Is Pizza Ranch an Iowa thing?

Pizza Ranch is a fast-casual restaurant chain with roots in Iowa, specializing in legendary pizza and chicken. Founded in Hull, Iowa in 1981, Pizza Ranch’s growth over the years has seen the chain expand to more than 200 locations in 14 states across the Midwest, including more than 100 places in Iowa alone.

From diners to buffet-style restaurants, Pizza Ranch offers an extensive menu of pizzas, salads, sides, desserts, wings, wraps and more. The restaurant chain quickly became a popular destination for locals and travelers alike, and it’s now widely associated with Iowa culture.

The restaurants themselves feature family-friendly atmospheres and Old West themes, making it a great place for all ages to connect over a meal and good conversation.

Where did Pizza Ranch originate from?

Pizza Ranch was founded in 1981 in Hull, Iowa by Adrie and Lawrence Vander Esch. It all started with a dream of providing home-style meals to those living in small rural towns. They first opened a single location in Hull, and from there, the business flourished.

Pizza Ranch has now grown to over 200 locations in 14 states. With its unique concept of offering both Buffet and Carry Out, Pizza Ranch has found success in communities throughout the Midwest. The restaurants are known for their western hospitality, offering legendary food and generous portions.

Moreover, Pizza Ranch is dedicated to serving its local communities, providing an ideal place for family dinners, meetings, parties, fundraisers and more. Pizza Ranch often takes part in community activities, whether they are sponsoring local schools, hosting all-you-can-eat fundraisers, or working with churches and nonprofits.

What state has the most Pizza Ranch?

Iowa is the state with the most Pizza Ranch restaurants. With its headquarters located in Iowa, Pizza Ranch has been operating in its home state since 1981. Currently, Pizza Ranch owns and operates 77 restaurants across Iowa, making it the top state for Pizza Ranch locations.

All 77 locations are open for business and offer dine-in, delivery, carry-out, and catering services. Some of the popular items on Pizza Ranch’s menu include chicken tenders, bacon ranch pizzas, and cowboy pizzas.

Who founded Pizza Ranch?

Pizza Ranch was founded in 1981 by Adrie Groeneweg and Lawrence Vander Esch. Originally opened in Hull, Iowa, the pizza restaurant quickly gained popularity and the founders began their expansion plans.

Since then, Pizza Ranch has grown to over 215 locations across 13 states, with franchises and company-owned locations, backed by a team of over 4,000 employees. Every restaurant follows the original Pizza Ranch recipes and standards of excellence, which have been refined and perfected over the past four decades.

With its warm and inviting atmosphere, original recipes, and dedication to serving quality fare, Pizza Ranch invites guests to “Craving More” of its signature “Buffet Your Way” experience. Pizza Ranch’s commitment to giving back resonates with customers, who have helped the restaurant reach over $3 million donated to local causes and organizations in the last two years alone.

What is Iowa style pizza?

Iowa style pizza is a unique take on traditional pizza that originated in the state of Iowa. It has a thick and buttery crust that is cooked until it becomes golden-brown and crisp. The pizza is usually slathered in melted butter before baking to create an extra crisp and flavorful crust.

The pizza’s toppings usually consist of a tomato-based sauce, Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and sometimes even pickled banana peppers. Iowa-style pizza is a traditional favorite for family and friends alike.

Its thick and flavorful crust, combined with delicious toppings, makes it an irresistible choice. Many pizza places have begun to offer Iowa-style pizza as a specialty dish, allowing customers to enjoy the unique flavor of Iowa’s own take on this classic favorite.

Do New Yorkers put ranch on pizza?

This is a question that divides New Yorkers, as some people love it and others strongly dislike it. To put it simply, the answer is yes – some New Yorkers do put ranch on pizza. However, this is only limited to certain parts of the state, as the practice is not particularly widespread.

For instance, upstate New York is less likely to embrace the trend of adding ranch to pizza.

Given that ranch is usually used as a salad dressing rather than a pizza topping, some people criticize the practice while others find it to be an interesting new way to enjoy the classic dish. Ranch pizza really took off in the Midwest, however, some New Yorkers have adopted the practice as well.

The answer ultimately hinges on personal preference. Some New Yorkers put ranch on their pizzas to add a bit of flavor and texture, while others consider it to be an abomination!

When was Pizza Ranch founded?

Pizza Ranch was founded in 1981 in Hull, Iowa, by Don and Adele Carson. The Carsons opened their family-friendly restaurant with the mission to provide a large variety of pizzas with a friendly, community-focused atmosphere.

They also wanted to bring a new restaurant concept to their hometown and offer a family-friendly establishment with a shareable buffet. Since their opening, Pizza Ranch has grown to over 200 restaurants in 13 states around the Midwest United States.

Pizza Ranch is still family owned and run to this day and still upholds the original mission to serve the local communities with quality food and exceptional service.

Is ranch just an American thing?

No, ranch is not just an American thing. While it is a popular condiment in the United States, ranch dressing has also gained popularity around the world. In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Italy, France and other countries, ranch-based dips and dressings are found on restaurant menus, in grocery stores and in many homes.

Additionally, some non-American takes on ranch dressing, such as Mexican ranch and Italian ranch, have become popular worldwide.

Do Italians use ranch on pizza?

No, Italians traditionally do not use ranch on pizza. The classic Italian pizzas are topped with a variety of ingredients, such as cheese, tomato sauce, herbs, and meats, but not ranch. Ranch dressing is an American condiment, developed in the 1950s, and it is not considered a traditional Italian topping.

