How much mL does a VUSE pod?

VUSE pods contain 0.9 mL of e-liquid per pod. This is a standard amount for most pre-filled pod vaping systems like JUUL and VUSE. The e-liquid capacity can vary slightly between pod brands, but 0.9 mL is typical for a single pod.

A Closer Look at VUSE Pods

VUSE pods are designed for use with VUSE e-cigarettes and vape pens. There are a few different types of VUSE pods available:

  • VUSE Alto Pods – Contain 0.9 mL of e-liquid per pod, compatible with the VUSE Alto device
  • VUSE Vibe Pods – Also contain 0.9 mL per pod, made for the VUSE Vibe vape pen
  • VUSE Ciro Pods – 0.9 mL per pod, work with the Ciro vape pen

So regardless of the specific VUSE device, the pods all have a standard 0.9 mL e-liquid capacity. This allows for around 200-300 puffs per pod, depending on your vaping habits.

How VUSE Pod Capacity Compares to Other Brands

Here’s how the 0.9 mL per pod capacity of VUSE stacks up against some other top pre-filled pod brands:

Brand Pod E-Liquid Capacity
JUUL 0.7 mL
NJOY Ace 0.9 mL
Suorin Drop 2 mL
STLTH 1.2 mL

As you can see, VUSE and NJOY pods contain the same 0.9 mL amount of e-liquid. JUUL pods are slightly smaller at 0.7 mL, while Suorin Drop and STLTH pods hold more at 2 mL and 1.2 mL respectively.

So in terms of major pre-filled pod systems, the VUSE 0.9 mL capacity is pretty standard. It offers a good balance between portability and e-liquid supply before needing to replace pods.

Benefits of 0.9 mL VUSE Pods

There are a few advantages to VUSE using 0.9 mL pods versus larger or smaller capacities:

  • Portability – The pods are small and lightweight enough to carry around discreetly.
  • Battery life – The 0.9 mL capacity is optimized for the battery in VUSE devices.
  • Cost-effectiveness – You get a decent e-liquid supply per pod without excessive waste.
  • Nicotine delivery – Each pod can provide consistent nicotine levels from start to finish.

With a more substantial e-liquid supply like 2 mL, the flavor and nicotine delivery would start to degrade before you finished the whole pod. The 0.9 mL size provides the best overall user experience.

Disadvantages of 0.9 mL VUSE Pods

There are a couple potential drawbacks to the 0.9 mL capacity compared to larger pods:

  • Lower e-liquid supply – You may need to replace pods more frequently than with larger 2 mL+ pods.
  • Less vapor production – More e-liquid could mean bigger vapor clouds.
  • Refilling needs – 0.9 mL doesn’t leave much room for refilling pods.

However, the size keeps the device more portable. And VUSE pods are designed as disposables, not for refilling. The vapor production is designed to match the battery and e-liquid capacity.

VUSE Pod E-Liquid Flavors

VUSE pods come in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavors. Here are some of the most popular pre-filled and blank pod options:

Flavor Description
Blueberry Sweet blueberry flavor, available in 2.4% or 5% nicotine strength.
Crisp Melon Refreshing honeydew melon taste, 2.4% or 5% nicotine.
Mixed Berry Blend of berry flavors, 2.4% or 5% nicotine.
Classic Tobacco Smooth tobacco profile, 2.4% or 5% nicotine.
Blank Unflavored base for adding your own e-liquid, available with or without nicotine.

VUSE also offers limited edition pods in rotating seasonal flavors like Apple Cider, Frosted Mint, Peach and more. All flavored pods contain 0.9 mL of vape juice per pod.

How Long Does a VUSE Pod Last?

On average, a VUSE pod will last for:

  • 200 puffs (for lighter use)
  • 300 puffs (for average use)
  • Potentially more puffs with minimal use

This can translate to:

  • 1-2 days (light use)
  • 2-3 days (average use)
  • 5+ days (minimal use)

However, pod life can vary depending on your personal vaping habits. Factors like frequency of use, length of draws, and others impact how many puffs you get out of each 0.9 mL VUSE pod.

Getting the Most from Your VUSE Pods

Here are some tips to maximize the pod life from each 0.9 mL VUSE pod:

  • Take shorter puffs instead of long deep draws
  • Allow 10-15 seconds between puffs
  • Don’t chain vape excessively
  • Switch between multiple flavored pods instead of vaping the same pod repeatedly
  • When nearly empty, remove pod to prevent dry hits
  • Store unused pods properly to avoid leaks or waste

Following these tips will help you vape through the 0.9 mL at a more moderate pace. This prevents premature burning, dry hits, and leakage.

Signs Your VUSE Pod is Empty

Here are some signs that your 0.9 mL VUSE pod is fully vaped and ready to be replaced:

  • Decreased vapor production
  • Loss of flavor intensity
  • Gurgling sounds
  • Burnt taste
  • No vapor produced at all

Once you notice these signs, remove the empty pod and replace it with a fresh one. Using pods until they are fully empty can lead to dry puffs and burning.

Buying VUSE Pods

You can buy VUSE pods in packs of 2, 4 or 5 pods:

Package Includes
2-pack 2 pods (1.8 mL total)
4-pack 4 pods (3.6 mL total)
5-pack 5 pods (4.5 mL total)

Prices typically range from $10-$20 USD per pack, depending on your location. Purchasing multiple packs at once can offer bulk discounts.

VUSE pods are available online, in vape shops, convenience stores, gas stations and other retailers. Be sure to check the expiration date on pods before purchasing.

Alternatives to VUSE Pods

If you want to move away from the VUSE system, here are some alternative pod vapes to consider:

  • JUUL – Uses 0.7 mL nicotine salt pods. Wide range of flavors.
  • NJOY Ace – Similar 0.9 mL pods, but with wider device selection.
  • Suorin – Devices like the Suorin Air use larger refillable pods.
  • Caliburn G – Pod system with both replaceable and rechargeable pods.
  • Vaporesso XROS – Popular for its adjustable airflow and easy pod replacement.

Make sure to research any new vape brand thoroughly before switching. Check reviews, vapor quality, cost of pods and overall reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a VUSE Alto pod last?

Alto pods have the same 0.9 mL capacity as other VUSE pods. They will last for around 200-300 puffs on average.

How many hits are in a VUSE pod?

VUSE pods contain around 200-300 hits per pod on average, but this can vary based on personal use.

Can you refill VUSE pods?

VUSE pods are designed as disposables, but some vapers attempt to refill them. This can be tricky and results can vary.

Why does my VUSE pod taste burnt?

Burnt taste usually means the pod is empty and the wick is dry. Replace the pod when you notice a burnt taste.

How do I make my VUSE pods last longer?

Take shorter puffs, allow time between puffs, rotate flavors, and remove pod when empty to make VUSE pods last longer.


In summary, VUSE pods have an e-liquid capacity of 0.9 mL per pod. This is a standard amount compared to other top pod vapes. The 0.9 mL size offers a good balance of capacity and convenience. With average use, VUSE pods last around 2-3 days before needing to be replaced. Following best usage practices can help maximize the lifespan of each pod.

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