use tall, narrow spaces like the area behind the pipes under a sink. Cutting down the handle allows them to fit into otherwise wasted space. Create an organized home for cleaning tools in cabinet dead space with a caddy or divided bin. These options allow you to quickly grab supplies when needed but tuck them out of sight when guests are over.

Garage/Storage Unit

If you have access to a garage, shed or offsite storage unit, you can keep infrequently used backup mops and brooms in this area. This clears up prime real estate in your apartment for items you need on a regular basis. The garage or storage unit also provides a place to keep bulky or oversized items like wet/dry shop vacuums, extra buckets, and cleaning caddies. Just be sure mops and brooms are thoroughly dry before storing them long term to prevent mildew growth.

Small/Narrow Spaces

Take advantage of the narrow, often underutilized spaces in an apartment when storing long-handled cleaning tools. Tuck brooms and mops into the tight area beside the refrigerator, behind doors, between the washer and dryer, or in the space under kitchen cabinets. Use spring clamps or clips to secure them in place horizontally. You can also store brooms vertically in a tall, narrow utility cart or freestanding cabinet tucked into an unused space.

Multipurpose Furniture

Repurpose furniture you already have to store cleaning supplies creatively. Stand brooms and mops upright in a basket or bin. Slide them under the couch or bed when not in use. Place them horizontally in a coat rack with the bristles facing down so they don’t get bent. Or stash them behind a mirror or piece of artwork that can be tilted away from the wall. Always be on the lookout for unused spaces that can be converted into cleaning supply storage with a little creativity.

Wall Mounted

Mounting broom and mop storage directly on the wall maximizes vertical storage space while keeping items up off the floor. Wall-mounted options like brackets, holders and racks can be installed anywhere from the kitchen to the laundry room. Choose wall-mounted racks with spring-loaded arms to securely grip handles in place. Opt for holders with staggered tiers to store multiple brooms and mops on one unit. Take measurements first and install wall storage at least 6 inches off the floor and 6 inches away from corners.

Over the Door

One of the most space-efficient options for small apartments is over-the-door storage. Hooks, brackets and canvas caddies that hang on the back of nearly any door provide vertical storage space for brooms, mops, dustpans and other cleaning tools. Look for over-the-door units with multiple adjustable hooks and tiers to customize the space. Check that the door has enough clearance to fully open and close when storage items are in place. Over-the-door options keep frequently used cleaning tools easily accessible.

Freestanding Storage

Freestanding storage units provide flexible, movable options for keeping cleaning supplies organized in small spaces. Narrow utility carts tuck into tight nooks and corners while providing upright storage for brooms and mops. Install small shelving units or stacked cabinets in unused alcoves to neatly store a variety of cleaning products. Rolling caddies allow you to move cleaning supplies from room to room. Look for narrow, vertical freestanding storage units that fit in tight spaces. Include drawers, shelves and hooks to keep all your cleaning gear tidy.

Hidden Storage

Take advantage of the often forgotten spaces in your apartment when looking for storage spots for brooms and mops. Tuck them into the tight area behind open doors or in the entryway coat closet down near the floor. Slide brooms and mops under furniture like beds, couches or desks. You can also hide them behind artwork or mirrors mounted away from the wall. Use clips or clamps to secure brooms and mops horizontally in narrow, concealed spaces to get them out of the way.

Plastic Storage Totes

For a budget-friendly storage option, use plastic storage totes to corral cleaning supplies in bedroom closets, under beds or on high shelves. Look for slim totes and under-bed containers that slide easily onto closet shelves and maximize vertical real estate. Label the lids clearly so you know which tub contains mops and brooms versus cleaning products. While not the most beautiful option, plastic totes are inexpensive, lightweight and can be easily moved around.

Entryway/Mudroom Ideas

Option Pros Cons
Wall-mounted broom rack Keeps brooms and mops neatly stored but easily accessible Items will be visible
Over-door storage canvas Hangs on back of door for vertical storage Door access may be limited
Freestanding tall cabinet Provides enclosed storage Takes up floor space

Kitchen Ideas

Option Pros Cons
Inside cabinet door Convenient but hidden storage Limits cabinet access
Between refrigerator and wall Uses dead space Hard to access items
Under sink caddy Keeps supplies organized in one spot Must bend down to access

Bathroom Ideas

Option Pros Cons
Corner floor cabinet Provides enclosed storage Takes up floor space
Wall-mounted rack Easy to access supplies Exposed storage
Under sink organizer Keeps items tidy but hidden Must bend down to access

Bedroom Closet Ideas

Option Pros Cons
Wall slat system Customizable storage Exposed storage
Over-door canvas Doesn’t take up floor space Blocks door access
Behind clothes Completely hidden storage Hard to access items

Laundry Room Ideas

Option Pros Cons
Wall-mounted rack Easy to access and grab items Exposed storage
Freestanding wire shelves Customizable storage Takes up floor space
Corner unit Uses empty space in room Only fits a couple items

Best Practices

Follow these tips to make the most of your small apartment when organizing brooms, mops and other cleaning tools:

  • Look for vertical storage options like wall-mounted, over-door, or freestanding tall/narrow units
  • Install storage close to high-traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and entryway
  • Use space efficiently with corner units, tension rods, or racks inside existing cabinets
  • Repurpose furniture like coat racks, stools, and bins for broom and mop storage
  • Keep cleaning tools dry between uses to prevent mildew growth
  • Cut broom or mop handles to fit them into tight spaces
  • Label storage bins and cabinets so items can be found easily
  • Invest in duplicates for high-traffic areas rather than carrying supplies room to room


Small apartments may be short on space but not on storage solutions for essential cleaning tools like brooms and mops. Getting creative with mounting options, repurposing furniture, and taking advantage of unused nooks will provide plenty of spots to tuck them out of the way. Just remember to keep frequently used supplies within easy reach for quick tidying between deep cleans. With some strategic planning upfront, you can keep your small apartment clean and clutter-free.

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