In fact, some Italians may find the idea of ranch on pizza quite odd! For a true Italian pizza experience, try traditional toppings such as tomato sauce, fresh basil, oregano, garlic, and cheese. If you’re looking for something outside of the Italian pizza norms, you can always experiment with new toppings, such as ranch, to create your own unique pizza!.

What is dominos ranch?

Domino’s Ranch is a ranch located in Texas near the town of Terlingua. It is owned and operated by Domino’s Pizza, and serves as a production facility for creating Domino’s Rome and other dishes. The ranch covers 5,400 acres, and the terrain ranges from desert to mountains.

Domino’s Ranch is a 3,000-acre working cattle ranch, where Texas Longhorns graze the hillsides and cactus peppers are hand-picked for pizza toppings. The cattle are managed as a commercial operation.

The brand’s food innovation takes place here by working with its culinary experts, farmers, ranchers and artisanal producers to develop new products and flavors. At the ranch, National Chefs from the U.

S. and abroad are hosted for periodic workshops and research trips. Domino’s Ranch also is home to an apiary, where honey is harvested for mock-tails, antibiotics for the ranch’s livestock, and for research.

As part of its commitment to the community, Domino’s Ranch is committed to preserving the environment, the culture and heritage of Terlingua, and its commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Who owns Pizza Ranch in Sioux Falls?

The original Pizza Ranch was founded by Dutch immigrants Adrie and Lawrence Grotenhuis in Hull, Iowa in 1981. The first location in Sioux Falls opened in 1989 and today, there are two locations in the city that are both independently-owned by local franchise operator, Cody’s Pizza Ranch LLC.

This company is owned and operated by Cody Beaver, a Sioux Falls-based entrepreneur and seasoned restauranteur. Since taking ownership of the Pizza Ranch franchises in Sioux Falls, Mr. Beaver has implemented a franchise system that enables local restaurateurs to take ownership of their restaurants, allowing each location to develop their own identity and culture.

Who won the Pizza Ranch Ford Bronco?

The lucky winner of the Pizza Ranch Ford Bronco was Kenneth Berka from Arvada, Colorado. Berka was selected from nearly 6,000 entries from around the country to win the grand prize. The competition was announced in celebration of Pizza Ranch’s 30th Anniversary, and the winner was chosen through an independent random selection process.

Berka was presented with the keys to the Ford Bronco on June 24th, 2020, at the Arvada Pizza Ranch location.

Berka was elated to be the winner and stated, “Winning this Bronco is a dream come true. I’m absolutely blown away. I’m so thankful to Pizza Ranch and Ford Motor Company for this opportunity. This Bronco is even more beautiful than I imagined.


Berka was also treated to an exciting surprise during the presentation; Pizza Ranch covered three years of expenses for the Bronco. This included vehicle maintenance and repair costs, replacement parts, fuel, and even car washes.

The Pizza Ranch team also provided Berka with a personalized gift basket for him to enjoy.

Berka’s Bronco is a bronzed-copper 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition four-door, with a six-cylinder engine and four-wheel drive. The vehicle includes a state-of-the-art stereo system with wireless streaming and a digital instrument cluster.

This once-in-a-lifetime competition was a great success, and the winner has his dream vehicle – a brand-new Ford Bronco. Congratulations to Kenneth Berka!

How long has Pizza Ranch been around?

Pizza Ranch was founded in 1981 by Adrie and Lawrence Vander Berg in Hull, Iowa. They first opened a small, 400-square-foot restaurant, which still operates today and provides a subtle reminder of their humble beginnings.

Over the past four decades, Pizza Ranch has grown to include over 200 locations in 13 states and has become a Midwest favorite of pizza, chicken, and other food enthusiasts. In addition to its restaurant presence, Pizza Ranch continues to be a strong corporate citizen with a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to the communities it serves.

This commitment is expressed through the Pizza Ranch Promise, which expresses the core mission of Pizza Ranch. Despite the growth of Pizza Ranch over the past 40+ years, the values and commitment originated by Adrie and Lawrence remain firmly in place at each of the Pizza Ranch locations.

How many calories are in a pizza ranch dessert pizza?

The amount of calories in a Pizza Ranch dessert pizza varies depending on the type of dessert pizza you order. While their popular Original Cream Strips contains 410 calories, the number of calories found in the Caramel Apple Dessert Pizza is 440 and the Triple Chocolate Dessert Pizza is 425 calories per serving.

All Pizza Ranch Dessert Pizzas are served with a side of vanilla ice cream, and the nutrition info can be found on the Pizza Ranch website, under the “Nutrition Information” tab.

What is Pizza Ranch dessert pizza?

Pizza Ranch dessert pizza is an iconic dessert crafted at Pizza Ranch restaurants, a Midwest chain with more than 200 locations across the United States. The pizza has a sweet vanilla cream cheese sauce, graham cracker crust, and a generous helping of cinnamon, sugar, and butter streusel topping.

It is then finished with a drizzle of creamy icing.

This unmistakable sweet and salty dessert pizza is a crowd favorite among all ages and preferences, making it the perfect way to finish off a meal at any Pizza Ranch. It can also be ordered a la carte, or in family packs to bring home.

Pizza Ranch dessert pizza can be shared among friends, family, or colleagues to end any gathering on a delightful note.

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