How many calories are in a large KFC fries?

A large order of fries from KFC contains 668 calories. This includes 45g of fat, 80g of carbohydrates, and 10g of protein. The breakdown of fat is 18g of saturated fat, 24g of trans fat, and 4g of monounsaturated fat.

Additionally, the carbohydrate count includes 47g of total sugars and 5g of dietary fiber.

Does KFC have regular fries?

Yes, KFC does offer regular fries. KFC’s regular fries are a classic side that goes back to the original fast-food restaurant. KFC’s fries are made with 100% real potatoes and are cooked in trans fat-free vegetable oil—the same oil they use to cook their famous chicken.

Their fries come in regular or large sizes, with each offering containing a generous helping of crispy and tasty fries. KFC’s french fries are also available in a number of flavors, such as BBQ Ranch and Honey BBQ.

Which KFC is the healthiest?

When it comes to eating healthier at KFC, there are a few options to consider. Their grilled chicken meals are probably the healthiest option as they contain fewer calories and fat than fried chicken.

According to KFC, their grilled chicken meals provide 8-10 grams of fat and 130-180 calories. KFC also offers Side Salad, Corn on the Cob Without Butter, and Green Beans as healthier side choices, as well as small orders of Mashed Potatoes Without Gravy and Sweet Kernel Corn as healthier sides.

Finally, KFC offers a variety of low-calorie and low-fat dressing choices for salads, making them a healthier option. Ultimately, the healthiest KFC meal would consist of a grilled chicken option, such as one of their grilled chicken sandwiches, with a variety of healthy side choices and salad dressings.

Is KFC more fattening than McDonald’s?

The answer to this question is not necessarily a clear-cut yes or no. Both KFC and McDonald’s are fast food restaurants, so their menus are typically not considered health-friendly. However, when comparing the two restaurant’s nutrition information, there are many nutritional differences.

KFC generally has higher calories, sodium and saturated fat content in its items than McDonald’s. KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken contains 190 calories and 11g of fat per piece, while McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich contains 390 calories and 16g of fat per sandwich.

KFC’s mashed potatoes have 210 calories and 4g of fat per serving in comparison to McDonald’s small fries with 230 calories and 11g of fat. KFC’s mac and cheese contains 210 calories and 6g of fat per serving while McDonald’s comparable side contains 360 calories and 20g of fat.

So, when comparing KFC to McDonald’s, KFC may be more fattening in some regards when looking at nutritional information. However, this does not necessarily mean one is necessarily healthier than the other overall.

Nutrition and health needs vary from person to person, and nutritional information may sometimes be misleading depending on portion size. Therefore, it is important for people to look into other factors such as ingredients, recommended servings and portion size when considering the healthiness of a restaurant.

Is KFC OK for low carb diet?

It depends on how you are defining “low carb. ” Generally speaking, most KFC menu items are higher in carbohydrates than on a true low-carb diet. Fried and breaded items, such as the Original Recipe chicken, popcorn chicken, and various sandwiches, are higher in carbohydrates because of the added flour and breading.

Additionally, the cole slaw and mashed potatoes are higher in carbohydrates because of the added sugar and starches. Even for grilled items, the sides tend to maintain higher carbohydrate content.

However, it is possible to find some options that are lower in carbohydrates at KFC. For example, the grilled chicken breast contains approximately 2g of carbohydrates and the grilled chicken drumstick contains approximately 4g of carbs.

Additionally, some salads tend to be a bit lower in carbohydrates than other menu choices. For example, the Caesar side salad is approximately 4g of carbohydrates and the green beans contain approximately 3g of carbohydrates.

Overall, KFC can be incorporated into a low-carb diet, but it requires careful attention to the side choices and menu items. Generally speaking, items that are not fried or breaded are going to be the best choice for those on a low-carb diet.

Is KFC chicken high in carbs?

No, KFC chicken is not particularly high in carbs. KFC mostly serves fried chicken, which does contain carbs in the coating but not a high amount. Some of KFC’s other chicken selections, including grilled and roasted, do not contain any carbs.

Additionally, KFC also offers side dishes such as mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn on the cob, which are high in carbs. Overall, KFC chicken is not considered high in carbs, though some of its other items may be.

It is best to check the nutritional labels before ordering to make an informed decision.

What is the healthiest thing to eat at KFC?

The healthiest thing to eat at KFC is their Grilled Chicken Nuggets. These are made with all white meat chicken, are marinated with a blend of herbs and spices, and are then grilled to perfection. They also contain no trans fat and 10g of protein per serving.

If you’re looking for something a bit heartier, you can opt for the Colonel’s Original Recipe Chicken Breast, KFC’s original fried chicken. It contains 9g of fat, 27g of protein and is the lowest fat fried chicken option at KFC.

For sides, the green beans and sweet kernel corn are excellent options. Both are low in calories and fat, but are still packed with flavor.

What KFC item has the most calories?

The KFC item with the most calories is the “Fill Up” meal option which includes Extra Crispy Chicken and Popcorn Nuggets, Secret Recipe Fries, a biscuit and a medium drink. This meal clocks in at a whopping 1,260 calories, with 764 of them coming from fat.

The Extra Crispy Chicken pieces alone have 630 calories, with 350 of them coming from fat. Popcorn Nuggets contribute 260 calories, with 110 of those coming from fat. The medium drink has 120 calories, with 0 of them coming from fat.

The Secret Recipe Fries contribute 300 calories and 120 of those come from fat. And, lastly, the biscuit contributes 120 calories, and 60 of those come from fat.

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